Right Wing Round-Up - 7/1/13

  • National Memo: Sarah Palin Threatens To Blow Up The GOP Over Amnesty In The Name Of Ronald Reagan.
  • Tom Kludt @ TPM: Brit Hume: Hispanics Still Not Nearly As Important To GOP As White Voters.
  • Amanda Marcotte @ Slate: Ohio Simultaneously Makes It Harder to Prevent a Pregnancy and Harder to Terminate One. 
  • Pam’s House Blend: So Long, Farewell: Today We Close Pam’s House Blend – A Look Back. It’s been real.

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/28/13

  • Bridge Project: Barriers To Reform: The Anti-Immigrant Policies And Extremist Money Blocking Progress In The House.

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/27/13

  • Towleroad: Supreme Court Hands Jan Brewer Defeat, Declines Review In Two More Cases Related To Gays And Marriage. 

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/26/13

  • Good As You: Bryan Fischer: Supreme Court ‘doing to us what the Nazis did to the Jews.’ 

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/25/13

  • PFAW Foundation: Court Conservatives in Shelby County v. Holder Deal Terrible Blow to the Voting Rights Act. 
  • Slate: Watch as a State Senator Wages an Epic Filibuster to Block Sweeping New Abortion Restrictions.
  • Liberal America: Glenn Beck Revisits Chinese Missile Conspiracy. Has He Changed His Mind? 

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/24/13

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/21/13

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/20/13

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/19/13

  • PFAW: Maddow Applauds PFAW's Work Monitoring the Right Wing.
  • Alan Colmes: Why Weren’t Conservatives Upset About The Cost Of Bush’s Two Africa Trips?
  • Chris Geidner @ BuzzFeed: Head Of Group That Had Aims To “Change” Gays Issues Apology.
  • HRC: Senator Lisa Murkowski Endorses Marriage Equality.
  • Matt Wilstein @ Mediaite: Glenn Beck Bashes DC Establishment At Tea Party Rally: ‘At Least Vegas Admits Its Full Of Crooks And Hookers.’
  • Warren Throckmorton: David Barton Attempts to Cover His Historical Tracks; Changes Capitol Tour Speech.

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/18/13

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/17/13

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/14/13

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/13/13

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/12/13

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/11/13

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/10/13

  • Media Matters: Right-Wing Media Plead With Rubio To “Walk Away” From Senate Immigration Reform Bill. 
  • Wonkette: Louie Gohmert’s Desperate Found-Footage Plea: Stop Talking About Immigration! 
  • Good As You: IL Bishop Thomas Paprocki says ‘the father of lies’ is behind marriage equality. 
  • TPM: ‘Unskewed Poll’s Founder: ‘I Was Only Wrong’ Because I Didn’t Consider Voter Fraud. 
  • NJDC: GOP Leaders Must Stand Against Holocaust Rhetoric by Limbaugh, Beck. 

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/7/13

  • Towleroad: Cake Shop Will Cater To Dog Marriages But Not Gay Marriages, Gets Sued.

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/6/13

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/5/13

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/4/13

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