Freedom of Speech

PFAW Response to Attorney General Gonzales’ Press Conference

“I accept responsibility, but….” —Attorney General Gonzales at his press conference earlier today

NBC's Censorship of Ads for New Dixie Chicks Documentary 'Astonishing'

Action Alert

NBC is reportedly refusing to air ads for a new documentary about the Dixie Chicks because the ads criticize President Bush. Stand up against censorship. Call NBC and tell them to stop trying to prevent Americans from hearing different points of view.

Senate Betrays American Values, Undermines Rule of Law

Fundamental Protections Central to Our System of Justice Thrown By the Wayside as Senate Passes Election-Year Tribunals Bill

This legislation turns our system of justice upside down, betrays basic American values of fairness and justice, and undermines the rule of law. It gives the Bush administration a blank check to detain whoever it sees fit, and to use whatever interrogation techniques it wants, without oversight. What a disgrace.

Blinding Flash Accepted at West Chester Film Festival

A Blinding Flash of the Obvious: A Film about Fairness and How It Was Won was chosen to be shown at the West Chester Film Festival in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The film, produced by People For the American Way Foundation, tells the story of how a coalition of activists led Cincinnati voters to repeal an article of the city charter that required discrimination against gay people. Advocacy affiliate People For the American Way helped lead the coalition, which led to the only victory at the ballot box in 2004 for gay Americans. The West Chester festival runs October 6–8.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Illegal and Unconstitutional Bush Administration Domestic Wiretapping Program

Statement of People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas

People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas issued the following statement in response to today’s federal district court ruling that the Bush administration’s warrantless domestic wiretapping program is illegal and unconstitutional:

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