Fair and Just Courts

Speeches and Publications by Justice Brown

In her speeches and writings, particularly since her appointment to the California Supreme Court, Brown has revealed an extremely conservative, anti-government political philosophy. Far from remaining theoretical or extolling purely personal views, Brown has incorporated them directly into her judicial philosophy and opinions, even when contrary to settled precedent and legal principles protecting constitutional and civil rights.

Republicans Push Pickering Nomination to Senate Floor Despite Dismal Record on Constitutional and Civil Rights

On a party-line vote, the Senate Judiciary Committee today sent to the Senate floor the nomination of Charles Pickering to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. The vote came despite Pickering’s well-documented record of hostility toward civil rights, reproductive choice and access to justice and the rejection of his nomination by the Senate Judiciary Committee last year.

Upcoming Supreme Court Term Includes Important Cases on Civil Rights, Constitutional Liberties, States’ Rights

As the Supreme Court considers a First Amendment challenge to the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law argued in early September, a series of other important cases concerning constitutional and civil liberties will be presented to the Court during its 2003-04 term. A dozen of the more than 35 cases already scheduled for review by the Court beginning in October raise fundamental civil rights and constitutional liberties concerns.

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