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Format: 2017-01-19
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Feb 23, 2007 Secretary of State’s FL-13 Audit Report Whitewashes Clear Evidence of Voting Machine Problems in Sarasota
Mar 1, 2007 People For the American Way Commends Introduction of the Deceptive Practices And Voter Intimidation Prevention Act in the House
Mar 6, 2007 Momentum is Growing for Election Reform on Capitol Hill
Mar 7, 2007 PFAW Applauds Reintroduction of Bipartisan DREAM Act in Senate
Mar 7, 2007 PFAW and PFAW Foundation Laud Introduction of ‘Count Every Vote Act’ By Clinton in Senate and Tubbs Jones in House
Mar 8, 2007 Legislation Restoring Habeas Introduced
Mar 9, 2007 Civil Liberties Advocates’ Worst Fears Realized with Patriot Act Scandal
Mar 12, 2007 Lawmakers Take First Step Toward Granting Full Representation for DC Residents
Mar 13, 2007 PFAW Response to Attorney General Gonzales’ Press Conference
Mar 13, 2007 Joint Chiefs Chairman Cites His Personal ‘Upbringing’ to Support Discrimination Against Gays in Military
Mar 13, 2007 Attorney General Gonzales Should Resign or Be Removed from Office
Mar 15, 2007 Governor Strickland Plans to Eliminate Voucher Program
Mar 15, 2007 Stunning News on the Fiasco Surrounding the November Election in Florida’s 13th Congressional District
Mar 20, 2007 President Bush Confuses Accountability with Partisanship
Mar 21, 2007 Long Overdue Hate Crimes Legislation Introduced in House
Mar 22, 2007 It's Time to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Mar 22, 2007 The Jersey Guys and the Obligation to Speak Out
Mar 23, 2007 Court Strikes Down Online Censorship Law as Unconstitutional
Mar 28, 2007 Secretary of State Brunner Ushers in New Era in Ohio Elections With Call For Resignation of Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Officials
Mar 29, 2007 People For the American Way Praises Committee Approval of Deceptive Practices Bill
Mar 29, 2007 Sampson: Gonzales Knew of Attorney Firing Plan in 2005
Apr 4, 2007 Supreme Court Avoids Ruling on Important Guantanamo Case
Apr 5, 2007 Big Step Forward for Voting Rights in Florida
Apr 10, 2007 President Yielding to Far Right on Immigration, Setting Aside Reasonable Solution
Apr 12, 2007 Hate Crimes Legislation Introduced in Senate
Apr 16, 2007 Voter Fraud, Sasquatch and Lightning Strikes
Apr 17, 2007 AAMIA Chair Rev. Tim McDonald Joins 40-Member Delegation of Political Leaders to Monitor Nigeria’s Elections
Apr 18, 2007 PFAW Statement on Gonzales v. Carhart
Apr 19, 2007 Judith E. Schaeffer Named Legal Director of People For the American Way and PFAW Foundation
Apr 19, 2007 DC Residents One Step Closer to Full Representation
Apr 24, 2007 Employment Non-Discrimination Act Introduced in House
Apr 26, 2007 New Information in Renzi Case Shows that Gonzales’ Justice Department Still Isn’t Telling the Whole Truth
Apr 26, 2007 Gov. O’Malley Signs Former Felon Voting Rights Restoration Bill
May 1, 2007 Secret Gonzales Memo Shows Politics Reigned Supreme at DOJ
May 2, 2007 House Reauthorizes Head Start with Anti-Discrimination Rules Intact
May 3, 2007 Religious Right Leaders Leaders Not Telling the Truth About Hate Crimes Law
May 3, 2007 Hate Crimes Bill Passes House
May 8, 2007 Effort to Ban Paperless Voting Machines Advances Out of House Administration Committee
May 15, 2007 PFAW Statement on Rev. Jerry Falwell
May 16, 2007 Texas Parents Challenge Unconstitutional Bible Class in Public Schools
May 17, 2007 Senate’s Immigration Proposal ‘A Solid Starting Point’
May 17, 2007 Senators Call For Vote of No Confidence on Alberto Gonzales
May 24, 2007 Texas Voter ID Bill Blocked In Senate
May 24, 2007 Monica Goodling Testimony Confirms Need for Accountability
May 24, 2007 Monica Goodling Testimony Confirms Need for Accountability
May 29, 2007 Latest 5-4 Ruling Further Proof of the Alito Effect
May 30, 2007 Senators Should Reject Bush’s Latest Nominee to 5th Circuit
May 30, 2007 Texans’ Voting Rights Narrowly Survive the 80th Legislative Session
May 31, 2007 Senators Should Reject Bush’s Latest Nominee to 5th Circuit
Jun 4, 2007 Where Is the Senate Outrage over Southwick?
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