Fighting the Right’s Tax and Budget Agenda

For years the Right has called for extreme tax policies and budget cuts, slashing services no matter who it harms or how badly it impairs the functioning of our government. From Ronald Reagan to the Tea Party to today, budget and tax issues continue to play a central role in the Right’s blueprint to remake our country in their own ideological image. But PFAW members and activists are pushing back against Donald Trump’s tax plan and budget—because we know that these policies are statements of national priorities that affect the lives of all Americans.

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Trump’s Budget is An Attack on Vulnerable Americans

Trump’s proposed budget attacks the basic living standards of low-income people, people of color, women, children, and senior citizens—while handing huge tax giveaways to the richest Americans. The Trump budget guts or eliminates:

  • Nutrition assistance for low-income families
  • Health care for low- and moderate-income people
  • Income assistance for seniors and people with disabilities
  • Job training for workers in the changing job market
  • Rental assistance that helps prevent homelessness
  • Energy assistance that keeps the heat on
  • Support for school districts and college students
  • Disease and substance abuse prevention, and rural health programs

The Dangers of Riders

The Right has routinely tried to add riders, which have little or nothing to do with a bill, onto budgets and other legislation to push their extreme agenda. These are ideological proposals that right-wing politicians know could not become law on their own merits—so they try to sneak them into must-pass legislation instead.

While riders may sound like a wonky policy issue, they are an important way in which the Right attempts to change policies that shape our everyday lives. For example, past riders have included attempts to defund Planned Parenthood, restrict public assistance for formerly incarcerated people, block protections for overtime pay, weaken environmental protections, undermine rules about transparency in election spending, and more.

By the Numbers

$193 billion
The amount Trump’s budget proposes to cut from food stamps—which one in ten Americans rely on—over the next decade.

The number of harmful policy riders that were defeated in the current spending package.

$1.5 billion
The amount members of Trump’s Cabinet alone would get because of just one enormous tax cut he has proposed.

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