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Senator Hatch Adopts Divisive, Reprehensible Religious Right Strategy

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch has repeatedly charged that senators and activists are opposing confirmation of Bush nominees because of their religious beliefs. These charges poison an already divisive judicial nominations atmosphere, especially in advance of a possible Supreme Court vacancy and nomination.

Nation "Courting Disaster" With Next Supreme Court Vacancy

With a Supreme Court retirement possible in a matter of days, PFAW Foundation has updated Courting Disaster to get the word out about what is at stake should the High Court tilt any further to the right.

Courting Disaster 2005

What would the actual impact be on Americans' rights and freedoms if the views of Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas become the majority views on the Supreme Court? This report examines Scalia's and Thomas's opinions to answer that question, focusing on cases in which Scalia and Thomas have been in the minority on the Court, and the answer is nothing short of chilling.

Commentators Across the Country Dismiss Myth of Judicial Crisis, Debunk Claims that Judicial Filibusters are Unconstitutional

Hearings by the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Constitution, Civil Rights and Property Rights Subcommittee and the Senate Rules Committee were both attempts to grant legitimacy to the absurd notion that filibusters against judicial nominees are unconstitutional and that the Senate should change its very nature as the more deliberative house of Congress so that the narrow GOP majority could ensure approval of even the most extreme Bush administration judicial nominees.

William Pryor: Unfit to Judge

Many aspects of Pryor’s record are troubling, from his record on civil rights to those of reproductive choice and religious liberty. Of particular concern are Pryor’s views on the limits on Congress’ authority to enact laws protecting individual and other rights.

William Pryor: Unfit to Judge

President Bush's decision to nominate Alabama Attorney General William Pryor - a breathtakingly extreme right-winger - to a lifetime seat on a federal appeals court clearly exemplifies Bush's willingness to divide, rather than unite. People For the American Way vehemently opposes William Pryor's confirmation in the Senate.

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