Religious Liberty

In Close Vote House Passes Bush Administration’s Government-Religion Plan

The Bush administration’s frequently touted plan to funnel tax dollars to churches and other religious entities had a rough going today in the House of Representatives. After many hours of often-rancorous debate, the embattled bill, H.R. 7, was sent to the Senate for consideration.

Free Speech Gets Burned In House Flag Vote

In a move that could erode free speech and the freedom that our nation’s flag symbolizes, the United States House of Representatives voted 298 to 125 today in support of a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow Congress to make it a crime to desecrate an American flag.

White House's Secret Deal Would Exempt Religious Discriminators from State and Local Laws

Today's revelation in The Washington Post that the Bush administration has been negotiating a secret quid pro quo - support for its proposed government funding for religious groups in exchange for immunity from some state and local anti-discrimination laws - offers strong evidence that the administration's so-called "faith-based" proposal would imperil fundamental rights.

People For Joins Rep. Bobby Scott In Urging Congress To Avoid Bush's Religion Funding Plan

At the start of this Fourth of July week in which many will commemorate our Founding Fathers’ generation and its bloody struggle to attain our inalienable rights, People For the American Way joined U.S. Rep. Bobby Scott, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, and other civic leaders in a public study and discussion of the Bush administration’s religious-based domestic initiative that could, if enacted, greatly harm the First Amendment.

2000-01 Supreme Court Term Shows Balance At The Brink

Courting Disaster Update Shows Next 1-2 Appointments Could Tip the Scales Against Fundamental Civil & Constitutional Rights

Education, Civil Rights Leaders Join Norton

Coalition: McCain Amendment Tramples on Home Rule

U.S. House Decisively Rejects Vouchers In Two Key Votes On Education Bill

This afternoon, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on two amendments to the reauthorization of the Elementary & Secondary Education Act that would have permitted federal tax dollars to be used for private school vouchers. The first amendment, which failed by a vote of 155-to-273, would have created vouchers through the Title I program for children in public schools that are deemed "failing." The second amendment, which failed 186-to-241, would have created voucher demonstration projects in five public school districts.

Kansas, Move Over!

Louisiana Making Bid to Become Nation’s New Creationism

It’s Not (Just) In Kansas Anymore!

New Report Reveals Creationism-Evolution Conflicts in 28 States

Florida Voucher Bill is Unsound

Misguided Education Bills Would Plunge Schools into Budget Chaos

Bush Plan to Fund Religious Groups Endangers First Amendment, Could Endorse Job Discrimination, Group Warns

People For the American Way Foundation today joined an array of civil rights, educational and religious groups in calling on President George W. Bush to ensure that religious groups receiving federal funds to operate social service programs will be required to abide by employment discrimination laws

Ralph Neas: Voters Hand Officials a Mandate on Education

While the 2000 presidential campaign season ended as it began, in uncertainty and confusion, in one area the voters' preference couldn't have been clearer

People For the American Way and Voters for Choice Host October 2nd Rally

Opening day for the Supreme Court's new term provides opportunity for progressives to get the word out on what's at risk in terms of the Court and the November 7th election

75 Years After Scopes' Conviction, Creationism-Evolution Drama is Recreated in Kansas Theatre

At 7:00 p.m. in the Lied Center on the campus of the University of Kansas, William Jennings Bryan (played by Edward Asner) and Clarence Darrow (portrayed by James Cromwell) will square off again over a topic that has bedeviled American life ever since John Scopes went on trial.

Three New Ads Unveiled

TV AD ASKS: "Shouldn't you cast a vote that really counts?"
1st PRINT AD WARNS: Right-wing wrecking ball takes aim at fundamental rights.
2nd PRINT AD PROVIDES: Facts about George Bush's record in Texas.

Public Wants Evolution, Not Creationsim, in Science Class, New National Poll Shows

Public sees no contradiction between God and Darwin,
Says creationist ideas can be taught about, but not as science

Florida "Bible History" Courses Violate Constitution, New Investigation Reveals

State Urged to Drop Courses from Approved List, Schools Asked to Revamp Instruction

Federal Court Overturns Ohio Vouchers

Court Strikes Down Public Funds for Religious Schools

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