Religious Liberty

Award-Winning Poet And Performance Artist Sarah Jones Sues Federal Communications Commission

New York Law Firm and People For the American Way Foundation Represent Artist in Censorship Case

Cleveland Voucher Program Abandons School 'Choice' For Disadvantaged Students

Despite claims that the Cleveland voucher program provides a choice between religious and nonsectarian private schools, nearly 100 percent of Cleveland voucher students attend private religious schools, a new report shows.

Senate Approves ESEA; Resource Issue Remains

PFAW Praises Targeting of Funds, Absence of Voucher Provisions, and Maintaining Anti-Hate Funding and Civil Rights Protections

Court Brief: Cleveland Voucher Program Unconstitutional

Supreme Court Brief Summarizes Key Arguments Against Vouchers; Diverse Array of Organizations File Amicus Briefs in Case

Ashcroft Resorts to the Politics of Intimidation to Silence Critics

During his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Attorney General John Ashcroft said that those who have raised concerns about the impact of his recent actions on Americans’ civil liberties are aiding terrorists and giving ammunition to America’s enemies. People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas called Ashcroft’s remarks "shocking and unconscionable."

Ideology Reigns at Ashcroft Justice Department

DOJ Says Background Checks for Gun Buyers Are Off-limits to Sept. 11 Investigation, Once Again Amends Law by Executive Fiat

BAEO: Community Voice Or Captive Of The Right?

Report Examines Money Trail of Black Alliance for Educational Options, Finds Key Backers Also Finance Anti-Affirmative Action and Far-Right Efforts

Federal Judge Strikes Down Va Internet Law; PFAW Foundation Hails First Amendment Victory

A federal judge has invalidated a Virginia law aimed at curbing speech on the Internet, a ruling hailed as a First Amendment victory by People For the American Way Foundation.

Bipartisan Anti-Terrorism Bill Abandoned in House, Civil Liberties Protections Sacrificed to Administration Pressure

Provisions likely to become law will require intensive monitoring by civil liberties groups, says PFAW's Neas

Supreme Court Declines Review In Bedford School Case

Court’s Decision Brings Close to Religious Right Attack on School District

Virginians Urged To Confirm Their Voter Status

Civil rights groups express hope that state has corrected Motor Voter problems, but encourage residents to ‘find out where you stand ’ before Oct. 9 deadline

Supreme Court to Hear Crucial Cases This Term

Voucher, Affirmative action cases highlight key role of Justice O’Connor on closely divided Court

People For the American Way Joins "In Defense of Freedom" Coalition to Ensure Protection of Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties

People For the American Way, on September 20, 2001, joined a broad, ideologically diverse group of organizations to announce the "In Defense of Freedom" coalition.

Arizona Tax Credit Law Shortchanges Educational Needs Of Disadvantaged Students

Neas Calls Law "Cruel Shell Game" That Shifts Funds Away From Poor

PFAW Foundation President Urges Georgia School Board to Reject Blanket Ban on Profanity

People For the American Way Foundation's president today called on members of a Georgia County school board to reject a proposed policy that would ban "any instructional program or activity" that contains "profanity."

'People For' Joins NAACP, Kodak and Ad Council to Launch Campaign to Spur Parent Involvement in Public Schools

Effort Seen as Largest Outreach Ever Geared to African American, Hispanic Parents; Research on Parents, Recent Test Scores Underscore Campaign's Urgency

CBS Decision to Drop Episodes Raises Concerns

Family Law Episodes Withdrawn from Summer Reruns after Proctor & Gamble Pulls Ads

Dilulio's Departure Signals Church-State Troubles

John DiIulio's announced departure as director of the White House Office on Faith-based and Community Initiatives opens the door for the program to be led by someone even less concerned with the constitutional and civil rights issues raised by the administration's push to divert billions of dollars in social service spending to religious groups, said People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas today.

Bush Administration Views First Amendment As 'Barrier'

Report on Creating 'level playing field' for Religious Groups Supports Right to Discriminate

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