Commerce Clause

Far Right Poised to Reverse a Century of Progress with Romney's Court

Far right scholars are eager for a Romney victory, because his Supreme Court would turn their cramped vision of the Constitution into reality.

Obama Talks About the Supreme Court

The president discusses the consequences if the next Supreme Court justices are chosen by Mitt Romney.

A Bush Judge on the DC Circuit Defends the Ideology of the Lochner Era

Janice Rogers Brown issues a concurring opinion loaded with red meat for the right wing.

Supreme Court's Decision to Hear Health Care Challenge: Conservative Ideology vs. The Constitution

The Supreme Court today announced that it would hear arguments in several cases challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama's signature achievement and the most important piece of health care reform legislation in a generatio

The Citizens United Era: How the Supreme Court Continues to Put Business First

A new PFAW Foundation report examines how the Supreme Court's conservative majority is working to reshape our Constitution and elevate corporate interests above the rights of individual Americans. Beginning with the 2010 decision in Citizens United, the Roberts Court has handed down a steady stream of decisions that allow enormous corporations to use their significant resource advantage to influence the law in their favor.

PFAW Foundation Report Salutes the Commerce Clause as Vital for Preserving Americans’ Rights

A new PFAW Foundation report examines how the Commerce Clause is vital to preserving clean water, equal pay, and many other essential American rights.

The True Spirit of the Union

If you ask people what part of the U.S. Constitution has been most critical for advancing social progress, many would say the First Amendment’s Free Speech Clause or the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal protection guarantee. But a powerful case can be made that the most important constitutional instrument for social progress in our history has been the Commerce Clause
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