The Right to Vote

PFAW and PFAW Foundation Laud Introduction of ‘Count Every Vote Act’ By Clinton in Senate and Tubbs Jones in House

Comprehensive Election Reform Measure Creates Hope for Fairer, More Secure Elections in 2008

Ralph Neas and Hillary Clinton at the press conference announcing CEVA on March 7, 2007
Click here to read the full text of the House version of the bill

People For the American Way Commends Introduction of the Deceptive Practices And Voter Intimidation Prevention Act in the House

People For the American Way (PFAW) President Ralph G. Neas today commended the introduction of the “Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevention Act” by Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, saying the measure deserves immediate attention from members in both chambers of Congress. Representatives Rahm Emanuel, Rush Holt, Xavier Becerra, Mike Honda, and Keith Ellison are the principal cosponsors of the legislation. Senators Barack Obama and Charles Schumer introduced the Senate version of the bill in January, along with a strong list of original cosponsors.

Secretary of State’s FL-13 Audit Report Whitewashes Clear Evidence of Voting Machine Problems in Sarasota

Report fails to account for eyewitness testimony pointing to machine malfunction; flawed audit process may be responsible

TALLAHASSEE—An audit report released by the Florida Secretary of State’s office regarding Sarasota County’s November election debacle came under fire shortly after its release today.

Representative Rush Holt Introduces Election Reform Legislation

Rep. Holt’s bill requires the following for ALL federal elections starting in 2008:
• Paper Ballots—ALL voting machines must produce a paper ballot
• Audits—ALL voting machines must be auditable
• No Secret Source Code—ALL voting machine vendors MUST make the machines’ software available for inspection
• Ban on Wireless Devices—Prohibits wireless technology in voting machines

Obama Legislation Would Protect Voting Rights

Senator introduces proposal to ban 'deceptive practices'

Barack Obama

Barack Obama and Tanya Clay House

Ralph G. Neas

Statement on the Provisional Seating of Vern Buchanan

Court proceedings and congressional investiation must be complete and election problems remedied before anyone is seated permanently; Florida debacle a 'teachable moment' demonstrating need for national election reform

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In response to Congress' provisional seating of Vern Buchanan today to represent Florida's 13th District, People For the American Way Foundation President Ralph G.

Florida Elections Officials Attempt to Blame Voters for Mismanaged Election

Florida Elections Officials have sent interrogatory questions to Florida voters suing the state for a revote in the 13th congressional district election in Sarasota County. The questions ask the plaintiffs to reveal portions of their medical records, to state whether or not they drank on Election Day, and to list medications and other drugs they may have been taking.

50 Percent of New Yorkers Fail New 10-Question Naturalization Exam in Informal Survey

New questions to determine U.S. citizenship include highest mountain, longest river, Federalist Papers' writers, and Ben Franklin's business

More than 50 percent of New Yorkers failed a simulated 10-question naturalization exam composed of new questions recently released by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, according to an informal survey of 250 people held at City Hall Park over a three-day period. Respondents averaged 5.4 correct answers per exam.

Florida's 13th District Debacle Requires a Re-Vote in Sarasota Today and National Reform Tomorrow

To: Journalists
fr: Ralph G. Neas

With a new Congress set to convene in less than a month, it’s critical to solve the festering problem in Florida’s 13th congressional district by allowing the citizens of Sarasota County to make their voices heard in a re-vote. It’s the only fair solution to what was arguably the biggest foul-up among many in this year’s midterm elections—a congressional race where some 18,000 votes were not recorded.

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