Equality For All

Bush Claims Mantle of Tolerance While Supporting Constitutional Requirement of Harmful Discrimination

Trying to have it both ways, President Bush claimed that he was ‘tolerant’ and ‘understanding,’ but said that he would support a constitutional amendment which would require discrimination against gays and lesbians. Using compassionate rhetoric to distract attention from the cruel consequences of his actions, Bush ignored the reality of the Federal Marriage Amendment: discrimination undermines families and hurts children.

Unaccountable by Design

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Replicating Failure: Colorado Vouchers Mimic Other States' Mistakes

While a recent court ruling has halted the Colorado voucher plan for now, the program -- the first in the nation after a Supreme Court decision cleared vouchers -- stands to make the same mistakes and permit the same abuse as many other voucher schemes.

Voucher Victory in Colorado!

In a victory for public school students in Colorado, a state district court declared a $5000 private school voucher program unconstitutional. The Colorado law was the first of its kind since the U.S. Supreme Court narrowly decided such programs do not violate U.S. Constitution. The Colorado court found that the voucher legislation was unconstitutional under the state constitution.

Download a .pdf of our report on CO vouchers - Replicating Failure

Senators Introduce First-Ever Constitutional Amendment to Require Discrimination

Just before the Senate adjourned for Thanksgiving, three senators introduced what would be the first constitutional amendment in the nation’s history to require discrimination and to restrict the civil rights of a targeted group of people.

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