Documenting Democracy in 2008

People For the American Way is participating in the nonpartisan Video the Vote project, which aims to document democracy in action on Election Day. Here are some of the many great videos we've seen so far — we'll be adding to this collection over the course of the day.

Smyrna, GA

"A Word from Election Protection in Cobb County"
"A short interview with Elcetion Protection volunteers at a Cobb County, GA polling place."





Phoenix, AZ

"Arizona voter experiencing problems with ID issues, even though he had a confirmed voter ID card and drivers license."





Dothan, AL

"Lincoln Center Voting Station"
"Everything is going well at the Lincoln Center Voting Station in Dothan. There was one situation with the machines earlier, but they quickly fixed it and now everything is going smooth."





State College, PA

"Whatever It Takes to Keep Students in Line to Vote"
"From the football team to the choir to Capella groups... everything and anything to keep students voting."





Brooklyn, NY

"I Can't Vote in Brooklyn"
"Long lines and poll workers who lacked training caused havoc today as polls opened in Bushwick, Brooklyn. People left in disgust as district 48 and 46 voting machines were not working. Paper Ballots were handed out but angry voters refused to vote in that way."


Brooklyn video



Broward County, FL

"Broward County, FL Poll Computer Down"
"At the opening of the polls at the Artserve library in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the voter registration database computer went down. It caused a delay in the voting process and by some accounts, caused a dozen people to be discouraged from voting and leaving the poll."




San Francisco, CA

"My Vote in the 2008 Election"
A young woman in San Francisco heads down to City Hall to vote early.




St. Petersburg, FL

"The Polls Open at 7 AM"
Jay Alexander brings his camera to the 7 a.m. opening of a polling place in St. Petersburg, FL.


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