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Is Anyone Surprised that WND is Pushing a Patently False Story to Smear Michelle Obama?

Last month the British newspaper the Telegraph ran a story alleging that First Lady Michelle Obama spent $50,000 at a Madison Avenue lingerie shop with the Queen of Qatar, a claim which was laughable on its face and of course proven to be categorically untrue. In fact, the Telegraph later pulled the article from its website.

Almost one month later, even after the story was debunked, WorldNetDaily columnist Mychal Massie of the conservative the National Center for Public Policy Research's Project 21, is regurgitating the very same story as if it was a fact. Massie writes that Obama’s vacations, appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and “personal $50,000 underwear spending spree” so she can have the “experience of picking out all those exotic undies,” shows her “disgusting elitism”:

What on earth can Michelle Obama possibly be tired from? What has she done since her husband was elected that gives her one reason to be tired? I know that flying, for the proletariat such as myself, can be tiring and, more times than not, a genuine pain – but she flies in presidential luxury, sans the president. And the only checkin’ in and full-body scan she goes through at an airport is when she looks at herself in a mirror.

Then again, maybe she was exhausted from her personal $50,000 underwear shopping spree with the queen of Qatar, at Agent Provocateur, the store that bills itself as selling “the most erotic lingerie in the world.” Realizing that you’re responsible for closing down Madison Avenue can be tiring, and watching staff carry all those bags back to her limousines … whew! – that would sure wear me out. And after the tiring experience of picking out all of those exotic undies, what better place to recover than an uber-posh Vail resort and the private home owned by Paula and Jim Crown?

Or maybe she’s worn out from rolling around on the floor to the delight of Ellen Degeneres, or making muscles on a daytime show, or pulling on a rope on another show, or eating at all of the restaurants where she loves to pig it up.

Then again, maybe Ms. Obama is just an arrogant, high-minded person who doesn’t give a rat’s tail about propriety or how her behavior looks to a suffering public because, after all, her husband claims the economy is improving, and who are we going to believe – the reality of our financial situation or her husband?

Michelle Obama can afford to live life large since every dime she’s spending comes on the backs and sweat of others. Nothing, zip, nada that she spends did she personally earn. And therein is the disgusting elitism of a woman who forgets where she came from, and dares you to remind her.

Right-Wing Front Group Spokesman: Affirmative Action 'Hitlerian'

In lashing out at affirmative action programs in college admissions, Mychal Massie of “Project 21” warns of “the harm done to minority students who have repeatedly been told the world is out to get them after they drop out or flunk out of schools they weren't qualified to attend to start with.” According to Massie, “diversity” is “Hitlerian”:

I have repeatedly argued that the level of bigotry inherent in diversity should be glaringly obvious. It is a perverse form of Hitlerian motivations vis-à-vis attempted social engineering for no other reason than to have a color-coded campus matrix.

Massie is the host of an Internet radio show and a frequent spokesman for right-wing causes through his involvement with “Project 21,” a front group for the National Center for Public Policy Research designed to market a “new leadership for Black America.” NCPPR is perhaps most famous for allegedly laundering money between corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff and former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. “Only a Rip Van Winkle, asleep for the past 50 years, would mistake Massie and his colleagues for civil rights leaders,” as a PFAW report put it.

Nevertheless, occasionally Massie’s self-promotion pays off. Earlier this month, an Associated Press story on the debate in the Virginia legislature over apologizing for slavery used Massie as a prominent source:

Moreover, an apology won't cure community ills, said Mychal Massie, with the National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives.

That will come from blacks emphasizing two-parent homes, education over fast money and personal responsibility for life choices, Mr. Massie said.

"A willing disregard for responsibility, a willing disrespect for education, ad nauseam, is not attributable in any way to slavery," said Mr. Massie, who considers an apology redundant.

"We see black leaders on every level," he said. "America has apologized."

(“National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives” is the tagline on the “Project 21” website, apparently used by mistake.)

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