Fair and Just Courts

New Poll: Alito Nomination Far from Settled

According to a new CBS News poll, 75 percent of the American people are undecided or haven’t heard enough about Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito to make up their minds. Those who stated an opinion are split, with 14 percent having a favorable opinion of Alito and 10 percent having an unfavorable opinion.

Fox News Blocks Anti-Alito Ad

Bush Nominee Gets An Assist from the "Fair & Balanced" Network

WASHINGTON – Fox News Channel is refusing to air an ad sponsored by a coalition of public interest organizations critical of the record of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito. The ad, produced by IndependentCourt.org, has been accepted by CNN and by network affiliates at the state level.

Justice Department Actions Show Bush Administration's Lack of Commitment to Civil Rights

Political Officials Overrule Civil Rights Staff, Allow Georgia to Institute Egregious Voter ID Provision

The Washington Post revealed on Thursday that senior political officials in the U.S. Justice Department overruled a team of Justice Department lawyers and analysts who recommended rejecting a Georgia voter-identification law because it was likely to discriminate against black voters.

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