Federally funded private school vouchers are bad policy and do not help the majority of students in the public school system. Voucher initiatives are not-so-thinly veiled attempts to privatize the public school system. Disguising voucher initiatives as the salvation of low-income minority children is not only deceptive, but also factually implausible. The facts are simple: private voucher programs do not have a record of academic success for minority children; there is not enough availability in private schools for all potential voucher recipients; private schools can and do discriminate against voucher recipients; private schools do not have to abide by the standards of the No Child Left Behind Act; and the majority of the public--especially DC residents-- does not want them. All students deserve immediate and proven reform in their educational system. Vouchers will not achieve this goal and federal taxpayer dollars should not be wasted on these ill-conceived experiments.

In these times of scare federal and state resources, we must focus our spending on social services that benefit the majority of citizens, not just a select few. A quality public education system is the greatest social service that the federal government can provide its children. Diverting federal tax dollars to private schools drastically limits the fulfillment of this most worthy promise to our children.

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