Documenting Hate: Unfortunately, this Election Season Has Seen Plenty of Racism and Bigotry -- Spurred on by the Extreme Right Wing
People For the American Way gathered and documented examples of hate and bigotry that were exhibited during the 2008 campaign season. These things aren't easy to look at, but we've got to acknowledge that they're happening and call them out as unacceptable — and not evocative of the American way.

Spurring Supporters to Hatred

Blog and mainstream media accounts of the McCain campaign using incendiary language that triggers hate speech from supporters.


Racist Incidents and White Supremacist Reaction

Accounts of incidents occurring across the country

A racist and Islamophobic sign outside a hardware store in Mt. Washington. Note the star and crescent medallion and the Arabic-style script

"Obama Bucks," from a racist GOP newsletter being circulated in California


Learn more about the Right's history of waging efforts to suppress the vote


Take Action

Fight back against intolerance.


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