Equality For All

Flaws and Failings

The vast majority of the voucher schools are religious schools, as to which there are serious concerns regarding government-funded discrimination on the basis of disability and religion, as well as religious coercion; also, DOE and WSF have failed to give voucher schools adequate guidance on applicable civil rights laws

Flaws and Failings

The Archdiocese of Washington apparently would not give final agreement to participate in the voucher program until it received assurance from DOE that it could raise tuition for new students

Flaws and Failings

DOE has already acknowledged that the voucher program cannot be evaluated this year in the manner required by Congress

Flaws and Failings

The Washington Scholarship Fund was essentially chosen by default to administer the voucher program

Florida Court Rules Voucher Law Unconstitutional

Upholds Lower Court Decision: Voucher Law Violates Separation of Church & State

The Florida Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 today to uphold a lower court decision striking down the country’s first state-wide voucher program. The Court affirmed the lower court ruling that the Florida voucher law violated the “no aid” clause of the state constitution providing that public funds cannot be used to aid sectarian institutions.

Calif Court Invalidates Weddings of Gay & Lesbian Couples for Now, Does Not Rule on Constitutionality of Marriage Ban

The California Supreme Court today invalidated the marriages of more than 4,000 same-sex couples, ruling that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom lacked the authority under state law to allow such marriages. The Court did not rule on whether the state’s prohibition on marriage for gay and lesbian couples violates the state constitution, the position taken by Mayor Newsom and the city. That issue is being litigated in other cases still working their way through the courts.

Mixed Messages on Marriage

One Step Forward; One Step Back
In the same week, a Washington state court ruled in favor of marriage rights for same-sex couples in accordance with the state constitution, while Missouri voters approved an amendment to their constitution to ban recognition of such marriages. The mixed results reflect the give and take that can be expected in the short run as the nation moves toward full equality for gay and lesbian Americans.

House Passes Direct Attack on Constitution, Gay and Lesbian Americans

The U.S. House of Representatives today vote 233-194 to pass the so-called “Marriage Protection Act,” legislation that would effectively bar an entire class of citizens from asking the federal courts to protect their constitutional rights.

Court-Stripping Bill on Marriage Undermines Bill of Rights

The “Marriage Protection Act” scheduled for a vote on Thursday in the House of Representatives would effectively bar an entire class of citizens from asking the federal courts to protect their constitutional rights. People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas strongly urged members of the House of Representatives to reject the bill.

What You Can Do to Protect Equal Rights and the Separation of Powers!

Contact your representative and tell him or her that challenges to federal laws should be heard in federal courts. Remind your representative that the federal courts exist to protect a person’s rights from government abuse, and that any attempts to restrict those rights are unwise and likely unconstitutional. Urge your representative to oppose court-stripping and the so-called “Marriage Protection Act.” Sign up for our newsletters and action alerts and we’ll keep you updated on new developments concerning this issue.

Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Falls Far Short In Senate

Right Wing Intensifies Anti-Gay Election Year Strategy
Having fallen prey to intra-party GOP squabbling, the anti-gay marriage amendment could not even get enough support in the Senate to shut off debate and be voted upon. While the victory for those who would keep discrimination from being enshrined in our Constitution should be celebrated, the Right's anti-gay election-year strategy continues, unabated.

See how the senators voted

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