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Format: 2016-12-05
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Feb 17, 2000 McCain Urged to Fire Top Campaign Adviser - New Material on Richard Quinn
May 3, 2001 Neas Urges Senate To Fix Nation’s Voting System And Protect Voting Rights
May 8, 2001 Senate Urged To Demand Every Federal Court Nominee Meets Highest Standards
May 8, 2001 President Launches Push Toward A Far-Right Judiciary
Jun 19, 2001 Election Protection Helps Voters In Virginia’s 4th Congressional District Vote With Few Incidents
Jul 31, 2001 Civil Rights Groups Urge Congress To Take Decisive Action On Election Reform
Oct 17, 2001 Report Documents Unprecedented Situation With Federal Judiciary, Calls For Unprecedented Bipartisan Solution
Oct 18, 2001 Potential Closed-Door Hearing on Judicial Nominees Today “Would be Undemocratic and Unacceptable,” Says PFAW’s Neas
Oct 24, 2001 Terrorism Bill Will Require Vigilant Congressional Oversight, Monitoring By Civil Liberties Advocates
Oct 29, 2001 Virginia Ministers: Make Every Vote Count
Nov 2, 2001 A Disgraceful Silence Prevails In Florida
Nov 15, 2001 PFAW Expresses Concerns Over Hoyer-Ney Election Reform Proposal
Nov 15, 2001 Ashcroft’s Relentless Assault On Civil Liberties
Dec 5, 2001 PFAW Urges Meaningful Reform for 2002 Elections
Dec 6, 2001 Congress Must "Support and Defend the Constitution"
Dec 6, 2001 PFAW Foundation, Allies Sue Justice Department over Refusal to Release Information on Detainees
Jun 19, 2002 Juneteenth: A Celebration Of Freedom, A Call To Civic Participation
Oct 17, 2002 Senate Passes Major Election Reform Legislation
Oct 23, 2002 Protecting Against Election Day Disenfranchisement
Oct 30, 2002 Artists for a New South Africa Joins Election Protection Team
Oct 31, 2002 Election Protection: Guarding Against Election Day Disenfranchisement in Nevada
Oct 31, 2002 Election Protection: Guarding Against Election Day Disenfranchisement in Georgia
Oct 31, 2002 Election Protection Update
Oct 31, 2002 Election Protection: Guarding Against Election Day Disenfranchisement in Wisconsin
Oct 31, 2002 Election Protection: Guarding Against Election Day Disenfranchisement in Texas
Dec 20, 2002 Lott's Departure Turns Spotlight on White House, GOP
Jul 15, 2003 People For the American Way Proud to Participate in America Votes
Dec 17, 2003 Celebrating Community, Faith and Civic Participation
May 4, 2004 6 Months to Election Day: Are We Ready?
May 4, 2004 Florida Know Your Rights/Election Protection program
May 10, 2004 Florida Felon Purge: Here We Go Again
Jun 1, 2004 People For the American Way Foundation Protests New Voter Purge
Jun 2, 2004 Primary Day Summary Shows Officials, Election Protection Volunteers Working Together to Prevent Problems
Jun 7, 2004 Kast Resignation Prompts New Concerns on Florida Voting Purge, Fall Election
Jul 1, 2004 Florida Felon Purge List Made Public
Jul 2, 2004 Election Protection Program Gives Florida Voters a Way to Check Potential Felon Match List, Prevent Wrongful Disenfranchisement
Jul 6, 2004 More Questions than Answers
Jul 10, 2004 Statement by Ralph G. Neas on Florida Voter Purge List
Jul 15, 2004 Civil Rights Commission Investigates Continuing Voter Disenfranchisement and Election Chaos in Florida
Jul 20, 2004 Election Protection launches in Colorado
Jul 29, 2004 New revelations spark renewed demand for verifiable, auditable, recountable votes
Aug 5, 2004 Volunteers Trained To Protect Voters
Aug 10, 2004 Homeland Security Denies New Citizens Access to Vote
Aug 25, 2004 The Long Shadow of Jim Crow: People For the American Way Foundation and NAACP Release Report on Voter Intimidation and Suppression in America
Aug 27, 2004 Volunteers Trained To Protect Voters
Aug 27, 2004 Court Overrules "No-Recount Rule" For Florida Vote Machines
Aug 31, 2004 Election Protection “Test Run” Going Smoothly
Sep 1, 2004 "World's Longest Unemployment Line" Winds Through New York City
Sep 15, 2004 Nonpartisan Voter Reg Group Sues Homeland Security, City of Miami Beach over Denial of Access to New Citizens
Oct 5, 2004 PFAWF Protests Denial of Registration for New Fla Voters
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