Equality For All

Ralph G. Neas to Urge Youths to Become Drum Majors for Justice at MLK Jr. Day Rally

Ralph G. Neas, President of People For the American Way Foundation, will call upon young people to commit their lives to bringing justice to their communities and the nation at "Visions of Peace and Justice," a program for African-American and Jewish teenagers commemorating the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Neas will address the youths at the Lincoln Memorial on January 17 at 4:30 p.m.

Federal Court Overturns Ohio Vouchers

Court Strikes Down Public Funds for Religious Schools

People For The American Way Condemns Politics of Hate, Division of Miami-Dade Anti-Gay Initiative

It's now official that conservative groups will launch a signature petition drive seeking to repeal Miami-Dade County's human rights ordinance and People For the American Way has pledged to continue the fight against the anti-gay initiative with the SAVE Dade coalition.

Voucher Schools Balk at State Enforcement of Voucher Law

Schools’ Challenge Could Undermine Students’, Parents’, Taxpayers’ Rights

PFAW Joins Fight Against Voucher Ballot Inititative in Michigan

PFAW Cites Mounting Problems with Voucher Programs in Milwaukee and Cleveland, Recommends Support of Proven Education Reforms

Milwaukee Religious Schools Flout State Voucher Law

New Evidence Indicates Religious Discrimination In Admissions Plans

New Report Details Links Between Charity & Vested Interests In Campaign Against Public Schools

Children's Scholarship Fund Head Urged to Target Aid to Public Schools

24 Schools Flout Wisconsin Law, Risk Expulsion From Voucher Program, DPI Warns

Schools Face Cut-Off of Voucher Funds Because of Refusal To Submit Random Selection Plan

Voucher Schools Violating Wisconsin Law on Student Admissions

New legal complaint urges DPI to suspend state payments to schools not in compliance

Action Plan for Stronger Public Schools and Tougher Voucher School Standards Unveiled for Milwaukee

National, statewide and local public school advocates today unveiled a 12-point action plan to stop the draining of funds from Milwaukee's public schools, protect the rights of children in all taxpayer funded schools, and make voucher schools accountable to the public.

Supreme Court Sets Stage for More Confusion Over Vouchers

Today's announcement by the U.S. Supreme Court that it will not hear Milwaukee parents' challenge to their state's use of public money for religious schools leaves Wisconsin out of step with the nation, the U.S. Constitution, and a previous landmark Supreme Court ruling. It is likely to embolden voucher supporters who will exploit the confusion the Court has created to step up pressure for similar voucher legislation in other states.

School Voucher Controversy Escalates as National African American Leaders Coalesce Around Issue

CBC members decry campaign to promote vouchers to minority and disadvantaged groups

As Congress prepares to take up education as one of its priorities, members of the Congressional Black Caucus have joined forces with the national African American Ministers Leadership Council, the NAACP and the People For the American Way Foundation to make clear to conservatives who are aggressively pushing voucher legislation that their proposals would hurt most minority and disadvantaged children.

Milwaukee's Vouchers Leave Public Schools More Than $29 Million Short


Today as Milwaukee begins the new school year, the city's public schools are faced with a looming financial crisis brought on by the diversion of millions of dollars from the public schools' operating funds to pay the cost of vouchers for private and religious schools.

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