Fair and Just Courts

We Need a Judicial Debate that is Really About the Judiciary

While right-wing operatives fill the airways with false information about the Senate’s filibuster of a few extreme judicial nominees, Senate Republican leaders have stepped up partisan politicking, scheduling a 30-hour debate on three controversial nominees. PFAW is encouraging senators to hold the line against dangerous judges.

“Meet the New Vote, Same as the Old Vote”

GOP Schedules Second Pryor Cloture Vote,
Neas Charges Politics

Republicans File Cloture on Pickering Nomination

Candidate’s Unacceptable Record on Civil Rights Remains

Analysis: Brown's Hearing Reinforces Case Against Her Extreme Views on Civil Rights and Access to Justice

“Under questioning in the Judiciary Committee, Judge Brown demonstrated again her lack of regard for the basic legal principles that protect our civil rights and liberties. She stood by past statements and rulings that show her to be far out of the mainstream of American legal thought. In her dissents on the California Supreme Court, she has injected her ultra-conservative views into cases involving the rights of consumers, workers and victims of discrimination,” said Ralph G. Neas, President of People For the American Way.

Pickering Filibustered!

PFAW congratulates the courageous senators who held fast in their opposition to this nominee in the face of enormous pressure from the White House, Senator Trent Lott, Representative Chip Pickering and their right-wing allies. These senators are heroes who are willing to stand up for the Constitution.

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