Linda Harvey Dubs the Anti-Bullying Day of Silence a 'God-Dishonoring Day'

Concerned Women for America’s Chelsen Vicari on Monday hosted a call with Linda Harvey of Mission America and Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute where they discussed their plans for a walkout on the Day of Silence, when students protest anti-LGBT bullying and bias by remaining silent throughout the school day. The walkout endorsers also include the American Family Association, Citizens for Community Values, Faith 2 Action, Liberty Counsel and Save California, all prominent supporters of the Religious Right’s anti-anti-bullying campaign.

We posted highlights from program where Higgins urged teachers to “plan activities that involve student communications so students are not allowed to do this” and Harvey warned that the Day of Silence is using children “as a tool” for an “ungodly agenda.” Harvey dubbed the Day of Silence a “God-dishonoring day” that makes children “bow before manipulative, exploitative and deceptive accusations.”

Higgins: What the Day of Silence does is ask kids to refuse to speak during instructional time in class, that they have no legal right to do and no school has to accommodate that, and so that’s what we’re doing is asking parents to call their school, ask if students are allowed to refuse to speak in instructional time, and if they are, to keep their kids home in protest about the disruption of instructional time for a political purpose.

Harvey: You can keep your kids home that day if you suspect or you find out that teachers are going to accommodate this protest silence in order to honor homosexuality, let’s be clear about what this is, this is a God-dishonoring day that honors sin, sinful, immoral behavior that most parents don’t want their children involved in.

Higgins: Christian teachers out there and if you’re working in a public school plan activities that involve student communications so students are not allowed to do this.

Vicari: So Christian families, it’s imperative really to take a stand against Day of Silence.

Harvey: Yes, because it’s teaching your children to dishonor [sic] what God finds sinful, it’s teaching even conservative parents who maybe are not believers it’s teaching your children to bow before manipulative, exploitative and deceptive accusations. They claim tolerance but they are creating division, hostility and they are undermining high standards for kids.

Harvey: Your child will remember this, you know the biggest lesson—of course the school is going to learn something as lots of kids are missing that day—but the biggest lesson is your child will learn that you don’t go along with this nonsense, you don’t let people lie to you and use you as a tool for their ungodly agenda.

Keller: 'The Homosexual Community and Media' are to Blame for Tyler Clementi's Suicide

After blaming the gay community for the suicide of Jamie Hubley, today evangelist Bill Keller is holding prominent gay and lesbian figures like Rachel Maddow and Ellen DeGeneres responsible for Tyler Clementi’s suicide:

Bill Keller, the world's leading Internet Evangelist and the founder of LivePrayer.com, with over 2.4 million subscribers worldwide reading the daily devotional he has written every morning for 12 years on the issues of the day from a Biblcial [sic] worldview, says Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Ellen DeGeneres, the media, and gutless pastors are guilty for the death of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, not Dharun Ravi!

A New Jersey court today found Dharun Ravi guilty of a "hate crime" in the death of his roommate Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide after being video taped in a homosexual relationship. Liveprayer's Bill Keller said that it is those in the media who glamorize and promote this choice as normal and acceptable, along with gutless pastors too afraid to speak out against this sin, and faux churches that glorify this deviant, unnatural, and unhealthy choice of sexual activity, who are the real guilty parties in Clementi's death.

Keller stated, "Sadly we deal with the loved ones of those who commit suicide every day. Suicide is a desperate and selfish act that is ultimately the sole responsibility of the person who made the choice to end their life. Everyone who commits suicide has reasons that led them to make such a horrible decision. The fact is, suicide is exponentially higher amongst those who choose the homosexual lifestyle, and while those in the media want to blame people like myself who take a Biblical stand on this issue, the fact is, they are the ones most responsible!"

Keller goes on, "It is the homosexual community and media who promote this lifestyle to society, forcing it to validate legally and ethically this choice of sexual behavior and relationships to our children as normal, even desirable behavior!" He adds, "The Bible says in the last days the truth will become a lie, and the lie the truth."

Matt Barber called the prosecution of the case "scary stuff" in an interview with OneNewsNow:

Reacting to the conviction, Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel Action warns there is a double standard involved.

"If the same circumstances occurred ... but Tyler Clementi had identified as a heterosexual, there is no dispute that we would not be talking about these additional charges and the conviction," he suggests. "So essentially, we see that we have varying classes of victims. All victims are not created equal."

Barber takes the situation one step further, asking if in the event someone "outs" a closeted homosexual and the homosexual commits suicide, could that person then be criminally liable for the deed? "This other individual is now charged with a crime because of what the suicide victim has done to himself?" he wonders. "This is scary. This is scary stuff."

In light of this verdict, the attorney also expresses concern of whether one day it could be considered a criminal act when a Christian speaks out about the sin of homosexuality.

Clementi, 18, jumped to his death from New York's George Washington Bridge days after the spying in September 2010.

Tony Perkins Defends Minnesota School District with Rampant Anti-Gay Bullying

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins on Tuesday defended the Parents Action League, a Minnesota group that fiercely lobbied the Anoka-Hennepin school district against implementing anti-bullying policies they believe will make the kids targets of “homosexual propaganda” and result in them being “indoctrinated in homosexuality.” The Parents Action League, a division of the Minnesota Family Council, claims the school district has an “outstanding policy” regarding sexual orientation and gloats that they helped craft it. But the group has come under fire from legal organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center and even the Justice Department after a string of teen suicides, so naturally Perkins is standing by the school district’s anti-gay activists:

Perkins: Out of Minnesota where the school board had adopted a neutral policy on homosexuality, where teachers couldn’t be for it or against it and there were a few suicides that took place, which is really kind of tragically a rash, there’s been a rash of suicides, actually it’s been almost growing for a number of years in high schools across the country. Well there may be some cases where these young people are bullied, which is wrong, shouldn’t happen. The Southern Poverty Law Center, teaming up with local homosexual groups, immediately claimed that all these were related to homosexual students being bullied, as it turned out it was not but the damage had already been done. The Southern Poverty Law Center came in threatening a law suit, then brought the Justice Department in—the federal government, going into a local school district—and then in the process a parents organization kind of grew up, the Parents Action League, which was defending the neutral policy, they weren’t against homosexuality, they weren’t for it, but they didn’t want their kids taught something that countered what they were taught at home. Well the Southern Poverty Law Center, an advocate in the process for homosexual special rights and special status for homosexuals, labeled the opposing group a hate group for trying to marginalize and stigmatize them in that local debate. Then the Justice Department went forward with consent decree which is onerous, we’ll get into that on Thursday, but it just shows how the other side wants to shut down the debate so they can have their way and push their radical agenda through.

However, as Rolling Stone reported, at least four of the students who committed suicide were bullied for being gay or perceived to be gay:

There was another common thread: Four of the nine dead were either gay or perceived as such by other kids, and were reportedly bullied. The tragedies come at a national moment when bullying is on everyone's lips, and a devastating number of gay teens across the country are in the news for killing themselves. Suicide rates among gay and lesbian kids are frighteningly high, with attempt rates four times that of their straight counterparts; studies show that one-third of all gay youth have attempted suicide at some point (versus 13 percent of hetero kids), and that internalized homophobia contributes to suicide risk.


The Southern Poverty Law Center and the National Center for Lesbian Rights have filed a lawsuit on behalf of five students, alleging the school district's policies on gays are not only discriminatory, but also foster an environment of unchecked anti-gay bullying. The Department of Justice has begun a civil rights investigation as well.

Stephanie Mencimer notes that along with the nine suicides, at least seven other students “have been hospitalized for attempting or threatening suicide.” She goes on to write:

There's no sure way of knowing why any of the kids took their own lives, but gay rights activists quickly honed in on one factor they saw as contributing to an unhealthy climate for at-risk kids. Anoka-Hennepin has a policy on the books known colloquially as "no homo promo," which dates in back to the mid-1990s. Back then, after several emotional school board meetings, the district essentially wiped gay people out of the school health curriculum. There could be no discussion of homosexuality, even with regard to HIV and AIDS, and the school board adopted a formal policy that stated school employees could not teach that homosexuality was a "normal, valid lifestyle."

Later the policy was changed to require school staff to remain neutral on issues of homosexuality if they should come up in class, a change that critics said fostered confusion among teachers and contributed to their inability to address bullying and harassment, or to even ask reasonable questions about some of the issues the kids were struggling with, like sexual orientation. Both policies were put into place at the behest of conservative religious activists who have been among Bachmann's biggest supporters in the district. They include the Minnesota Family Council (MFC), and its local affiliate, the Parents Action League, which has lobbied to put discredited "reparative therapy" materials in schools.

But Perkins tells a much different story.

First, he claims that the Southern Poverty Law Center “immediately claimed that all these were related to homosexual students being bullied,” adding, “as it turned out it was not.” However, the SPLC never claimed that all of the suicides were by “homosexual students,” but did argue that anti-gay bullying was “at least in part the result of a gag policy that prevented teachers from discussing issues related to lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) people.” Perkins also claimed that the Parents Action League emerged as a result of the SPLC lawsuit, which isn’t true as PAL has been active in the school district for years prior to the SPLC’s involvement. He even claimed that PAL’s members “weren’t against homosexuality,” which is difficult to believe since the organization wants schools to teach reparative therapy, warned that gays and lesbians  have “targeted” students and called homosexuality “one of the most hazardous behaviors that kids could get into.”

But of course, no one should be surprised that Perkins twists the facts in order to promote his anti-gay views, and after misrepresenting the controversy he attacked the SPLC for advocating “special status for homosexuals” and pushing a “radical agenda.”

Arizona Group Opposes Anti-Bullying Measure because it has Support from Gay Rights Groups

The Center for Arizona Policy, one of the state’s leading conservative organizations, coming out strongly against legislation in the Arizona State Senate, Senate Bill 1462, in the Arizona State Senate that tackles the problem of school bullying, which is nothing new from right-wing groups. But while Religious Right groups typically claim they oppose anti-bullying policies because they identify “sexual orientation” as a reason that students are bullied, SB 1462 does not mention “sexual orientation” or other enumerated categories. Instead, Center for Arizona Policy says that they oppose the bullying-prevention effort just because groups such as the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network and the Anti-Defamation League support the legislation. There is no doubt about it; the ‘bullying’ theme is agenda-driven propaganda,” the group writes. “The irony is that groups like Equality Arizona and GLSEN have chosen this issue to bully you and me into allowing them access into our schools and to our children.” The group also lashed out at a Teaching Tolerance film, Bullied, which “chronicles one student’s ordeal at the hands of anti-gay bullies and offers an inspiring message of hope to those fighting harassment today.”

The questions arise when one considers which organizations would provide the training and which organizations are behind the legislation. As a leading homosexual magazine in Arizona wrote, Equality Arizona, one n ten, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) were all in attendance at the bill's committee hearing to support and see the legislation pass.

You see, groups like Equality Arizona and GLSEN have used the bullying issue in order to gain access to our public schools. These are the groups that supporters of the bill will bring into schools to teach the anti-bullying training to our students.

What concerns me is that this is already happening. I received an email from a parent whose 11-year-old daughter was forced to watch a documentary called Bullied during class time without any parental notification or consent. Taken directly off the tolerance.org website, "Bullied is a documentary film that chronicles one student's ordeal at the hands of anti-gay bullies and offers an inspiring message of hope to those fighting harassment today. It can become a cornerstone of anti-bullying efforts in middle and high schools." As this dad wrote:

Upon questioning my daughter I was able to determine the video presented was the documentary Bullied. My wife and I spent the next several minutes apologizing to her that she was forced by her school to view the material ... I should note the school was diligent in requiring written parental approval for my daughter to view a specific rendition of Star Wars, but the Administration need not trouble the parents over [these] materials. The material was not all that timely for our child either since we had to define for her the terms "homo" and "fag" at our dinner table.

There is no doubt about it; the "bullying" theme is agenda-driven propaganda. [emphasis theirs]. The irony is that groups like Equality Arizona and GLSEN have chosen this issue to bully you and me into allowing them access into our schools and to our children. To express concerns about anti-bullying bills is portrayed in the most unfavorable light.

These bullying bills are not sound public policy. Not only are they a thinly veiled attempt to allow political groups into our schools, they also divert the focus of our school system off the fundamentals. Class time should be for reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Stop School Bullying Today

Please do your part by asking your senators and President Obama to support the Student Non-Discrimination Act.

DOJ and DOE Resolve Harassment Allegations in Minnesota School District, Plus Call to Action on Bullying

On Monday, DOJ, DOE, six students, and the Anoka-Hennepin School District proposed an agreement resolving complaints of sex-based harassment of middle and high school students in the school district. And in Congress, we need you to take action on bullying.

UPDATE: Stop School Bullying this GSA Day!

As you know, PFAW recently celebrated GSA Day 2012 and the work of Gay-Straight Alliances that bring lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight allied people together to stop bullying, homophobia, transphobia and hate, and we called on you to be part of the solution.

'Former Homosexual' Calls for Dan Savage's Arrest

DL Foster, an anti-gay activist and professed “former homosexual,” called for the arrest of author Dan Savage for his role in founding the It Gets Better Project, which has consistently been in the crosshairs of Religious Right activists over its inspirational message geared to LGBT youth. Foster, who made the comments last week on Americans For Truth About Homosexuality Radio Hour with Peter LaBarbera, is the founder of Gay Christian Movement Watch.

In the interview, Foster argued that Savage “should be arrested” for his “vile” It Gets Better “charade.” “You know, homosexual kids are still killing themselves after believing his message,” he said.


Foster: It’s really indicative of the character of these individuals, this individual Dan Savage, is also the creator of the so-called anti-bullying It Gets Better charade. You know, homosexual kids are still killing themselves after believing his message. I think he—personally—I think he should be arrested for propagating this lie to—for these kids to have this false promise without any sort of information on what is ‘it’ anyway? It’s really so vile to me that it disturbs me to even talk about it.

PFOX Head Accuses Gays and Lesbians of 'Sexual Cannibalism'

Ex-gay activist Greg Quinlan of Parents and Friends of Gays and Ex-Gays (PFOX) and the New Jersey Family Policy Council, who recently testified against a marriage equality bill in the New Jersey State Assembly, yesterday told talk show host Steve Deace that gays and lesbians are practicing “sexual cannibalism.” After a long diatribe about how child abuse and fractured parental relationships are responsible for homosexuality, Quinlan argued that same-sex relationships represent “sexual, emotional cannibalization.” Later in the show, Quinlan attacked anti-bullying programs and blamed cases of suicide among LGBT youth on the gay community because “we’re making martyrs out of the kids that we’re recruiting to behave as homosexuals.”

Quinlan: I like the word that you used there, ‘cannibalized,’ because there is a scientific term that’s called that, ‘I want to have sex with that man so I can be like him, so I can become a part of him.’ It is a sexual, emotional cannibalization. ‘That person has something I want, they look better than I do, they’re more muscular than I am, they’re more virile than I am, they have something I want,’ and it’s a type of what we call an emotional or sexual cannibalism. I can’t describe it any better than that.

Deace: What’s wrong with anti-bullying? Greg, why wouldn’t we want to stop kids from getting picked on or is there something else happening here?

Quinlan: It’s an agenda. We’re making martyrs out of kids that we’re recruiting to behave as homosexuals when no one is born that way, and that’s the problem and that’s the issue.

Michael Brown: Gays Use Youth Suicide Victims as 'Pawns'

While appearing on AFR Mornings with host Frank Turek on the American Family Association’s American Family Radio, anti-gay activist Michael Brown said that gay rights advocates are making LGBT youth who commit suicide “pawns in a larger political agenda” because they know “it’s a whole lot harder” for their opponents “to look at a kid and a family where there’s a suicide.” Brown, who blamed gay rights supporters for the murder of California fifteen year-old Lawrence King, told Turek that increased attention to suicides by LGBT teenagers are making people ignore other teenagers who commit suicide.

Of course, Brown offered no evidence to back up his claim that concerns about suicide among LGBT youth are undercutting efforts to prevent suicide in general. The Suicide Prevention Resource Center reported in 2008 that lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth “are nearly one and a half to three times more likely to have reported suicidal ideation” and “nearly one and a half to seven times more likely than non-LGB youth to have reported attempting suicide,” noting that “stigma and discrimination are directly tied to risk factors for suicide.”

Later, Brown called gay rights advocates “completely intolerant” and Turek, who has called homosexuality a “road to destruction,” labeled them “the most intolerant people out there.”


Brown: For every one kid, gay teen, that commits suicide because of bullying or because parents say ‘homosexuals go to hell’ or because they just feel ‘I have no future, I have no hope, I can never marry’ and so on, these should be weighty issues to us as Christians, this should hurt us, what if it’s our own kid? That’s why we need to look at every kid. But for every one that commits suicide for that cause, there are--is it dozens, is it scores, I don’t know the exact stats how it breaks down--but a whole lot more kids who commit suicide for other reasons, we never hear about them in the news! We don’t hear national campaigns about them!

So for me what is so concerning is these kids become pawns in a larger political agenda because it’s a whole lot harder to look at a kid and a family where there’s a suicide, it’s a whole lot harder to look at that and hold to our convictions than it is to look at say two forty year old men that want to be married. So we need a compassionate response but boy is this being utilized to push a whole agenda on our society and then an agenda that is completely intolerant, you cannot hold to your views.

Turek: The folks who say they are fighting for tolerance are the most intolerant people out there.

Klingenschmitt: Al Franken is 'Causing More Suicides' by Backing Anti-Bullying Bill

Earlier this month, Gordon Klingenschmitt accused Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) of “homosexualizing kids” and acting like late North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il over his efforts to pass legislation geared at preventing bullying because Franken other progressives have “deified sin as their god.” Now, Klingenschmitt is accusing Franken of “causing more suicides” for sponsoring the anti-bullying bill. Klingenschmitt is not alone in promoting the claim that backing efforts to prevent the bullying of LGBT youth will increase the suicide rate, as Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel have made similar claims. “Teen suicide is tragic enough without Senator Franken recruiting more kids into homosexuality, which causes depression, self-hatred, self-rejection and self-murder,” Klingenschmitt writes, “Franken's plan will result in more teen suicides, not less”:

But villains like Sen. Al Franken who is the main architects writing legislation to make it LAW that your children must be recruited by homosexual perverts in public schools.

Sen. Franken recently released a video in which he blames the high rate of suicide among homosexual teens on school bullying, by abusing these sad tragedies as his own propaganda tool. By spreading even more lies to more teens, Franken is ultimately causing more suicides.

Teen suicide is tragic enough without Senator Franken recruiting more kids into homosexuality, which causes depression, self-hatred, self-rejection and self-murder. The best way to stop teen suicide is to show confused teens there is hope and healing and forgiveness in Jesus Christ! Teens trapped in sin need Jesus, not liberal propaganda that promotes more sin and more depression.

But the bully Franken wants to de-fund any public school that won't give his mandatory pro-homosexual lectures to kids, starting in kindergarten. If Franken wins, adult teachers will bully innocent kids into rejecting the traditional values of their parents. Your kids will not only be sexually "re-educated," they'll be told they can't pray in school.

Franken's plan will result in more teen suicides, not less. We must stop this! Let's petition Congress to protect our children.

While gay, lesbian, and preverts are pushing this onto elementry school kids in California, there are over 140 Congress men in DC trying to do the same thing in every school across America, both private and public. Senator Al Franken and Homosexual Congressman Jared Polis have introduced S.555 and H.R. 998 the "Homosexual Classrooms Act" aka Student Non-Discrimination.

The Obama Administration would make it legal for homosexuals to recruit your children starting in the first grade, with mandatory classroom lectures that normalize sin. Educators will be required to ask your children if they are straight or gay starting in the 1st grade, and they will be able to help each child find his or her "chosen" sexuality. At an age when most kids don't even know what sex is, they will be forced to endure pro-homosexual propaganda. Schools that decline will lose their funding.

Focus's Cushman Slams Sex-Ed Standards for Promoting Respect for Gay Families, Dubs Bullying Prevention 'Homosexual Promotion'

Earlier this month, a coalition of health and education groups released new recommended guidelines for sex education in schools, which address topics including sexual orientation, birth control and bullying. The non-binding recommendations have not, unsurprisingly, been popular among the talking heads of the Religious Right.

On Wednesday, Candi Cushman of CitizenLink, Focus on the Familiy's political arm, joined Janet Mefferd to discuss the new guidelines and her displeasure that, among other things, they recommend teaching young children to “demonstrate respect for these different types of families,” a notion that Cushman insists is “undemocratic.”

Cushman: The important things for parents to understand is that these standards are supposed to start in kindergarten so at the elementary level students are going to start to be taught to ‘identify different types of family structures.’

Mefferd: Ugh.

Cushman: And then demonstrate respect for these different types of families. That’s basically codes for, ‘We’re going to teach your kids about same-sex marriage and homosexual relationships and this is an option worthy of being embraced just like heterosexual marriages and relationships.’ Not only are they going to be willing to embrace it but they’re going to respect it and they’re going to get that down by the second grade. So they will need to start that probably around kindergarten so they’ll have it down in their heads by second grade. That’s just one example of them dealing with the homosexuality topic.

Mefferd: Well and in most states we don’t have same-sex marriage, so why the need for that?

Cushman: Right, it’s totally undemocratic.

Mefferd and Cushman went on to discuss the recommendations for older students, including discussions of the proper use of contraception, which Cushman claims were designed by “left-wing, casual-sex activist groups,” and are not intended to promote public health.

As for the inclusion of discussions about bullying, Cushman insists bullying prevention is a Trojan Horse for gay rights groups: “They do have this agenda of inserting homosexuality promotion under the category of bullying and this is one way they go about that with these sexuality standards.”

Cushman has been the voice of CitizenLink's opposition to anti-bullying programs, which we wrote about in detail in a report last year.

Mefferd: I thought the whole purpose of sex-ed originally was to tell kids the birds and the bees, but now it’s flat-out indoctrination.

Cushman: Right, if you look at the material that the groups who did these standards put out it’s all about students’ sexual rights, their rights. The emphasis is not on prevention, avoiding disease and harm, it’s about ‘Oh let’s just reduce the risk, what are their rights?’ Its activism, it’s not about health. That’s why we shouldn’t just surrender our schools to left-wing, casual-sex activist groups.

Mefferd: I agree. I’m sure from what I read there’s this aspect of bullying. They love throwing that around, ‘We need to deal with the bullying issue and the gay bullying issue,’ even though bullying has been around since time immemorial for kids, from kids, for all sorts of reasons, not just the homosexual issue. But do they talk much about that? Are they framing it in terms of, ‘We got to talk about this stuff to stop the gay bullying’?

Cushman: Yes they do. In fact, I found that very interesting that they were titled sexually standards but they address bullying. I thought, now we’re just saying that bullying is sexualized now.

Mefferd: Wow.

Cushman: I really think that bullying should be its own category, not in sex-education. Bullying should be addressed as prevention, protecting all students no matter how they identify because they’re human beings, as I’ve explained many times before. So yeah, I found that an interesting part that they’re trying to mix those two, sex-education and bullying. But I think the reason they are mixing them is because they do have this agenda of inserting homosexuality promotion under the category of bullying and this is one way they go about that with these sexuality standards.

West Virginia Religious Right Group Calls Anti-Bullying Bill a 'Trojan Horse to Indoctrinate Children'

Last month the West Virginia state Board of Education unanimously approved an inclusive anti-bullying policy that takes into account bullying faced by youth due to their sexual orientation and gender identity. Unsurprisingly, the West Virginia Family Foundation, which opposes hate crimes legislation and any recognition of same-sex relationships, is outraged by the board’s decision and like others in the Religious Right’s growing anti-anti-bullying campaign, said the policy will “indoctrinate children” in an interview with the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow. Kevin McCoy, the head of the organization, said he is determined to weaken the anti-bullying policy and strip its protections of bullying against students based on their sexual orientation and gender identity in the next legislative session:

West Virginia pro-family advocate says homosexual activists have revamped a legislative cyber-bullying bill in a manner that opens the door for pro-homosexual programs in schools.

Kevin McCoy of the West Virginia Family Foundation says last-minute amendments to the anti-bullying policy, approved by the state Board of Education behind the scenes, now include the categories of "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" -- neither of which was originally included in the bill. The new policy, which goes into effect July 1, includes punishment guidelines against any student who targets another because of his or her sexual orientation or gender identity. Students will also be held accountable for what they write on Facebook or Twitter, and they will receive an automatic ten-day suspension from school for any violations.

"The danger is that it opens up the door for sexual orientation and gender identity to be the 'Trojan horse' to indoctrinate children in public schools," McCoy warns.

Many legislative delegates were unaware that the revisions passed at the end of the session amid a flurry of other measures, but McCoy thinks the changes can be reversed in the next session.

"It can be reversed to the extent that it'll either be reversed or there's going to be some members of the legislature who are going to be having to find another source of employment because that is something that is a hot-button issue in West Virginia," the pro-family activist predicts.

Klingenschmitt likens Al Franken to Kim Jong-Il, Accuses him of 'Homosexualizing' Kids

Former military chaplain turned Religious Right activist Gordon Klingenschmitt asked members of the Pray in Jesus Name Project on Saturday to prevent Al Franken from “homosexualizing kids” through anti-bullying legislation. He writes that Franken’s anti-bullying efforts are comparable to the totalitarian dictatorship ran by late North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il. Klingenschmitt says the Minnesota senator and other progressives have “deified sin as their god” and, like Kim, are attempting to “re-educate” children and diminish faith in God.

He called the legislation “evil” and told members of his organization, “We must defeat these bills...[and] send them back to where they came from: back to Hell,” because otherwise progressives will  “achieve their dream of a sexual promiscuous country that rivals Sodom and Gomorrah.”



While gay, lesbian, and preverts are pushing this onto elementry school kids in California, there are over 140 Congress men in DC trying to do the same thing in every school across America, both private and public. Senator Al Franken and Homosexual Congressman Jared Polis have introduced S.555 and H.R. 998 the "Homosexual Classrooms Act" aka Student Non-Discrimination.

The Obama Administration would make it legal for homosexuals to recruit your children starting in the first grade, with mandatory classroom lectures that normalize sin. Educators will be required to ask your children if they are straight or gay starting in the 1st grade, and they will be able to help each child find his or her "chosen" sexuality. At an age when most kids don't even know what sex is, they will be forced to endure pro-homosexual propaganda. Schools that decline will lose their funding.

The Liberals are fighting this battle on every front. Assembly Bill 266 in California started out as a common bill about sports education two years ago. Yet by adding an amendment to a two year bill the legislation avoids many of the hearings and public input requirements and much of the expected public opposition this would generate. This is also true in DC, where Homosexuals are trying to push pro-gay bills on elementary children very quietly and without spotlight or attention. Your petitions to Congress expose their evil, and deny them any stealth ability. YOU shine the light on their dark sinful deeds.

What do Kim Jong-Il and Senator Franken have in common? Kindergarten.


North Koreans are trained from age 6 to worship Kim Jong Il as if he were a god.

When atheists resist the supernatural reality of the One True God, they must deify someone or something else to fill the void. In North Korea they deified the Kim dynasty, his father before him Kim Il-Song, and his son after, Kim Jong-Un.

But here in America, liberals, socialists (and yes, communists) who hate God have done everything possible to kick God out of schools, banning Christmas or any mention of Jesus Christ. This week Americans United for Separation of Church and State threatened to sue a public school in Alabama if they dare allow children to sing "Silent Night." Led by pro-homosexual Senators like Al Franken, liberals have deified sin as their god.

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and openly homosexual Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) now have 138 co-sponsors in the House and 38 in the Senate, to do what? To mandate nationwide "re-education" of kindergarten and first-grade children that homosexuality is normal, not a sin. No kidding. The bills are S. 555 and H.R.998, (aka the "Homosexual classrooms act") that bullies kids without permission of Christian parents, in the name of promoting sexual re-orientation in kids they wish to recruit for sinful acts.

We must defeat these bills. Let's send them back to where they came from: back to Hell.


Bottom line: What do Kim Jong-Il and Al Franken have in common? They re-educate kindergarten children to worship their gods, and reject Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I say we tell them "not my kids," and Merry Christmas too.

SELECT HERE TO SIGN PETITION, and we will instantly fax all 535 Congressmen and Senators (saving you much time!) to stop Sen. Al Franken's "Homosexual Classrooms Act" and OPPOSE AND FILIBUSTER S.555 + H.R. 998 aka Student Non-Discrimination.

Senator Al Franken bullies kids with "Homosexual Classrooms Act." Take action!


This legislation would make it not only legal for teachers to introduce to alternative and sexually perverse lifestyles, but in fact require them to introduce kids to homosexuality without parental consent. This legislation would protect homosexual propositions and sexual advances as free speech. The legislation will EXEMPT homosexual students from any punishment if they initiate propositioning, harassing, or even sexually assaulting their classmates, as part of their specially-protected right to "freedom of self-expression." Any school that does not teach this pro-homosexual agenda will lose all federal funding.

This radical homosexual agenda indoctrinates an enter generation of American children with their dream of a new America founded on sexual promiscuity, in which Jesus and traditional values are exterminated. "And its dangerously close to passing" according to Eugene Delgaudio of the Public Advocate for the United States.


Christian educator St. Francis Xavier once said "Give me the child until he is seven and I’ll give you the man." This has now become Al Franken's strategy behind this legislation. If the Homosexuals can bombard our children's mind in school before they are 7, then they will have open season to recruit kids into their perverse lifestyle, and achieve their dream of a sexual promiscuous country that rivals Sodom and Gomorrah.

Gordon Klingenschmitt calls Al Franklen a 'Bully' who is 'Normalizing Homosexual Sin'

Gordon “Chaps” Klingenschmitt yesterday on City on a Hill Radio warned that Senator Al Franken (D-MN) is a “bully who is bullying little children into normalizing homosexual sin” because he introduced the Student Non-Discrimination Act. He said the bill should be called the “Homosexual Classrooms Act” because it encourages schools to prevent bullying, discrimination and harassment based on a student’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Klingenschmitt derided the anti-bullying legislation for compelling schools to have “mandatory lectures promoting the normalcy of homosexual sin”:

Klingenschmitt: What they’re trying to say is, ‘Oh no, we have to protect homosexual kindergarteners and homosexual first graders and homosexual second graders from bullying by their peers by public education, we will train all of the kids whether their parents are Christians or not Christians, it doesn’t matter, all of the kids will receive mandatory lectures promoting the normalcy of homosexual sin, and if the school doesn’t do this, the school loses its funding.’ So it is the Homosexual Classrooms Act, that’s an accurate name for the bill although they have it called something else. Really, Al Franken is the bully who is bullying little children into normalizing homosexual sin against the wishes of their parents.

VCY America Urges Churches to Train Children to Fight the 'Sodom and Gomorrah Lifestyle'

Yesterday on Crosstalk, Vic Eliason of Voice of Christian Youth America dedicated the program to fighting gay rights and reading from Linda Harvey’s “Top Ten Gay Abuses of 2011.” Eliason concluded the segment by calling on the church to prepare children to challenge “the Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyle” because children in schools are facing “repeated bombardment to their little minds of diversity and acceptivity and of course using the term ‘bullying’ to deal even with the acceptance of homosexual practice.” Eliason recently used his program to lash out against transgender rights, which he said would lead people to try to become animals, and to denounce the Obama administration’s advocacy of rights for LGBT people abroad as proof that “the inmates have taken over the asylum.”


Eliason: This is not a pleasant topic to deal with, but I would implore pastors, deacons, elders within your churches to take a serious look about addressing this issue very clearly about this sin of immorality, of perversion. You have boys and girls within your churches that are sitting 22-25 hours a week in school hearing time and time and time again the repeated bombardment to their little minds of diversity and acceptivity and of course using the term ‘bullying’ to deal even with the acceptance of homosexual practice. But there needs to be an effort in sharing biblical, moral views with children who are being pressured by the society, by teachers who by decree and by demands of the system are teaching, and in California even having to teach homosexual lifestyle in a positive sense. If there is ever a time when we within the church structure, within the family of God, need to take the time to prepare our young people for the Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyle that is hanging just—no it’s not right around the corner—it’s here, it’s right now.

Protecting the Right to a Quality Education: Standing Together for Schools that Are Safe and Free of Discrimination

What should be a haven for learning has instead become, for LGBT students and those who are perceived to be LGBT, a site of abject torment. All of our young people deserve far better than that.

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