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Civic Participation

AAMIA Resolution to Correct Citizens United

A resolution in support of amending the United States Constitution to restore the people’s power to limit corporate spending in elections.

Equal Justice

AARA Immigration Reform Covenant Statement

Statement by the African American Ministers Leadership Council, African American Ministers In Action and others to present this covenant statement for immigration reform.

Healing Grace – Shepherds Gathering: A Dialogue on The Black Church and Homophobia

Eight things African American pastors, faith leaders and ministries can do to create peace, safety and justice for all God’s children in our churches.

Seven Things African American Clergy and Faith Leaders Can Do to Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform

A list of things African American clergy and faith leaders can do to support comprehensive immigration reform.
immigration reform

On Ellis Island, African American Ministers Leadership Council Are First to Sign Immigration Reform Covenant

Members of the African American Ministers Leadership Council and African American Ministers in Action gathered on Ellis Island to sign an immigration reform covenant.

PFAW African American Churchgoers 2008 Focus Groups

People for the American Way, in consultation with brilliant corners Research & Strategies conducted four focus groups consisting of two groups of African American church going women and men. The critical take away from this research is a significant opportunity to achieve longer-term objectives of further positioning the African American church as a coalition partner in the struggle for gay civil rights.

Right Wing Watch

harry jackson

Harry Jackson: Point Man for the Wedge Strategy

A report by People for the American Way Foundation examining the political activities of Bishop Harry Jackson, who has emerged as the leading African American voice of the Religious Right political movement.

(P)reviewing the Right-Wing Playbook on Immigration Reform

There is near-universal agreement that America's immigration system is not working well. Unfortunately, the last major effort to achieve reform was derailed by a campaign grounded in fear, stereotypes, and a divisive nativism that is unworthy of America's ideals.

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Books, Articles, and Organizations for Progress

Books, articles, organizations and other resources for progress.

AARA Calendar of Events

AARA calendar of events.
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