The Right to Vote

Protecting Against Election Day Disenfranchisement

People For the American Way Foundation joined other national civil rights and civic participation organizations to announce today that the nonpartisan Know Your Rights / Election Protection program will be on the ground across the country on November 5 to educate voters about their rights and offer same-day assistance to voters who run into trouble on Election Day.

Senate Passes Major Election Reform Legislation

Congress has put a major election reform bill in front of President George W. Bush, who is expected to sign it. PFAW worked within a broad coalition seeking a national election reform solution. PFAW views passage of this bill as a major step forward, but is disappointed by some of the final legislation’s provisions.

Juneteenth: A Celebration Of Freedom, A Call To Civic Participation

Two years after President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, enslaved Africans in Texas received word from Union soldiers on June 19, 1865, that they were free. Today that date, remembered and celebrated as Juneteenth, commemorates the celebration of freedom for African Americans. This year, it also represents the one-year anniversary of the launch of Election Protection, a 21st Century nonpartisan program designed to protect all Americans’ right to vote.

PFAW Foundation, Allies Sue Justice Department over Refusal to Release Information on Detainees

People For the American Way Foundation and 15 other civil liberties and civil rights organizations filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department on December 5 after the department refused to release important information about individuals detained during the past three months.

Congress Must "Support and Defend the Constitution"

Congress must challenge moves by Attorney General Ashcroft to undermine civil liberties and evade constitutional system of checks and balances

PFAW Urges Meaningful Reform for 2002 Elections

Backs Dodd-Conyers bill, expresses ‘serious concerns’ over Hoyer-Ney

PFAW Expresses Concerns Over Hoyer-Ney Election Reform Proposal

PFAW Reiterates Endorsement of Dodd-Conyers Bill

Ashcroft’s Relentless Assault On Civil Liberties

Attorney General's Actions Undermine Constitutional Rights, Validate Concerns Raised During Confirmation Hearings. PFAWF's Neas calls for Emergency Congressional Oversight Hearings

A Disgraceful Silence Prevails In Florida

Public fails to receive ample notice of hearings on new election standards; Neas blasts state officials for ‘business-as-usual approach’

Virginia Ministers: Make Every Vote Count

Group praises Election Protection and urges 2-minute message by ministers; Project to offer lawyers hotline, ‘voters’ bill of rights’ and precinct monitors

Terrorism Bill Will Require Vigilant Congressional Oversight, Monitoring By Civil Liberties Advocates

The anti-terrorism bill passed by the House of Representatives includes some improvements in the draconian legislation initially proposed by Attorney General John Ashcroft, but still includes contains that create the potential for serious violations of Americans’ civil liberties, said People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas.

Potential Closed-Door Hearing on Judicial Nominees Today “Would be Undemocratic and Unacceptable,” Says PFAW’s Neas

There are indications that the Senate Judiciary Committee plans to consider this afternoon several judicial nominees, including a controversial nominee to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, Charles Pickering, at a hearing that could be in effect closed to the public due to security measures on Capitol Hill.

Report Documents Unprecedented Situation With Federal Judiciary, Calls For Unprecedented Bipartisan Solution

PFAWF’s Neas calls on President Bush to reject right-wing push for ideological domination of the federal judiciary, urges Senate to resist politics of intimidation and fulfill its constitutional role

Civil Rights Groups Urge Congress To Take Decisive Action On Election Reform

Passage of Senate Bill Called First Step to ‘Value Every Voter’

Senate Urged To Demand Every Federal Court Nominee Meets Highest Standards

Integrity and Independence of the Judiciary at Stake

President Launches Push Toward A Far-Right Judiciary

Opposition to Some of Today’s Nominees Likely

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