Court-packing Steamroller Must Be Stopped Before it Builds More Momentum

The administration’s judicial selection process is demonstrably focused on filling important appeals court seats with judicial nominees who share the states’ rights and right-wing judicial philosophies promoted by the Federalist Society and championed by Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. Neither the President nor Senate Republican leaders have spoken honestly with the American people about this goal or the extremely far-reaching consequences of achieving it.

It is urgent that senators slow the confirmation steamroller and make clear to the American people what is at stake before it is too late and we have lost basic rights, liberties, and legal protections we have counted on for more than half a century.

If senators are bullied into approving Miguel Estrada’s confirmation, in spite of the contempt that he and his supporters have demonstrated for the right of senators and the public to understand what kind of judge he would be, there will be no reason for the administration to alter its court-packing strategy. Confirming Miguel Estrada would only encourage more administration nominees, for the Supreme Court as well as appellate courts, to try to keep the American people in the dark about their judicial philosophy until it is too late to do anything about it. It is the Senate’s job to stand up for the Constitution and the people it protects. This is the time to take a stand.

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