Action Center

Tell Senators: Reject Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is being rewarded for his early and loyal support of Donald Trump with a nomination to be the United States' top law enforcement official, in charge of setting legal policy for the federal government.

Restore the VRA: Pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act!

The Supreme Court severely weakened the Voting Rights Act with it's Shelby decision. But now, the Voting Rights Advancement Act can fix that!

Take Action: Overturn Citizens United and Amend the Constitution to Get Big Money Out of Elections

We must amend the Constitution to undo the harm of decisions like Citizens United and McCutcheon, get big money OUT of elections and restore Government By the People.

Stand With Planned Parenthood Against Right-Wing Smears

Republicans are investigating Planned Parenthood based on an anti-choice group's highly edited "sting" videos...

Tell Legislators to Say NO to ALEC

State Legislators must sever existing, and avoid future, ties with the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council.

Tell the SEC: Make Corporations Disclose Political Spending

The SEC can and should require that all publicly traded corporations disclose how they're spending money to tilt elections.

Tell Congress to Pass the Government By the People Act!

Help put the power in our democracy back where it belongs: In the hands of the People.

Tell ALEC's Corporate Sponsors it's Time to Cut Ties. Tell them to Ditch ALEC!

Coca Cola, Pepsi and Kraft have all announced they're severing ties with the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council. Tell other companies to do the same!

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