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Speaking out to hold our leaders accountable and let them know the public is watching is vital to participatory democracy. The progressive movement and the fight to defend the American Way depend on the grassroots engagement of everyday Americans. When we speak en masse with petitions, phone calls, rallies, and other actions, our individual voices are amplified, and decision makers from elected officials to CEOs take notice.

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  • Senators: Stop Trumpcare!

    Trumpcare passed the House in a vote that should make House Republicans ashamed for a long time to come. They rammed the American Health Care Act through even though with little debate and no Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score, just so Trump and House Republicans could score a “win.” Your senators need to know how strongly you oppose this bill so that they can stop it in its tracks. Tell your senators: Stop Trumpcare!

  • Tell Betsy DeVos to remove Candice Jackson from the Office for Civil Rights.

    The current acting head of the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is Candice Jackson, an outspoken anti-feminist who has claimed that she has been the subject of race-based discrimination for being white. Jackson is an unacceptable choice to lead a department that is instrumental in protecting students from discrimination on the basis of gender, race, disability, and age in any capacity. And during the presidential campaign in 2016, despite previous support for some survivors of assault, she wrote on Facebook that the women accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault were “fake victims”... demonstrating she only cares about their experiences when it is politically convenient. Tell Betsy DeVos that Candice Jackson is an unacceptable choice for acting head of the Office for Civil Rights, and that she needs to nominate a candidate who will fiercely advocate for the rights of all students.

  • Tell Congress: Don’t Defund Planned Parenthood

    Millions of women -- especially low-income women -- depend on Planned Parenthood for their life-saving services. Tell Congress: DO NOT defund Planned Parenthood!

  • Petition: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Must Resign

    The Washington Post reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke with a Russian official TWICE during the 2016 campaign and then lied about it to the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation hearing. Sessions must RESIGN as Attorney General! Add your name now!

  • Tell Congress: Pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act!

    The Supreme Court eviscerated a key section of the Voting Rights Act with its 5-4 decision in Shelby County v. Holder. We need to restore full strength to the Voting Rights Act without delay.

  • Tell Congress: OVERTURN Citizens United

    It's urgent that we save our democracy from the scourge of big money unleashed by Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United v. FEC. Tell Congress to pass an amendment to the Constitution that will undo the harm of Citizens United and related cases!

  • Sign the Petition: I Stand With Planned Parenthood!

    Say you stand with Planned Parenthood and OPPOSE efforts by Republicans to smear and defund the institution!