Fair and Just Courts

Federal judges and Supreme Court justices — appointed to lifetime terms — play a profound role in safeguarding our rights. We're fighting to keep our courts free, fair, and independent.
Fair and Just Courts


Activist Toolkit: Stopping Senate Obstruction of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals

Even before the President nominated supremely qualified nominees to the DC Circuit, some Senate Republicans had threatened to filibuster the them -- whoever they were, whatever their qualifications.

GOP Obstruction of the DC Circuit: Infographics

Share these infographics to help set the record straight on the DC Circuit.

The Critically Important DC Circuit Court

Despite progressive victories in 2012, the Right’s outsized influence on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit gives it the power to undermine progressive laws and thwart the agenda that Americans elected President Obama to pursue.


Our Work In This Area

Ongoing Coverage on PFAW's Blog

Check out PFAW's ongoing coverage of Judicial Nominations

Partisan Obstruction of Lower Federal Court Nominees

Fact sheet on the impact of the judicial vacancy crisis and the Senate's unprecedented obstruction.

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