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The Case Against the Confirmation of John Ashcroft As Attorney General of the United States: Part II

As Governor, Ashcroft staunchly opposed efforts to require church-run day care centers to meet even minimal health and safety regulations such as state fire codes and health requirements. Missouri was the only state that exempted them completely from those regulations. His opposition raises serious concerns not only about his preferential treatment of religious institutions, but also about how he, as attorney general, would interpret and implement so-called "charitable choice" laws.

The Case Against the Confirmation of John Ashcroft As Attorney General of the United States: Part II

Ashcroft frequently used his veto to balance the state budget or otherwise reject legislation in a way that increased the burden on those least able to bear it. For example, on July 13, 1990, Ashcroft vetoed a bill that would have provided eight weeks of unpaid leave to new birth and adoptive mothers. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch condemned Ashcroft’s veto in an editorial: "The veto of this bill pitted the welfare of business against the welfare of the family - and the family lost.

Back to School with the Religious Right

The Religious Right continues to target public schools in a variety of ways that disrupt education and threaten religious liberty, according to a report released by People For the American Way Foundation (PFAWF). The report provides an in-depth analysis of the struggle over the future of our public education system by focusing on six categories: creationism; textbook controversies; sexuality education; religion and public schools; anti-gay activity and censorship.

PFAW Foundation and Allies Claim Victory In Suit Against Justice Department Over Refusal to Release Detainee Information

Granting the American people a victory over the secrecy of the Department of Justice, U.S. District Court Judge Gladys Kessler today ordered the DOJ to release the names of the detainees caught up in an anti-terrorism dragnet following the events of last September.

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