Joyce Meyer

Right Wing Round-Up - 10/7/16

  • Warren Throckmorton: Evangelist Joyce Meyer Claims Earned PhD from Life Christian University, Missouri Law Forbids Use of False and Misleading Degrees.
  • Richard L. Hasen @ Slate: Hurricane Matthew Could Have Devastating Consequences for the Election.
  • Dan Quinn @ TFN: Dallas Religious-Right Leader, Prominent Trump Supporter Says Right to Privacy Is Imaginary, Invented.
  • Media Matters: Fox News Turns 20: Two Decades Of Hate, Misogyny, And Smears Disguised As Journalism.
  • Allegra Kirkland @ TPM: Trump Still Considers Exonerated Central Park 5 Guilty: ‘They Admitted They Were’.
  • Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: InterVarsity Will Fire Employees Who Think God Approves of Gay Marriage.
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