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Supreme Court End-of-Term Analysis: 2005-06 Term

The 2005-06 term was clearly a period of transition for the Supreme Court, as Chief Justice Roberts replaced Chief Justice Rehnquist, and two justices in a sense replaced Justice O’Connor Justice Alito took her seat on the Court while Justice Kennedy replaced her as the “swing” vote in a number of closely divided cases. And while a relatively large number of the Court’s decisions this term were unanimous (generally where the Court was able to agree on a narrow approach and avoid divisive issues as in the New Hampshire abortion case), the new justices clearly pushed the Court towards the right in several important, closely divided cases.

Religious Leaders From Across the Country Call for Senators to Vote Against Roberts’ Confirmation

WASHINGTON – Nearly 200 clergy and faith leaders are calling for senators to vote against the confirmation of Judge John Roberts as Chief Justice of the United States, strongly criticizing his record of attempting to undermine legal safeguards that have moved the United States closer to equal justice for all citizens. The letter says that Roberts’ record indicates that he would not “uphold the constitutional and legal principles that have advanced the cause of justice in America.”

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