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NOM Promotes Patrick Wooden and AFTAH's Rally against the SPLC

The National Organization for Marriage is now promoting last week’s rally hosted by virulent anti-gay activists Peter LaBarbera and Patrick Wooden, of ‘gay diapers’ fame, against the Southern Poverty Law Center. The rally included speeches from not only Wooden and LaBarbera but also a representative from Scott Lively’s Abiding Truth Ministries, who said in a statement that he is “asking God himself to destroy this organization.” Wooden, who spoke alongside NOM president Brian Brown at a North Carolina rally for a constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage, has said that homosexuality is a “wicked, deviant, immoral, self-destructive, anti-human sexual behavior” and that gay men are forced “to wear a diaper or a butt plug just to be able to contain their bowels” as a result of “the problems that homosexuals have with their rectums.”

The rally was organized by Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, the group led by LaBarbera who has said that gay rights is “Satan’s plan” and “Satan’s point of attack on the United States,” claimed “Oprah [Winfrey] will have to answer to her Creator” for “promoting” homosexuality, wondered if gay TSA agents were deliberately groping passengers, attacked the US for trying “to lecture the Ugandans about homosexuality” by opposing their “kill the gays” bill, and agreed with Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern that homosexuality is more dangerous than terrorism and the greatest threat to America.

NOM is not alone in pushing Wooden and LaBarbera’s work. American Family Association president Tim Wildmon and Family Research Council president Tony Perkins recently had Wooden on their radio show Today’s Issues where they lauded his stance against gay rights.

Family Research Council Denounces Indiana License Plate for 'Promoting a Homosexual Recruitment Group'

As we reported last week, the American Family Association fiercely condemned Indiana’s bureau of motor vehicles for selling license plates where part of the proceeds will go towards the Indiana Youth Group’s efforts to provide safe spaces for LGBT youth and straight allies. Now, the Family Research Council is attacking Indiana over the move, with president Tony Perkins using his daily radio bulletin to blast the “special edition homosexual youth plate” and “promoting a homosexual recruitment group.” Perkins also seems to be generally disapproving of license plates that reflect people’s “political views,” which is ironic since the FRC commends states for selling “Choose Life” license plates:

Perkins: It looks like homosexuals are taking their message on the road--at least in one Midwestern state. Hello, I'm Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. People in Indiana have a lot on their plates, including it seems, their political views. For Hoosiers looking for a new way to show their rainbow pride, the BMV is offering a new vehicle for change--the special edition homosexual youth plate. Each one costs an extra $40, with more than half of that going to groups that promote "tolerance" in schools. According to local groups, the LGBT plate is the first of its kind. The Indiana Youth Group had tried before to get the plate approved--and lost. This year, the BMV just caved. For most Hoosiers, the news is pretty disturbing--especially since the state put up roadblocks to the national motto on plates. Now we've gone from blocking "In God We Trust" to promoting a homosexual recruitment group? For a state known as the "Crossroads of America," Indiana just took a major detour on values.

Alliance Defense Fund Stokes Anti-Gay Fears in Alaska, Quickly Debunked by Alaskans

The Religious Right legal advocacy group the Alliance Defense Fund is working with the far-right Alaska Family Council to fight an anti-discrimination ordinance in Anchorage, Alaska, because it will protect people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. The Arizona-based ADF has made it its mission to fighting against gay rights in the courts, and its president Alan Sears earlier claimed that “no compromise is possible” with “the homosexual agenda.”

The Anchorage Daily News reports that ADF lawyer Holly Carmichael is telling Anchorage voters that religious liberty would be threatened by the initiative, but local religious groups and Anchorage employment lawyer Thomas Daniel interviewed say that the ADF isn’t telling the truth as the ordinance plainly does not affect existing religious exemptions:

A national conservative Christian legal group says the gay rights initiative on Anchorage's April 3 city election ballot, coupled with existing Anchorage discrimination law, undercuts religious liberty.

But a well-known Anchorage employment lawyer, Thomas Daniel, says he doesn't think the initiative impinges on freedom for religious groups at all.

The initiative up for public vote would extend legal protections against discrimination to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Anchorage. Current law already prohibits discrimination in employment, loans, rentals, real estate deals and other activities on the basis of race, color, marital status, sex, religion, disabilities and the like. The initiative would add sexual orientation and transgender identity to the list.

The main problem as the Alliance Defense Fund sees it is that private business owners could be forced to hire or do business with people whose sexual orientation doesn't match their religious beliefs, said Holly Carmichael, a lawyer for the fund.

"The ultimate concern with enacting something like that is that it infringes on religious freedoms," Carmichael said. "There's a huge constitutional concern here. Both Carmichael and Daniel, the Anchorage attorney, agree that religious organizations are protected by an exemption already in city law that says religious institutions and groups can give preferential treatment to people of the same religion if they are, for example, hiring someone who will promote religious principles.

The Defense Fund analyzed the Anchorage initiative several weeks ago at the request of the Alaska Family Council, a conservative Christian organization that opposes the initiative.

"We just want to be really clear about the consequences of enacting it," said Jim Minnery, Alaska Family Council president.

Supporters of the initiative also include religious people, with 40 ordained pastors plus others in two pro-initiative groups, Christians for Equality and Faith Leaders for Equality, said the Rev. Michael Burke of St. Mary's Episcopal Church.

Burke said sponsors of the initiative consciously decided not to change the existing Anchorage law regarding religious exemptions to discrimination law. In cases where religious principles are not involved, religious groups do have to follow discrimination law with regard to race, color, sex, religion, etc. But the initiative sponsors did not add sexual orientation or transgender identity to the list.

Garlow: Only Gingrich can stop the 'Radical Homosexual Agenda' and Obama from 'Destroying' Marriage

Pastor Jim Garlow, the Proposition 8 campaign organizer and now co-chair of Newt Gingrich’s Faith Leaders Coalition, appeared on The Steve Deace Show Friday, where he argued that Gingrich is the only candidate in a position to stop President Obama and “the radical homosexual agenda” from causing the imminent “destruction of the definition of marriage.”Garlow appeared on the show to defend the twice-divorced Gingrich, whose second wife last week claimed that he wanted an open marriage with his then-mistress and now-third wife Callista, and described Gingrich as the savior of marriage and Western civilization. He said that Obama is “going to destroy America as we know it and eventually bring a halt to Western civilization as we know it” and soon it will be “virtually illegal to say the name Jesus”:

Garlow: We have got to get Romney stopped because of his policies and we must get Obama stopped if we’re going to save this nation. Obama may be a nice guy, I have no problem with that, but his ideology is going to destroy America as we know it and eventually bring a halt to Western civilization as we know it. It’s not melodramatic language, it’s not flamboyant, it’s where we are right now. We cannot economically and morally survive any more of Obama’s leadership and his ideology, therefore, we need the powerhouse of Gingrich coming in with that intellectually bandwidth to take him on and bring a halt to it.

We have come to a posture where I am absolutely astounded at the spiritual damage that Barack Obama’s ideology has done to this nation; I would never have believed three years ago he could’ve done this much in terms of moral and economic damage. Our religious liberties are evaporating at a pace—it’s going to be virtually illegal to say the name Jesus before long at the rate they’re going, or stand for any kind of authentic, biblical, historic Christianity.

Where we’re seeing it the most is we have two locomotives on the same track going at each other with full speed and one of them is going to be left standing when this day is over, it’s either going to be the radical homosexual agenda or it’s going to be religious liberty. They cannot both coexist in the same nation at the same time. Then you add in the dimension the destruction of the definition of marriage itself. I was in the auditorium at the Saddleback Civil Forum when candidate Obama said marriage is one man, one woman, people clapped and cheered, we didn’t believe him then, our concerns proved to be exactly right, and now President Obama is destroying, decimating 5,000 years’ worth of history.

Santorum Wins Backing of Fringe Religious Right Leaders

One day before the crucial South Carolina primary, Rick Santorum is beginning to win the endorsements of not just Religious Right luminaries but also fringe activists, including some who previously backed the failed presidential campaigns of Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry. Santorum recently won the backing of Religious Right activists such as James Dobson, Gary Bauer, Richard Viguerie, Maggie Gallagher, Penny Nance and most recently, former Perry booster John Stemberger.

Today, Viguerie released the names of additional Religious Right figures that are supporting Santorum, including Paul Pressler, the Southern Baptist leader who hosted the recent Texas meeting of social conservatives.

But other Santorum endorsers are less well-known:

  • Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness, who has dedicated her career to fighting the rights of gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military, argued that it would lead to a draft along with “forcible sodomy.”  
  • Michael Geer of the Pennsylvania Family Institute who has crusaded against marriage equality, calling it a “tragedy.” 

All in all, about the people you would expect to endorse Rick Santorum.

Matthew Hagee Blames AIDS on Victims, Warns Against 'The Deception of Separation of Church and State'

During his sermon “Holding our Ground,” Matthew Hagee, son of right-wing televangelist John Hagee, blamed social and governmental ills in America on the Church having “surrendered” itself to secular culture, gay rights, public schools and government “socialism.” Hagee called for a new “generation of believers” who won’t believe “the deception of separation of church and state” and instead fight the “redefinition of the family.” Following in the footsteps of his father who has maintained that God “sent” the AIDS virus, Hagee argued that the Church doesn’t need a compassionate view of people with AIDS since “most of the time it’s a choice” and the “the Bible says that He cured all of our diseases and He by his stripes has healed every one of his children.”


In many cases we surrendered our children to the doctrine of secular humanism as we’ve sent them to a school system which teaches them that God does not exist. We’ve surrendered our resources into a system of socialism that will take your money and use it to abort unwanted children and subsidize people who refuse to work. We’ve surrendered our voice in believing the deception of separation of church and state and allowed a dysfunctional government to silence the redeemed of the Lord that God has declared should say so. The problem is this: we’re not holding our ground, we’re giving up ground.

It is my prayer that this generation of believers be marked as the generation that chose not to give up one more inch of ground. To be believers to be willing to take a stand, to draw a line and say no more: there will be no more redefinition of the family, the family is one man married to one woman and those two people living in honor to God their Father, there will be no more.

The time has come for us to start answering questions in straightforward answers. People say, ‘well what’s the church’s position on AIDS’? AIDS is an incurable disease according to medical science but the Bible says that He cured all of our diseases and He by his stripes has healed every one of his children. Here’s the truth about diseases like AIDS, there are people who do contact this dreaded disease by some form of innocent contact, but most of the time it’s a choice. You know what the church’s position is and should be on AIDS: thou shalt not commit adultery. You start living that way and the AIDS problem in America will go down.

DeMint Suggests America May Not Survive if Obama wins Re-Election

Last time Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) appeared on The Janet Mefferd Show, the tea party leader called the Obama administration the most “anti-American administration in my lifetime.” Yesterday, DeMint joined Mefferd once again to attack President Obama while promoting his book Now or Never: Saving America from Economic Collapse, warning listeners that if the President wins his re-election bid, America may be doomed. Last year on CNN, DeMint also claimed that the country may not survive if the Tea Party doesn’t get its way in government.

Mefferd:  We have to do some drastic things if we do not get the opportunity with conservatives on Capitol Hill to turn this thing around.  Can we survive a second term of Barack Obama?

DeMint:  I’m not sure that we can, at least not in a form that any of us would like.  That’s why it’s so important — I don’t like to exaggerate and I’m not out here crying wolf with Now or Never — but I believe this is now or never.  It may be our last chance to pull this country away from a cliff.

A Tale of Two Polls: Part of Porter's Case for the Heartbeat Bill Unravels

Janet Porter is pulling out all the stops to pass her anti-choice Heartbeat Bill in Ohio, using children with teddy bears, fetus testimony, prayer rallies and planes to urge the State Senate to vote on her bill, which has already passed the State House. But so far, her only accomplishment appears to be dividing anti-choice activists and irritating Republican lawmakers.

To show popular support for her legislation, Porter’s group Faith 2 Action commissioned a poll which showed a that whopping “64 percent of Ohioans agreed with the Heartbeat Bill while only 20 percent disagreed with it—more than a three to one margin.” The group used Wenzel Strategies, a polling company that claims Sarah Palin had a good chance at becoming the Democratic nominee for president, which also found that pluralities of Democrats, independents and Republicans alike all backed the Heartbeat bill. According to Porter, the legislation’s broad support is reason to give to put it up for a vote in the State Senate:

"Two-thirds of Ohioans, 8 out of 10 Republicans, 7 out of 10 Independents, and Democrats by a 5-3 margin favor the Heartbeat Bill (H.B. 125) becoming law," said Janet Porter, president of Faith2Action. "The people have spoken across the board: It's time to bring the Heartbeat Bill to a committee and to a vote."

Fritz Wenzel, president of Wenzel Strategies stated, “Given today’s deeply divided political climate, it is unusual and remarkable when a public opinion survey finds a huge majority supporting one side of a political issue, but that’s exactly what we have in these results regarding the Heartbeat Bill in Ohio. The popularity of this measure crosses all political, gender, age, and regional boundaries in Ohio, and is indicative of deep support for this issue...

"Election history teaches us that leaders who ignore such strong public opinion do so at their own political peril. The fact that more likely voting Democrats, Republicans, and independents support the bill than oppose it, and the fact that the intensity of support in favor of this issue far outstrips the intensity of those who oppose it is a strong indication there are many more reasons for Ohio state senators to support it than to oppose it,” added Wenzel.

Contrast those striking findings with the poll released today by Quinnipiac University, which found that not only do “fifty percent of Ohio voters say abortion should be legal in all or most cases” but that forty-six percent of voters oppose the Heartbeat bill, while forty-five percent favor it.

While the Quinnipiac poll, which Porter derided as “biased,” still shows a statistical tie on the public’s view of the legislation, it completely undermines Porter’s claim that “the people have spoken across the board”:

Ohio voters are divided 45 - 46 percent in their support for a bill before the State Legislature that would ban abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Republicans support the measure 63 - 31 percent, while Democrats are opposed by a mirror-image 62 - 30 percent, with independent voters split 47 - 46 percent, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds. There is no gender or age gap.

"Abortion remains perhaps the most divisive issue in the nation and there is an almost even split among Ohio voters over the fetal heartbeat bill," said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. "Despite a partisan split over the issue, where Republicans support the measure 2-1 while Democrats oppose it 2-1, lower income voters, who tend to be Democrats, support the bill while high-income voters, who tend to be Republican, oppose it."

Fifty percent of Ohio voters say abortion should be legal in all or most cases while 44 percent say it should be illegal in all or most cases.

American Family Association and Family Research Council Proud to Stand with Anal-Obsessed Pastor Patrick Wooden

On Today’s Issues, American Family Association president Tim Wildmon and Family Research Council president Tony Perkins hosted and praised North Carolina pastor and anti-gay activist Patrick Wooden, the very same pastor who said that gay men “have to wear a diaper or a butt plug just to be able to contain their bowels,” to condemn the Southern Poverty Law Center’s work against anti-gay organizations. Wooden has not only focused on “what happens to the male anus” but also said homosexuality is “wicked, deviant, immoral, self-destructive, anti-human” and should make people “literally gag.”

Remember, this is the pastor the AFA and the FRC brought on their radio show to prove why they do not deserve the SPLC’s ‘hate group’ classification.

During the show, Wooden claimed that SPLC, which he recently protested alongside Peter LaBarbera and Matt Barber, was “hijacked” and “infiltrated” by gay rights advocates, and called homosexuality “deviant” and a “death style,” and even claimed that the LGBT community discriminates against African American males.

Perkins accused the SPLC of trying to “silence the debate” over gay rights and Wildmon asserted that the SPLC “switched over” to covering LGBT issues because racism is in “rearview mirror here in our country and we moved beyond that and they had to have something to do,” and labeled the AFA and FRC anti-gay hate groups simply because the two organization “stands for traditional marriage and against homosexual marriage.” However, their stance on marriage equality was not part of the SPLC’s criteria as “not one of them was listed because of their position on same-sex marriage.”

VCY America Spreads Fear of Mormon 'Overthrow of the United States Government'

We keep hearing from conservative activists that progressives are fueling anti-Mormon sentiments, even though attacks on the Mormon faith mainly come from the Religious Right. Today on Voice of Christian Youth America’s Crosstalk, Jim Schneider hosted Tricia Erickson, a former Mormon and author of Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters: The Mormon Church versus the Office of The Presidency of The United States of America.

Erickson has previously appeared on other conservative Christian radio programs including Focal Point with Bryan Fischer and The Steve Deace Show, and told Schneider that a Mormon president would be bound to the dictates of the Mormon prophet “even if those mandates go against our nation” and that Mormons are seeking the “millennial overthrow of the United States government.” Crosstalk is no stranger to promoting anti-Mormon beliefs, as host Vic Eliason once warned listeners against supporting Mitt Romney because “we might have a president who would suddenly evacuate the White House and go to another planet and become a God!”

Schneider: Are you suggesting Tricia that if Mitt Romney is elected President of the United States that there is an allegiance to the Mormon Church that would supersede his oath to the United States or the Constitution of the United States?

Erickson: Absolutely…. As president of the United States, Mitt would have less authority than that of the living prophet of the Mormon Church, he is therefore no matter his position as leader of our nation subject to the prophet and to his orders and to his mandates, even if those mandates go against our nation.

Erickson: The political machinery of the priesthood of the Mormon Church is named the Kingdom of God and/or the Government of God, and the goal of the Mormon Church, through the Mormon Kingdom of God, is to bring the United States government, this is true, under the rule of the priesthood, the Mormon priesthood. Mormons believe that they are the only true church, all other religions are false, and their main objective is to be ready when the time comes for the millennial reign by having their leaders ready to rule or already in key places of authority and power. Their ultimate goal is better serve their agenda by being able to rule and govern before the millennium actually takes place and the Mormon Church and its corporate empire, assets and resources will be the chief element in the millennial overthrow of the United States government.
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