Paul LePage

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/22/16

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Right Wing Leftovers - 1/9/14

  • Politico profiles "America's craziest governor," Paul LePage.
  • "God is not homophobic." He just doesn't like gays, apparently.
  • Peter LaBarbera unveils the first half of his "Ten Culture-Engaging Resolutions for 2014 for Christians Fighting the ‘Gay’ Agenda."
  • The Southern Baptist Convention's "ERLC Leadership Network is about ministering in the midst of a devil-haunted universe."
  • You too can read and sign the "Declaration of Dependence."
  • Finally, FRC prays that God will move the Supreme Court to "stop the Obama administration from pushing pro-abortion Obamacare down the throat of the American people."

Right Wing Round-Up - 8/20/13

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