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DC Voucher Opposition Rally Statement by Ralph G. Neas

Statement by Ralph G. Neas on rally opposing DC voucher plan in Omnibus spending bill

Senate Battle Over Omnibus Bill Blocks DC School Vouchers — For Now

Senators voting to block the omnibus spending bill in Congress Tuesday took a courageous stand against a number of objectionable provisions – including the proposal to force an experimental private school voucher program on the District of Columbia, where educators, parents and students have no voting representation in Congress.

Grassroots Groups Launch Tv Ad Against Flawed Bush Immigration Policy

People For the American Way Joins Coalition

In an effort to spread the word on the fatal flaws in the guest worker policy announced yesterday by the President, a coalition of progressive and civil rights organizations, labor, and immigrant advocacy organizations are launching a Spanish-language TV ad campaign scheduled to hit the airwaves this weekend.

Bush Claims Mantle of Tolerance While Supporting Constitutional Requirement of Harmful Discrimination

Trying to have it both ways, President Bush claimed that he was ‘tolerant’ and ‘understanding,’ but said that he would support a constitutional amendment which would require discrimination against gays and lesbians. Using compassionate rhetoric to distract attention from the cruel consequences of his actions, Bush ignored the reality of the Federal Marriage Amendment: discrimination undermines families and hurts children.

Unaccountable by Design

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