Clenard Childress

Right Wing Bonus Tracks - 10/6/16

  • Jake MacAulay wants to see a safe space in America "that offers protection from sexually charged curriculum that promotes immoral and unethical sexual behavior, abortion-on-demand, and the gross perversion of same-sex marriage."
  • Eagle Forum fumes that "instead of expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to live in a peaceful, prosperous nation, many Somalis have been trained by leftist community organizers to adopt an entitlement mentality and quickly complain about alleged discrimination."
  • The Life Education And Resource Network (L.E.A.R.N.) will hold "3 days of demonstrations culminating at the recently opened National African American History Museum in Washington D.C. [because] Black pro-life activist and historians are stunned that their is no mention of eugenic practices perpetrated against African Americans by the government and the abortion industry."
  • Jeff Hunt complains that "Democrats are treating people of faith like criminals."
  • Jack Cashill says that "Catholics have to convince their believe-as-you-please brethren, including their priests, of one salient fact: A vote for Tim and the Alinskyite Hillary is a vote for that 'first radical,' the demonic fellow Alinsky so openly admired."
  • Finally, we are not sure what world William Gheen is living in: "It was so disturbing to see how fluidly and comfortably Tim Kaine was engaging in ... lies after lies after lies in the debate."

Alex Jones: Charleston Shooting A Government Plot To Start A Race War, Persecute Conservatives

Alex Jones hosted anti-choice activist Clenard Childress on his “Infowars” program yesterday to discuss the Charleston church shooting, which the two agreed was a government “set-up” intended to foment racial violence, which would then justify the implementation of martial law.

Childress suspected that the shooter was “on a drug” and “given instructions” to massacre the church members in order to “cause a race war” in South Carolina.

“He wasn’t just trying to kill black people, he wanted to stir folks up, or whoever advised him,” Jones said, adding that the “this guy with a chili bowl hair cut guy” looks “mentally disabled” and probably not capable of planning such an event alone.

“We’re being set up,” Childress said.

“This is all a set-up.” Jones agreed: “Oh it is. Look at the priming, look at the preparations…. You can see all of the preparation building towards this, this is the big move, it’s a race war to bring in total chaos and then total federalization with this evil Justice Department, they even got rid of the other attorney general who had baggage, they put the new one in for the political persecutions of conservatives and Christians. They’re dropping the hammer.”

Childress added that the race war is all designed to give the government an excuse to “bring in martial law very quickly.”

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