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Senate Anti-Gay Marriage Hearing a Divisive Diversion

Cornyn hearing likely to elevate bigotry and political grandstanding over basic principles of fairness, equality under the law

Far-Right Funders Back African-American Voucher Advocacy Group (BAEO)

Since its creation in August 2000, the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) has emerged as one of the most visible voucher advocates in the country, even landing a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to promote the White House’s voucher initiatives. Contrary to BAEO’s public relations messaging, the group is not supported by a broad African-American constituency but by a handful of wealthy, far-right foundations and individuals. A report released today takes a closer look at this organization which has become one of the top promoters of the school voucher agenda.

Pfawf Report Exposes Disturbing Agenda Behind Attacks On Public Education

Voucher backers' claimed interest in public education betrayed by PFAWF report

"Competition from vouchers will improve public schools," they say. But do they mean it? Because Americans view public education as a mighty national asset, voucher backers have inserted pro-public schools rhetoric into their spiel. But look beneath the surface and the agenda is crystal clear: privatization of American education.

Supreme Court Decision: Victory for Gay Equality

In a historic victory 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court struck down Texas' anti-gay "homosexual conduct" law. Five justices repudiated the Court's infamous 1986 ruling upholding a Georgia sodomy law as applied to gay people. The decision should have the effect of nullifying such laws in Texas as well as a dozen other states.

Supreme Court Decision: Affirmative Action Principles Upheld

The Supreme Court has narrowly upheld affirmative action programs that take race into account in creating a diverse student body. The Court upheld the constitutionality of the University of Michigan law school's affirmative action program, while ruling against the university's undergraduate affirmative action program. These decisions highlight how critical the next appointments to the Supreme Court will be.

White House Experiences “Decision-Day Conversion” on Affirmative Action

The White House responded to today’s Supreme Court rulings on affirmative action with a statement from President Bush applauding the Court for “recognizing the value of diversity on our Nation's campuses” with decisions that “seek a careful balance between the goal of campus diversity and the fundamental principle of equal treatment under the law.”

In today’s statement, President Bush said, “My Administration will continue to promote policies that expand educational opportunities for Americans from all racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.” But his administration’s legal brief sought to place tighter restrictions on the efforts of college officials to do just that.

Clark's Record Not Worthy of Promotion

The Senate Armed Services Committee will soon consider the promotion of Major General Robert T. Clark to the rank of Lieutenant General in command of the Fifth U.S. Army. Clark was the commanding officer at Fort Campbell, Ky. While Clark was in command at Fort Campbell, PFC Barry Winchell was repeatedly and blatantly harassed in violation of the Army’s strict guidelines, and ultimately was killed in an anti-gay attack.

6-3 Supreme Court Decision Deals Blow to States' Rights Ideology, Strengthens Worker Protections

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Nevada and other states can be sued when they violate workers’ rights under the groundbreaking federal Family and Medical Leave Act. The decision breaks with a recent run of cases in which the Court’s conservative 5-4 majority overruled Congress in favor of a “states’ rights” judicial philosophy.

PFAWF Joins Court Challenge of Colorado Voucher Law

On behalf of its nearly 10,000 Colorado members and activists, People For the American Way Foundation is joining a lawsuit in Denver County District Court challenging the constitutionality of the state’s private-school voucher law on the grounds that it violates the Colorado Constitution

PFAWF & Choice USA Support Free Speech in Public Schools

Leaders of the right-wing political movement to restrict American women’s ability to make their own moral and religious choices about reproduction and family planning have launched a new campaign aimed at American high school students. Leaders of the April 28 Rock for Life “National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day” are encouraging students to “exercise their First Amendment right of free speech by wearing a pro-life T-shirt to school.”

Santorum’s Anti-Gay Remarks Fit Pattern of Discrimination

Senator Rick Santorum’s remarks comparing the protection of Americans’ privacy in their own homes to protecting bigamy and incest came as a disappointment, but, sadly, not as a surprise. Santorum’s record demonstrates a history of hostility toward equal rights for all Americans, and that hostility is reflected in the attitudes of the Republican party leaders.
Urge Your Senators to Reject Sen. Santorum's Remarks and Co-Sponsor "Hate Crimes" Bill

Colorado Governor Signs Voucher Bill

On April 16, Colorado Governor Bill Owens disregarded the wishes of Colorado voters and signed a voucher bill that will provide $5,000 vouchers to students, even though the voters have twice rejected attempts to divert public tax dollars to private schools. Read about this and many other voucher battles in the states.

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