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Leading Anti-Immigration Activist: Trump Won't Actually Build A Wall

During the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s (FAIR) annual “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” radio row last Thursday, FAIR president Dan Stein told radio host Matt Tompkins that Donald Trump’s call to build a southern border wall is nothing more than campaign language and “a surrogate” for Trump’s real plans, explaining that Trump will not actually build a wall because there already is a wall in some areas and in other areas there is little need for one.

“The wall is a surrogate for getting the border under control,” Stein said. “There have been physical structures in place down there since the 1980s. You need physical structures at certain high entry points to channel traffic. Ranchers who are out there in the middle of nowhere, they don’t see why you would need a border wall.”

Stein continued, “Really, these issues are, the simple issues on the campaign, are surrogates.”

“The wall is a surrogate for border control operations,” Stein said. “What [Trump’s] saying is he’s gonna get the job done. People who believe he’s actually gonna put a brick on every centimeter of 2,000 miles are in a sense mistaking his intention. The language he’s using is what you use in a political campaign, and if you take Hillary Clinton at her word, then she wants to embrace a limitless immigration platform.”

When asked about Trump’s promises of mass deportations, Stein responded that under a Trump presidency, “some people will get to stay, I’m sure.”

“In the context of the real world we’re dealing with now, we either have a political leader who articulates firm messages that say respect for law is the cornerstone of citizenship, or we have politicians who try to game immigration for partisan advantage,” Stein said.

Barbara Comstock’s “FedEx” Comments Part-and-Parcel with GOP Trend of Dehumanizing Immigration Rhetoric

In a debate yesterday, Barbara Comstock, GOP candidate for Congress from Virginia’s 10th District, compared the tracking of immigrants to the tracking of Fedex packages.

I think first and foremost we need to stop playing politics with this, secure the borders, and just do it. We know how to do it. Fedex can track packages coming in here all the time. We can track people who are coming into the country, and we can do that right.

Comstock is not alone in her dehumanization of people coming to the U.S. Last year, Ken Cuccinelli compared immigrants to rats: “It is worse than our immigration policy. You can’t break up rat families…and you can’t even kill ‘em.”

People in Virginia and around the country need to know about the hateful rhetoric coming from the Right and the extremist views held by candidates vying for leadership positions. These are not fringe conservatives, but candidates in contested races who could eventually influence how immigration policy is shaped and the way our country is run.

Immigrants are not Fedex packages to be tracked, families of rats, or drug runners with “calves the size of cantaloupes.”

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