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Truth in Action Ministries Lists Glee Kiss alongside 'Evils' like September 11, Hitler

Truth in Action Ministries has released yet another short film chronicling America’s supposed moral decline and spiritual collapse. In Losing Liberty, hosts Jerry Newcombe and Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy, daughter of late televangelist D. James Kennedy, insisted that America is a “Christian nation” but that secularists are “working day and night to unmoor of us from our Christian foundations.” According to the film, America is turning into a dystopian society much like The Hunger Games, the trilogy about a dictatorial regime which forces children to fight to the death each year. “One can’t help but wonder, will our future will be similar if our nation continues in the direction we are headed,” Carmen Pate asks.

After activist Dee Wampler insisted that America was much better off in the 1950s and 1960s, South African evangelist Peter Hammond said there is a “secular humanist assault on our Christian heritage” that is leading to tyranny. “It’s the Christian foundation of our foundation that brought us freedom,” said John Rabe, who hosts the organization’s radio show Truth that Transforms alongside Pate, “to turn away from that would take what’s already disastrous and make it infinitely worse.”

As Hammond discussed “everything that is evil in this world,” the film displayed images of the September 11 attacks, bombings, drug abuse, Adolf Hitler…and a married lesbian couple and the kiss between characters Kurt and Blaine on Glee!

Much like American Religious Right activists who reminisce about the 1950s, when much of the country had legal segregation, Hammond asserted that the 1994 election in South Africa, the first free election following the fall of Apartheid, demonstrated the “disastrous” impact of “evangelical apathy.”

Evangelicals “refused to vote because they didn’t like what was happening in our country at that time,” Hammond said, “all that happened is less Christian candidates got elected and more anti-Christian candidates got elected, and the country got more anti-Christian and soon they legalized abortion and pornography, homosexuality and before we knew it we had desecration of Sundays to a massive increase of crime.” He then went on to blame the Obama administration for having “encouraged” anti-Christian persecution and violence abroad.

Watch highlights here:

Truth in Action Ministries Calls Homosexuality 'Slavery' and the 'Principal Threat' to Freedom

Truth in Action Ministries has embraced the work of anti-gay activist Michael Brown in recent weeks, producing a condensed version of his book, A Queer Thing Happened to America, called A Stealth Agenda, and inviting him to appear in short films describing the “radical homosexual agenda” as a deadly iceberg and another defending countries that criminalize homosexuality. Today, Brown appeared on the group’s flagship radio program Truth that Transforms where he was introduced by hosts Carmen Pate and John Rabe, who likened homosexuality to “bondage” and even “slavery”:

Pate: Homosexuality, those who are struggling with that lifestyle and are desiring to leave it, are hungry for truth, John. And so it’s so important when we consider that our government ignores the truth and instead supports an agenda that really keeps them in bondage. It’s important that we speak truth so they might find that healing and restoration.

Rabe: It’s absolutely true, Carmen, there is liberation for people who are enmeshed in slavery, and this is a form of it. It really is an agenda; this didn’t just sort of happen by chance, there is an agenda here.

Brown told Pate and Rabe that government officials, businesses, Hollywood and TV shows like Glee are boosting “homosexual activism,” which he called the “principal threat to religious freedom, freedom of conscience [and] freedom of speech”:

Brown: So their creativity, energy, gets them in high places in Hollywood, so kids are watching shows like Glee on TV and that pervasive message is coming. We have many politicians fighting these things, our own government says, ‘this is now a civil rights issue and we’re going to stand for this, we’re going to fight for this,’ major businesses are championing it. Across the board, court cases, decisions being made, homosexual activism has become the principal threat to religious freedom, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, in America and in other countries around the world. If we don’t see it now, we’re going to have to apologize to our kids and our grandkids.

Truth in Action Ministries links Day of Silence to Adolf Hitler, Says Children face 'Indoctrination into a Deadly Lifestyle'

After comparing the “radical homosexual agenda” to the iceberg that sank the Titanic, Truth in Action Ministries yesterday discussed how homosexuality results from a “deep pathology” and deficient “biblical” parenting and today went into how gays and lesbians are stealthily using anti-bullying programs to turn kids gay. The claim is common in Religious Right circles, and Jerry Newcombe told host Carmen Pate on Truth that Transforms today that gay rights supporters want to “indoctrinate children” into “a deadly lifestyle” through anti-bullying programs.

Pate: As we talk about the radical homosexual agenda and their attempts to take their agenda into the public school, we see evidence day in and day out in the news, in activities that are coming up in public schools, activities that are put together by an organization called Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. They seem to be set on taking their agenda and teaching our children that their lifestyle is actually an inherent identity. How do you see this infiltrating our children’s school systems?

Newcombe: It’s something where they are basically taking a legitimate concern, which is that of bullying, and they are using that serious problem that does happen as an opportunity by which they will then promote and essentially indoctrinate children and expose children to the acceptability of the homosexual lifestyle. Now bullying is wrong but so also is indoctrination into a deadly lifestyle and frankly homosexuality is a deadly lifestyle and that fact is withheld from the children.

Later in the program, Newcombe suggested that it may not be a coincidence and is “ironic” that the anti-bullying Day of Silence takes place on April 20th, Adolf Hitler’s birthday. While the Day of Silence last year took place on April 15th, as the date has changed over the years, Newcombe sees something more sinister:

Newcombe: It’s sad to see groups like GLSEN be accepted by the teacher's establishment and then allow the platform to go into the public schools and try and indoctrinate children. For example, they have something called the Day of Silence. Now they chose April 20 of all days to be the Day of Silence, I looked that up, I was like, ‘isn’t that Adolf Hitler’s birthday,’ I looked it up and sure enough it is Adolf Hitler’s birthday. I don’t think there’s a link there but how ironic. But they are using this day as a means by which to promote their lifestyle as if it is a positive thing.


Truth in Action Ministries Blames Homosexuality on Lack of 'Biblical Fatherhood'

Truth in Action Ministries last week aired a radio broadcast marking the anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking with a warning that feminism and evolution are corrupting the culture by creating a society where “women are treated like chattel and men no longer take on their masculine role as defenders,” along with a film likening the iceberg that sank the Titanic to the supposed threat the “radical homosexual agenda” poses to America.

Today on Truth that Transforms, the group tied the two subjects together by linking the “disintegration of maleness” to the rise of the “homosexual agenda.” While speaking with Del Tackett, a former Focus on the Family vice president and current host of Truth in Action’s show Cross Examine, host Carmen Pate asked Tackett how the diminishment of men in society “ties into with what we see with the homosexual agenda.” Tackett, like others in the Religious Right, said that homosexuality is the result of a shortage of fathers who follow the “biblical mode” of fatherhood, arguing that fathers who act like either an “abusive tyrant” or just spend time “drinking beer” and “just flipping through the channels” have a higher likelihood of ending up with gay sons, while fathers with “the biblical understanding of headship and leadership” will not:

Pate: Tell us your perspective on how this really ties into with what we see with the homosexual agenda, their movement, the sad belief that they have that they were born with this propensity to engage in sexual sin?

Tackett: A lot of the studies have shown that homosexual activities and tendencies and desires and so forth often come from a deep pathology within the home and oftentimes that is traced to a lack of a proper role model. That lack of a proper role model can be on both extremes, it can be on one end the tyrant, which is not the biblical mode, not the biblical understanding of headship and leadership, it’s an abusive tyrant mode, or, which is more prevalent, on the other end, is this abdication, it’s the absence, it’s the guy who is just drinking beer on the couch, just flipping through the channels, and he has no leadership role at all. So a young boy deeply desires that kind of male relationship and when it happens at a very sensitive time at a young man’s life and he experiences a sexual encounter, and the whole sexual aspect of human nature is so deep and complex, but people can map in that wrong way.

Marking the Titanic's Anniversary with Denunciations of Evolution and Feminism

While Truth in Action Ministries recently informed us that the “radical homosexual agenda” is the iceberg out to sink the ship that is America, it turns out that the plot is even thicker, as it appears that feminism and evolution are also culprits in the country’s devastation. Today on the group’s flagship radio program Truth that Transforms, Doug Phillips of Vision Forum appeared to discuss an event he organized in Branson, Missouri, “to celebrate [the] Christian Legacy of Titanic’s sinking.”

“Though more than 1,500 people died in this international tragedy, the Darwinian notion of the ‘survival of the fittest’ was rejected in favor of the age-old Christian doctrine that the ‘strong sacrifice for the weak,’” Phillips said in a statement.

As Julie Ingersoll in Religion Dispatches notes, “as is often the case with ‘providential history,’ the actual history is distorted to tell make specific theological points”:

By percentage, twice as many women in third class died as did women in first class; children in first class had nearly three times the survival rate of those in third. One would only use "raw numbers" if one was trying to make a point not supported by the numbers.

In biblical patriarchy, the refrain of "women and children first" hides an agenda whereby the women are "first" only insofar as they keep their place which is subordinate to men.

On Truth that Transforms, Phillips pointed to an 1898 shipwreck on the French ship La Bourgogne where hundreds of women and children died, blaming it on “a culture that embraced evolution” and “the French Revolution which had rejected biblical Christianity and embraced paganism.” He went on to argue that the theory of evolution ultimately leads to the growth of feminism, and the “result is babies are killed en masse, women are treated like chattel and men no longer take on their masculine role as defenders.” The host, former Concerned Women for America president Carmen Pate, later bemoaned that evolution and feminism have “infiltrated” almost all aspects of society:

Phillips: People that were on board the deck of the Titanic at that time were individuals that grew up in a culture which was distinctively Christian in its perspective of the role of men and women and there’s an interesting contrast because in the year 1898 a French vessel called La Bourgogne sunk and when it sunk the sailors and the officers literally threw women and children into the water, beat them over the head, and the men lived and the women died. It sent shockwaves throughout the entire world, people said, ‘how could such a thing happen?’ And in trying to understand why that happened, the commentary was, they grew up in a culture that embraced evolution, it was the struggle of the survival of the fittest, they grew up in the culture of the French Revolution which had rejected biblical Christianity and embraced paganism and the consequences were that men treat women horrifically.

Now we flash forward to the year 2012 and this year our president has finally taken us over the abyss and we have full-fledged commitment to women in the frontlines of combat in overseas battles, we need to understand that that’s the first time in the history of the West that any nation has formally endorsed such a thing and it represents a radical departure from the values that were on board the ship in 1912.

Phillips: Evolution says the struggle of the survival of the fittest, there are no differences between men and women, there is no charity, there is no deference, and in an evolutionary world feminism reaches its height and we see no distinctions. The result is babies are killed en masse, women are treated like chattel and men no longer take on their masculine role as defenders.

Pate: As you’ve pointed out, throughout society for thousands of years we have looked at the protection of the innocent as of utmost importance and yet as we’ve allowed evolution and feminism to infiltrate our education system, even our churches and certainly our entertainment, our the media, we have lost sight of what God’s word has said about the protection of the innocent.

Former Rep. Hostettler Laments Church’s Extraction from Government, Agrees Schools are Hiding Truth about the Constitution

Former Indiana Rep. John Hostettler lamented yesterday that the “church has extracted itself from government,” creating a vacuum filled by “those adversarial to biblical truth.”

Hostettler, talking with Truth in Action Ministries’ Carmen Pate on the organization’s radio program, agreed with Pate that the education system is controlled by “those who really don’t want our kids to understand what the Constitution has to say” – namely, as Hostettler, puts it, that “government is an institution that is not just a God-centered one, but it was ordained by God.”

Hostettler represented southwest Indiana in Congress from 1995 through 2007, and is now president of the Constitution Institute, which dedicates itself to providing state legislators and others with “a greater understanding of the United States Constitution.”

Pate: You know, it seems to me, Congressman, it’s very clear that the founding fathers intended for the government’s role to be limited, and they based this Constitution on biblical principles and truths. Yet we know that those on the left, the secular humanists, see the importance of a big government, not limited, because then they can wield more power over the people.

Not to sound conspiratorial here, but I wonder if there have been attempts perhaps by those secular humanists, those on the left, to really not allow or to take away some of the opportunities for learning more about what the Constitution has to say. Say in our public schools, you mentioned in school you didn’t learn all these things. I didn’t either. It wasn’t until I got out of school and started working with pro-family organizations that I really dug into the Constitution.

Have we allowed the education of our children to be given over to those who really don’t want our kids to understand what the Constitution has to say?

Hostettler: Well, Carmen, you’re exactly right. That is what has happened. Because the church has extracted itself from government and we have fundamentally forgotten, as Dr. Kennedy taught, that government is an institution ordained by God. Just as the family was ordained by God, and just as the church was ordained by God, government is an institution that is not just a God-centered one, but it was ordained by God.

So we have extracted ourselves from it – the church, the body of Christ has – we’ve handed it over to others, and we’ve forgotten that just has nature abhors a vacuum, politics and public policy and government likewise abhor a vacuum. Someone is going to occupy that space, some philosophy is going to occupy that space. And it’s either going to be fundamentally a philosophy that is sympathetic and is agreeable to biblical truths, or it is a philosophy that is adversarial to biblical truth. It’s going to be one of the two. And as you pointed out, it has been a philosophy overall that is adversarial to biblical truth.

Linda Harvey Claims Harry Potter Leads Children to the Occult

Mission America president Linda Harvey last week joined Truth in Action Ministries’ Carmen Pate and John Rabe on Truth that Transforms where she argued that public schools are pushing “occult practices and ideas and beliefs” on children through practices like meditation and yoga. Harvey particularly blamed Harry Potter for influencing the entertainment industry to make similar “occult” movies and “taking kids away from authentic Christianity and into all kinds of practices and ideas that will lead them down a dark road.” Pate worried about the “occult underlying themes” in children’s cartoons and even suggested that public school-sponsored Earth Day events have a “focus on Gaia worship” and the “worshiping of Mother Nature.”

Harvey: If you look throughout what our kids are told and taught in the social media, throughout the media and in their schools, you see a constant, casual occult practices and ideas and beliefs. It starts with, of course, the worship of the self and your own impulses and whatever sensational element is out there and people don’t often think of this as leading to the occult but it does. When you’ve decided that you are the center of the universe and you want a designer God or some kind of spirituality that just tickles your ears, that’s what our kids are being taught from meditation to yoga to all kinds of fascinations with things like wizards and magic of all kinds and vampires. I mean it is everywhere.

Pate: I realize that when my grandchildren are visiting I have to be very selective about what cartoons I allow them to watch because of the wizardry and occult underlying themes in cartoons.

Harvey: Absolutely. What most of our kids are taught today, it’s the entertainment and it’s the Hollywood media that is taking this up. They’ve taken off from the success of the Harry Potter series and they have decided that children all need therapy and the therapy that they need is to find special powers within themselves to battle the demons, real or imagined, out there, so they never look to Jesus Christ. It’s all taking kids away from authentic Christianity and into all kinds of practices and ideas that will lead them down a dark road.

Pate: I think about how Earth Day comes around each spring and there’s a focus on Gaia worship. I mean, really going back again to this worshiping of Mother Nature and all that she is about and kids come out of this because it’s done at school, schools should be telling them truth they’re thinking, so they believe what they’re told, so parents and churches really have their work cut out for them, Linda.

Media Research Center Demands Media Promote Belief that 'Someone Can Choose Their Sexuality'

Tim Graham, the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis, appeared on Truth in Action Ministries’ flagship radio program Truth that Transforms today, where along with host Carmen Pate, he railed against the media for not giving more attention to “ex-gay” activists or promoting the “idea that someone can change, that someone can choose their sexuality.” Later in the interview, he twisted the recent statements of actress Cynthia Nixon, who said that while the way she identifies herself is a choice her sexual orientation is bisexual. Graham also criticized Glee and The Voice for “promoting the gay lifestyle” and accused the media of trying to “constantly exclude the conservative view on marriage,” which is par for the course for the MRC, which has a long record of attacking “gay propaganda” on shows like Glee and defending “reparative” therapy.

Pate: I think about the debate on marriage when you see the major news media talk about the issue they only present one side, they very seldom if ever talk to former homosexuals, people who left the lifestyle who are now enjoying heterosexual marriage. You don’t hear that side of it, you only hear one side, so that leaves the audience thinking there is no other side and that does change opinions over a time period when the truth is silenced.

Graham: I think the narrative they’ve tried to establish, and one of the reasons why they constantly exclude the conservative view on marriage, is that they want to present this as all historically inevitable, basically it’s already happened, let’s move on, why are we even discussing this anymore, it’s all done, there’s no need for debate, it’s over. What’s really intriguing, as long as we’re talking about the broadcast networks, is most of the news media coverage of this issue now will say, of course this is going to happen because you can see it on Glee, you can see it last night on The Voice, you can see it on all these television programs that are promoting the gay lifestyle. They’re using Hollywood and New York promoting these things as a reason for why this is going to happen and there’s no reason, just surrender, there is no way this is going to lose. It’s not just bias, it really becomes intimidation, you better come around to this point of view. And you’re absolutely right, one of the things that is so wildly controversial that you can’t even discuss it on television is the idea that someone can change, that someone can choose their sexuality.

Rick Green Warns Separation of Church and State leads to 'Communism' and 'Crime'

Rick Green of WallBuilders today appeared on Truth that Transforms with Carmen Pate and John Rabe where he claimed that the separation of church and state is the “exact opposite” of what the Founders wanted. He went on to claim that the separation of church and state is simply a tool to move the country “towards socialism and communism” and is responsible for increases in out-of-wedlock births and crime. Of course, this should come as no surprise as Green and WallBuilders president David Barton have made careers out of mischaracterizing church-state separation and blaming it for everything from a decline in SAT scores to a rise in sexually transmitted diseases.

Rabe: I think Rick if you ask most Americans today what the Constitution’s position is on the church they’ll throw out that phrase, ‘separation of church and state.’ That mantra is really, deeply embedded now but the picture that most people have is not exactly what the Founders meant by the First Amendment, is it?

Green: It is actually the exact opposite. Founders intended the First Amendment to restrict government, not restrict us, we the citizens it was actually intended to protect our freedom of religion, protect our opportunity to exercise that faith, whether that was in the public square or the private square, now we flip it on its head and we’ve used the First Amendment to actually restrict the individual. If you happen to step into the public square and sometimes even in the private square, government steps in and says ‘we’re not going to let you live out your faith.’ It’s exactly the opposite of what they intended and that only happens when we the people don’t know our history, don’t know where we came from, we don’t read the Constitution anymore, we don’t read the Founding Fathers, but I tell you there’s a lot of people now that are hungry to do that and they hear this phrase ‘separation of church and state’ and instead of just saying ‘oh yeah I guess that’s what the country was founded on’ they say ‘wait, wait, wait, where exactly in the Constitution is that’? People are starting to ask questions and I think that’s when you start turning this thing around.

Pate: They say when a lie is repeated often enough it becomes truth in the minds of the masses, it really causes us to stop and think, what has fueled the perpetuation of this myth?

Green: It’s a desire to get God out of the equation. At the heart of this entire debate, we’re right back to that question of whether as Rabbi [Daniel] Lapin says we’re going to be a Nimrod society or an Abraham society, will the church and God be the center of our culture and our nation or will government be the center? You cannot go towards socialism without moving away from God, you got to get God out of the equation to do that. Throughout history, anyone that has wanted a nation to move towards socialism and communism in that direction, has had to push God out of the equation first. So separation of church and state has been distorted.

Green: When you think about fifty years of this myth of separation of church and state and the impact on our culture it has been huge, it has had a dramatic impact on not only our children and school but you can look at any statistical graph on whether you want to look at crime, out-of-wedlock birth I mean you look at all of it, removing God from the equation from this supposed phrase ‘separation of church and state’ has had a devastating impact on our culture.

Focus on the Family Spokesman Calls it 'Very Unscientific' to Believe Same-Sex Parents Can have Healthy Families

Focus on the Family’s Glenn Stanton joined John Rabe of Truth in Action Ministries on Truth that Transforms yesterday to discuss same-sex parenting. The two claimed that supporters of marriage equality are “unscientific” when it comes to family stability and have “completely ignored” evidence showing that same-sex parenting harms children.

Rabe: Glenn, it’s always very interesting to me because we Christians are portrayed as being often anti-science and anti-progress and so forth yet when you talk about the issue of marriage and family it’s interesting how the other side very quickly becomes the sentimentalists in the group, suddenly all the empirical data, all the scientific stuff, is completely ignored and you hear statements about ‘people who just love each other should be able to marry and define that for themselves.’ From an empirical perspective there’s not even any argument about how beneficial a traditional man-woman marriage and family is as opposed to other models, is there?

Stanton: You said it exactly right. It’s remarkable how those folks on the other side being the ‘reasonable ones,’ the ones who unlike us don’t believe in sentimentality and myth and things like that, they become very, very unscientific.

The claim that there is no “empirical data” or “scientific stuff” confirming the idea that same-sex parents can raise healthy and well-balanced children is false. In fact, it is anti-gay activists who are ignoring the research about same-sex parenting.

The American Psychological Association’s review of mainstream scientific literature has debunked claims that children of same-sex couples would have more mental and emotional problems. In addition, studies consistently find that children raised by same-sex parents are just as well-adjusted those raised in households with opposite-sex parents.

A University of Amsterdam study [pdf] on the “quality of life (QoL) of adolescents in planned lesbian families” found that their quality of life is no different from their peers:

In conclusion, the reported QoL for adolescent offspring in planned lesbian families is similar to that reported by the matched adolescents in heterosexual-parent families. This finding supports earlier evidence that adolescents reared by lesbian mothers from birth do not manifest more adjustment difficulties (e.g., depression, anxiety, and disruptive behaviors) than those reared by heterosexual parents.

Researchers from the University of Virginia similarly found that “adolescents with same-sex parents did not differ significantly from a matched group of adolescents living with opposite-sex parents”:

The results of the present study, which is the first based on a large national sample of adolescents living with same-sex couples, revealed that on nearly all of a large array of variables related to school and personal adjustment, adolescents with same-sex parents did not differ significantly from a matched group of adolescents living with opposite-sex parents. Regardless of family type, adolescents were more likely to show favorable adjustment when they perceived more caring from adults and when parents described close relationships with them. Thus, as has been reported in studies of children with lesbian mothers (e.g., Chan et al., 1998), it was the qualities of adolescent – parent relationships rather than the structural features of families (e.g., same- vs. opposite-sex parents) that were significantly associated with adolescent adjustment (Golombok, 1999; Patterson, 2000).

A Stanford University sociologist also sees no major differences among children in terms of educational achievement:

To the extent that normal progress through primary school is a useful and valid measure of child development, the results confirm that children of same-sex couples appear to have no inherent developmental disadvantage. Heterosexual married couples are the most economically prosperous, the most likely to be white, and the most legally advantaged type of parents; their children have the lowest rates of grade retention. Parental [Socio-Economic Status] accounts for more than one-half of the relatively small gap in grade retention between children of heterosexual married couples and children of same-sex couples. When one controls for parental SES and characteristics of the students, children of same-sex couples cannot be distinguished with statistical certainty from children of heterosexual married couples.

But groups like Focus on the Family and Truth in Action Ministries try to damage to the health and welfare of families led by same-sex parents with their consistent promotion of anti-gay laws and social stigmas.

Will Same-Sex Marriage Lead to Five Men-Wastebasket Marriage?

Last week on Truth in Action Ministries’ flagship radio program Truth that Transforms, hosts Carmen Pate and John Rabe hosted David Kupelian, the managing editor of WorldNetDaily and author of The Marketing of Evil to discuss how “worldly distractions destroy the heart and mind.” Pate, a former president of Concerned Women for America, asked Kupelian how “the homosexual rights agenda” try to use people’s emotions to win support for legalizing same-sex marriage, and Kupelian called it part of their strategy of “seduction and intimidation.” Kupelian falsely maintained that “everybody who looks at this legally will admit” that marriage equality for gays and lesbians will lead to polygamy and even allow “five men and a wastebasket” to be married. He added that legalizing same-sex marriage “will literally define marriage out of existence so marriage will not exist anymore.”

Pate: Look at the homosexual rights agenda when they are really pointing to the emotional heartbeat of individual lives. I think of the Rosie O’Donnell tours that they do with the homosexual families where they go on these tours and they point out how normal these families are and you can end up just crying at the end of the story because they’ve really touched your heart, that these are just people like you and I, there’s no difference and we need to make sure that their rights are really celebrated.

Kupelian: The gay rights issue is a perfect forum for explaining two of the biggest ways we are manipulated, and they are seduction and intimidation. The seduction is what you just described, ‘oh these two people just want to be married, how does their love and their being married hurt you’? Your darn right it hurts, if you go and redefine out of existence the prime institution of civilization since the beginning of man—marriage—and everybody who looks at this legally will admit that once you say that two men can be married and two women can be married you have to say that three men can be married or three women can be married or five men and a wastebasket can be married. Once marriage has changed from a man and a woman and it just becomes consenting adults who want to call themselves married, you will literally define marriage out of existence so marriage will not exist anymore.

Jerry Newcombe Claims Three out of Four Gays were Molested as Children

Jerry Newcombe of Truth in Action Ministries, formerly Coral Ridge Ministries, appeared on Truth That Transforms last week and told hosts Carmen Pate and John Rabe that “about 75 percent of those who struggle with homosexual or lesbian feelings were molested as children.” Such claims are nothing new from the Religious Right, but the statistic they use seems to keep going up: last month Jeff Myers and Ryan Dobson asserted that “60 percent” of gay males were “abused as children.”

The American Psychiatric Association has consistently dismissed such assertions as baseless, maintaining that “no specific psychosocial or family dynamic cause for homosexuality has been identified, including histories of childhood sexual abuse. Sexual abuse does not appear to be more prevalent in children who grow up to identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual, than in children who identify as heterosexual.”

But who are we to try to compare the evidence from the country’s leading psychiatric organization to something “one of the ex-gays” told Newcombe?

Newcombe: Maybe this sounds like a stereotype but so often the young men did not bond with their fathers or the father was absent all the time. In the case with women becoming lesbians, they had a very bad relationship sometimes with their mothers. Again that’s not always the case but that’s often the situation. I’ve found that at least anecdotally that about 75 percent, and I did not make this statistic up one of the ex-gays told me this statistic, that about 75 percent of those who struggle with homosexual or lesbian feelings were molested as children. They were introduced to this whole subject of sexuality by somebody, sometimes a relative, and it was not their choice and so forth. As long as they can remember they’ve had these kinds of feelings but it’s not nature, it’s nurture.

Tony Perkins Warns That America May Not 'Have a Future as a Country' if Obama Wins Reelection

Family Research Council president hasn’t tried hard to downplay the apocalyptic rhetoric surrounding the presidential election in November coming from the Right, as he has called President Obama “the worst president this country has ever had” and warned that his administration “will destroy this country” if “given another four years” in office. On Tuesday’s edition of Truth that Transforms, Perkins warned that the upcoming election “doesn’t so much define our future but I would have to say determines whether or not we have a future as a country.” He claimed that the Obama administration “is moving this nation not slowly but rapidly down the path of moral and fiscal bankruptcy” and urged conservatives to only vote for candidates who “share our biblical worldview”:

Perkins: This is an election that I think doesn’t so much define our future but I would have to say determines whether or not we have a future as a country. We are faced with so many significant fiscal issues that are intertwined with the moral and social foundations of this country. I’ll be very blunt. I respect the office of the President and I do believe we are to pray for those in authority, and I do, but we have an administration that is moving this nation not slowly but rapidly down the path of moral and fiscal bankruptcy. This election is going to have significant consequences on our generation and for future generations. We need to be electing candidates to every level of office, state office, local office, federal office, that share our biblical worldview and we need to have Christians presenting themselves as candidates as well, to get into this process, to stand for truth, to stand for justice and that which is right.

Staver: Gay Rights is 'The Most Significant Threat to Religious Freedom That We Face'

Yesterday on Truth that Transforms, the radio program of Truth in Action Ministries, Liberty Counsel chairman Mat Staver maintained that pastors in America are experiencing legal punishment for preaching against homosexuality. Staver claimed that the “homosexual rights agenda” is “without a question, the most significant threat to religious freedom that we face in the future.” He argued that gays and lesbians do not care about “tolerance” and “coexisting,” saying that “it has always been about dominance.” He went on to repeat the falsehood that organizations are being classified as anti-gay hate groups because of their position on marriage equality, when in fact the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose hate group classifications do not have legal weight, clearly notes that “not one of them was listed because of their position on same-sex marriage.”

Staver told host John Rabe that American pastors, as they supposedly are in Canada and Scandinavian countries, are facing legal penalties for speaking against gay rights. As Kyle pointed out when discussing a similar claim from David Barton, the “Hate Crimes Legislation was signed into law in October 2009 and not one pastor, priest, or preacher has yet been charged with a hate crime for preaching against homosexuality.”

Carmen Pate: What would you see as the greatest threat to our religious freedom here in America today?

Mat Staver: Well I think the greatest threat is the prevalence of the apathy that we sometimes have and just simply the lack of knowledge of the threat being there, I think that’s certainly the base line. Beyond that though I think that there is a clash that’s coming and it is very significant, and it is the clash between religious freedom and the homosexual rights agenda. There will be a winner and there will be a loser. And it’s not necessarily because of those who advocate religious freedom, it’s because of those who advocate the homosexual rights agenda. It’s no longer about tolerance and it never has been about tolerance, it’s never been about coexisting and so forth, it has always been about dominance. The dominance is that the homosexual rights agenda trumps everything else and if you disagree with it or if you have a different view, say for example even on marriage, then you will be labeled and you already see labels being thrown out there as a hate group, a hater. Someone that does not have the same access to a public facility, to have the same opportunity as a Christian club on campus or any other public venue or benefit that is otherwise open to people of various viewpoint except for your viewpoint because of your religious viewpoint, particularly as it relates to homosexuality. I think, without a question, the most significant threat to religious freedom that we face in the future.

John Rabe: If you look in countries, like some of the Scandinavian countries, what you’ve actually had pastors in churches being disciplined for standing up and offering a biblical perspective on homosexuality, or preaching from the bible about homosexuality, you’ve had cases in Canada where people are called before hate crimes tribunals for offering the biblical perspective. Is that something that could happen in the United States of America?

Mat Staver: Well it’s something that is happening in the United States of America and it is something that could escalate to a more significant level.
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