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Setting the Record Straight on Class Sizes

“Florida’s classrooms are overcrowded. To the overwhelming majority of parents, teachers, students, and other Floridians, creating smaller classes is just common sense, “ said State Sen. Kendrick Meek, Chairman of Florida’s Coalition to Reduce Class Size. “Floridians know that overcrowded classrooms aren’t good for students. This report documents that study after study proves them right.”

The Case Against the Confirmation of John Ashcroft As Attorney General of the United States: Part II

Ashcroft frequently used his veto to balance the state budget or otherwise reject legislation in a way that increased the burden on those least able to bear it. For example, on July 13, 1990, Ashcroft vetoed a bill that would have provided eight weeks of unpaid leave to new birth and adoptive mothers. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch condemned Ashcroft’s veto in an editorial: "The veto of this bill pitted the welfare of business against the welfare of the family - and the family lost.

Evolution and Creationism in Public Education

Main Finding: A majority of Americans (60%) reject the 1999 Kansas State Board of Education decision to delete Evolution from its state science standards.

Editorial Memorandum: Key Education Proposals in the Wisconsin Legislature

In a memorandum to Wisconsin press, PFAW offers insights on education proposals dealing with class size issues and private-school vouchers.

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