Right Wing Round-Up - 5/2/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/29/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/28/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/27/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/26/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/25/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/22/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/21/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/20/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/19/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/18/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/15/16

  • Andy Kush @ Gawker: A Room Full of New York Republicans Straight Up Ignored Ted Cruz's Speech Last Night.

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/14/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/13/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/12/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/11/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/8/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/7/16

  • German Lopez @ Vox: This Daily Show segment is the perfect response to America's anti-transgender panic.
  • Alex Griswold @ Mediaite: Former GOP Candidate Sharron Angle Literally Thought Social Security Was a Box in West Virginia.
  • Travis Gettys @ Raw Story: Stephen Colbert mocks Trump’s plan to ax the non-existent ‘Department of Environmental’.
  • Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Dinesh D’Souza: The Majority of Vocal Atheists Are “Wounded Theists” Who Simply Hate God.
  • Tierney Sneed @ TPM: Ex-Staffer: Wisconsin GOPers Cheered Voter ID Bill For What It 'Could Do For Us’.

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/6/16

  • John Fea @ Religion News Service: Why making the Bible Tennessee’s state book is a bad idea. 
  • Andy Cush @ Gawker: State Senator Emails AP English Teacher to Offer His Thoughts on Beloved (Too Many Breasts).
  • Andy Towle @ Towleroad: Wisconsin Elects Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley, Who Wrote ‘Homosexual Sex Kills’.
  • Kevin Drum: The Guy Behind the Planned Parenthood Sting Videos Is Now In Trouble With a Second State.
  • Allegra Kirkland @ TPM: Cruz: When I Attacked ‘New York Values,' I Meant The Liberal Ones.

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/5/16

  • PFAW: Backgrounder: The Judicial Crisis Network: Behind The Group Spreading Misinformation About Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland.
  • Tasneem Nashrulla @ BuzzFeed: Impeachment Process Begins Against Alabama Governor Over Sex Scandal.
  • Michael Fitzgerald @ Towleroad: Linda Harvey Blames ‘Spiteful Lesbian Lawyers’ for Ruining Pro Sports.
  • Eric Hanaoki @ Media Matters: Trump Ally Roger Stone's Scrubbed Tweets: "Stupid Negro," "Fat Negro," "Muff-Diver," "Elitist C*nt," "DIE BITCH".
  • Rachel Ford @ Friendly Atheist: Samantha Bee Examines the Other Scary Religious Fanatics on Ted Cruz’s Campaign Team.
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