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Right Wing Leftovers

Right Wing Leftovers

  • In retrospect, this 2002 Mark Sanford ad seems a tad hypocritical.
  • Operation Rescue is now going to start targeting Leroy Carhart.
  • The Federalist Society's Leonard Leo has been elected chairman of the United States Commission for International Religious Freedom.
  • Ken Hutcherson lashes out at President Obama over the LGBT event at the White House.
  • Three of Rep. Michelle Bachmann's fellow Republicans are apparently getting fed-up with her Census nonsense.
  • In news that should send shivers down your spine, Steve Dillard's name is among those the state judicial nominating commission has submitted to the Governor for consideration for an open seat on the Georgia Supreme Court.
  • The Vanity Fair article on Sarah Palin has set off a Republican feud.
  • This SaraPAC 4th of July message really has to be seen to be believed.
  • As does this photo set and accompanying interview with her in Runner's World:

Obama Brings Hope To All … Even Steve Dillard

There have been several articles recently about the future of the federal judiciary under President Obama and how he will have a chance to reshape it after eight years of Bush appointments.  Which makes this article all the more interesting:

While it will likely be months before President-elect Barack Obama makes an appointment to fill a vacancy on Middle Georgia’s federal bench, several Macon lawyers and a judge have expressed early interest in the post.

Macon lawyers Bill Clifton, Marc Treadwell, Stephen Dillard and Floyd Buford, as well as Macon Judicial Circuit Superior Court Judge Tripp Self, have expressed interest in the post or are considering filing applications.

Dillard, of the James, Bates, Pope & Spivey law firm, said he plans to apply for the position although he doesn’t share the president’s political affiliation.

“It never hurts to try,” said Dillard, a Republican.

Dillard is not just any old Republican, he’s a right-wing Federalist Society member who blogged for Red State’s Confirm Them and was among the most vocal opponents of President Bush’s nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.  He was also a founding member of both Catholics Against Rudy and later Catholics Against Joe Biden.

Also, according to his bio:

Dillard served as a legal-policy advisor to Governor Mike Huckabee during the 2008 presidential campaign, and is currently a member of the National “Catholics for McCain” Steering Committee.

He’s an ardent opponent of reproductive choice who apparently doesn’t have much use for precedent, considering that his mantra is “Stare Decisis is fo' Suckas!”

And for good measure, he’s prone to referring Barack Obama as “the lying proabort” and “a monster … who must be stopped.”

Call me crazy, but I don’t think that Dillard has much of a chance of getting nominated by President Obama to a coveted seat on the federal bench.

More Trouble for Giuliani from Conservative Catholic Activists

A few weeks ago we noted the formation of an anti-Giuliani Catholic front, including Joseph Cella of Fidelis and Steve Dillard of Catholics Against Rudy, right-wing activists key to forcing the withdrawal of Harriet Miers from nomination to the Supreme Court. Now more self-identified Catholic activists are mobilizing against Rudy Giuliani, himself a Catholic and the leading GOP candidate for president.

Acting under the rubric of “Republicans Against Rudy Giuliani,” two activists put out a press release targeting the candidate for “liberal views on foundational issues of abortion, homosexuality, judges, and gun control” – in particular, his dressing in drag for comedy sketches:

Republicans upset with Rudy Giuliani's anti-family policies protested on Sunday, June 10th when the "Republican" presidential candidate appeared in Irvine. A "Rudy Giuliani in drag" was among dozens of sign-holding protestors outside the hotel. …

"Imagine what heads of state would think of an American president known for dressing up as a woman," said Bob Cielnicky, a southern California pro-life leader. "What was Rudy Giuliani thinking when he did this publicly three times as mayor of New York? Obviously not the Presidency." …

"It's appalling to see some Republicans abandoning their Republican Party core principles for Rudy Giuliani," said Ken Fisher, a conservative Republican activist in Orange County, California. "If you support Giuliani, you aren't supporting family values."

Fisher is president of Concerned Roman Catholics of America, which seeks to “undo the last thirty-plus years of watered-down Catholicism.” One section of the group’s website attacks the “Pro-Sodomite, Pro-Abortion” Knights of Columbus, listing politicians associated with the Catholic fraternal order. Fisher is joined by Cielnicky, who has been involved with various groups in California including the Life Priority Network, the Alliance Against Abortion Funding, and Californians Against Assisted Suicide.

In addition, the New York Observer reports on the question of whether the Roman Catholic Church itself will get involved against Giuliani’s bid. Some U.S. bishops made headlines in 2004 by announcing that they would not permit Democratic candidate John Kerry to receive communion in their dioceses; one clergyman told the Observer, “We’ll wait and see if the dozen or so bishops who all went after Kerry, if they go after Giuliani for the same thing.”

Rudy to Get The Harriet Miers Treatment

Back in 2005, when Harriet Miers was humiliated and forced to withdraw her nomination to the Supreme Court, the Republican Party’s right-wing base was largely responsible.  Having torpedoed their own president’s nominee for being insufficiently zealous regarding their social and legal agenda, the Right forced President Bush to send them someone whose ideological commitment could not be doubted, which he did by nominating Samuel Alito.  

In the face of what, initially, seemed insurmountable odds, the Right mobilized and managed to torpedo Miers’ nomination in just under a month, achieving arguably their single most significant political triumph of the entire Bush presidency to date. 

Now, heading into 2008, the Right is facing what some of them see as an even more ominous threat: the prospect that Rudy Giuliani could win the GOP presidential nomination.  And just as they did with Miers, right-wing activists - especially anti-choice Catholic ones – are gearing up to launch an all-out attack in an effort to deny Giuliani the nomination:

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