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Arizona Republicans Use Rhetoric of Fear to Push Through Draconian Immigration Law

The Arizona Senate yesterday passed one of the harshest immigration enforcement laws in the country. The bill, written by right-wing state senator Russell Pearce, would allow police to arrest anyone who could not immediately prove they are in the country legally. Despite criticism from civil liberties and immigrants’ rights groups, the bill is expected to be signed by Gov. Jan Brewer.

Michael B. Keegan, President of People For the American Way, issued the following statement:

Virginia Governor Celebrates the Confederacy, Forgets Slavery

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell has repeatedly shown himself to be more radical than his Republican predecessors, this time neglecting to mention slavery while celebrating the Confederacy.

People For the American Way Voters Alliance Endorses Ted Deutch for Congress

People For the American Way today announced that its federal PAC has endorsed State Senator Ted Deutch's campaign for the United States House of Representatives.

Congress Overcomes Right Wing Attacks to Pass Historic Health Care Legislation

Last night, Congress passed historic health care reform legislation, extending coverage to over 30 million Americans and fulfilling a major promise made by President Obama on the campaign trail.

People For the American Way President Michael B. Keegan issued the following statement:

Letter Urging Senators to Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform

March 19, 2010

United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator:

On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of members of People For the American Way, and in recognition of the more than hundred thousand who will gather on the National Mall on Sunday, we urge the Senate to take action on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). This issue is as critical to the welfare of our country as issues like healthcare reform and jobs. Addressing it means addressing the needs of all Americans.

Texas Board of Education Rewrites History

In a vote last week, the Texas Board of Education approved a Social Studies curriculum rewritten to emphasize conservative ideology and whitewash topics that don’t align with board members’ beliefs.  The curriculum, which is due to receive final approval in May, was changed to emphasize the Board’s religious and political objectives by, for instance, adding flattering details about disgraced conservative Senator Joseph McCarthy, increasing focus on violent fringe members of the peaceful civil rights coalition, and even downplaying the importance of Thomas Jefferson du

PFAW Report Exposes Right Wing Playbook Against Immigration Reform

People For the American Way released a report today previewing the strategies to be employed by right-wing activists fighting against common-sense immigration reform this year.

Rev. Womack on the March 21 Immigration Rally

PFAWF's Rev. Dr. Rolen Womack invites participants to an immigration rally held on March 21, 2010.

Rev. Shine the March 21 Immigration Rally

PFAWF's Rev. Robert Shine invites participants to an immigration rally held on March 21, 2010.

A Crass Caluculus

The last major debate on comprehensive immigration reform exposed serious divisions within the Republican Party and its supporters.  Some argued that the Party needed to take a hard line against any reform that looked like “amnesty.”  Others worried that the inflammatory rhetoric used by some right-wing pundits and politicians could turn Latinos, the fastest-growing group in America, against the Republican Party for a generation.

Reform Attracts Growing Religious Support - And Resistance

Many conservative Christian leaders have vehemently opposed Obama administration initiatives and denouncedthe administration as a threat to religious liberty and democracy itself. But when it comes tocomprehensive immigration reform, religious community supporthas expanded from traditional supporters like the U.S.

(P)reviewing the Right-Wing Playbook on Immigration Reform

There is near-universal agreement that America's immigration system is not working well. Unfortunately, the last major effort to achieve reform was derailed by a campaign grounded in fear, stereotypes, and a divisive nativism that is unworthy of America's ideals.

GOP Obstruction of Executive Branch Nominees

According to PFAW's review of records, GOP senators are blocking President Obama's Executive Branch nominees at a rate never seen before.

Has Liz Cheney No Sense of Decency?

Liz Cheney's group "Keep America Safe" is behind an ad that demonstrates the resurgence of McCarthy-like tactics among right-wing activists.

"Mount Vernon Statement": Fancy New Name, Same Old Talking Points

Today, a group of Right Wing leaders unveiled their much hyped “Mount Vernon Statement” which they claim will provide a “definitive statement" regarding the central principles of the conservative movement. But upon review, the document looks like more of the same old talking points.

Manhattan Declaration: Old Poison, New Packaging

Religious Right leaders are making a new concerted push to gain signatures for the “Manhattan Declaration,” a manifesto that was released just before Thanksgiving by about 150 conservative Christian leaders.

Tancredo Sets the Tone For Tea Party: Extreme, Racist, Nativist

Former Representative Tom Tancredo kicked off the tea party convention in Nashville today with an offensive speech in which he said President Obama was elected by “people who could not even spell the word ‘vote’ or say it in English” because “we do not have a civics literacy test before people can vote in this country.”

People For the American Way Foundation President Michael B. Keegan issued the following statement in response:

GOP Obstruction on Nominations Reaches New Low

According to media reports, Richard Shelby has placed a blanket “hold” on all executive branch nominations in an effort to secure federal spending in his state.

Vote Long Overdue on 3rd Circuit Court Nomination

Today, People For the American Way called on the U.S. Senate to confirm President Obama's nominee to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, Joseph Greenaway.

"Judge Greenaway is a competent, qualified, fair-minded nominee who should be confirmed for this position as soon as possible," said Marge Baker, Executive Vice President at People For the American Way. "He was approved unanimously by the Judiciary Committee. There's absolutely no reason to delay his confirmation to this post."

Response to GOP Win In Massachusetts Should Be Renewed Focus on Values—Ours and Theirs

In Massachusetts last night, candidate Scott Brown defeated Martha Coakley in the race to succeed Ted Kennedy in the United States Senate. In response, People For the American Way President Michael B. Keegan called for progressives to respond with a renewed focus on shared values.
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