Status in the 109th Congress

During the 108th Congress, Members once again introduced tuition tax credit legislation. In January 2003, Representative Peter Hoekstra (R-2nd, MI) introduced H.R. 120, the “Voluntary Opportunities for Increasing Contributions to Education Act,” which would have provided tax credits to individuals and corporations for 75% of their contributions to private schools, including tuition and facility construction or renovation. Also in January 2003, Rep. Christopher Smith (R-4th, NJ) introduced the “Education, Achievement and Opportunity Act” (H.R. 499), which would have provided a refundable tax credit for tuition at private schools. At the end of the session, both bills had been referred to the House Ways and Means Committee. Supporters of tuition tax credit in Congress are likely to reintroduce similar legislation in the 109th Congress.

Unlike the President Bush’s proposed FY 2004 budget, the proposed FY 2006 budget does not include funding for tuition tax credits.

Updated April 11, 2005

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