manhattan declaration

"Mount Vernon Statement": Fancy New Name, Same Old Talking Points

Today, a group of Right Wing leaders unveiled their much hyped “Mount Vernon Statement” which they claim will provide a “definitive statement" regarding the central principles of the conservative movement. But upon review, the document looks like more of the same old talking points.

Manhattan Declaration: Old Poison, New Packaging

Religious Right leaders are making a new concerted push to gain signatures for the “Manhattan Declaration,” a manifesto that was released just before Thanksgiving by about 150 conservative Christian leaders.

Right Wing "Manhattan Declaration" Sidesteps Moral Call to Protect All People

Reverend Timothy McDonald, Founder of the African American Ministers Leadership Council and Board Member of People For the American Way Foundation, said in response to the release by right wing leaders of the so-called "Manhattan Declaration,"Pretending that all moral questions can be boiled down to two hot button issues profoundly misrepresents the moral questions Christians encounter in America today."
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