Fair and Just Courts

The Fortas Filibuster

Recent assertions by Sen. Orrin Hatch, Committee for Justice founder C. Boyden Gray, and other Bush administration allies that there was no real filibuster against the Supreme Court nomination of Abe Fortas in 1968 are clearly and demonstrably false.

PFAW Opposes Latest Right-Wing Judicial Nominations

People For the American Way strongly opposes the nominations of Brett Kavanaugh and Janice Rogers Brown to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Once again, President Bush has nominated individuals who embrace an extreme right-wing judicial philosophy. Sadly, President Bush has yet again chosen confrontation over bipartisan consultation when making nominations to powerful lifetime positions on the federal courts.

Sen. Hatch and Judiciary Committee Allies Sink to New Low

GOP Members Continue Unconscionable Claims of Religious Bias, Trash Committee Rules, Send Pryor Nomination to Senate Floor

Bill Pryor’s Confirmation Hearing Confirms His Extremism

On July 17, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on the nomination of Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor to the United States Court of Appeal for the Eleventh Circuit. The June 11 confirmation hearing for 11th Circuit nominee Bill Pryor did not shed much new light on Pryor’s already well-documented ideological extremism, but it did underscore that he is unfit for a lifetime seat on the federal appeals court. Senators must reject his confirmation.

The Misrepresentations of Boyden Gray and the Committee for Justice

Over a year ago C. Boyden Gray established the Committee for Justice “to offset the influence of People For the American Way” (Washington Post, July 23, 2002) and to lobby on behalf of President George W. Bush’s judicial nominations. A year later, after having witnessed several of Mr. Gray's antics, watched his two televisions ads attacking People For the American Way and seen media coverage of the Committee for Justice's fundraisers sponsored by members of the Bush family and allied corporate interests, two conclusions can be drawn...

The Senate Filibuster

Mr. Gray and the Committee for Justice have repeatedly stated that the filibusters of Miguel Estrada and Priscilla Owen are unprecedented and unconstitutional. These assertions are patently wrong. In fact, Boyden Gray himself, on John McLaughlin’s One on One program in 2001, stated “it was appropriate” for senators to mount a filibuster against an appellate judicial nominee, and that senators were “entitled to do it under the rules of the Senate.”

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