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Format: 2016-12-11
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Jun 4, 2007 Senate to Investigate “Voter Fraud” Fraud in Missouri
Jun 5, 2007 Schlozman Reveals More Disarray in DOJ
Jun 6, 2007 McConnell Voter ID Amendment Resoundingly Defeated in the Senate 41–52
Jun 6, 2007 Senate Vote Keeps Comprehensive Immigration Reform Alive
Jun 7, 2007 Senate Judiciary Committee Votes to Restore Habeas
Jun 8, 2007 Sen. Martinez Stands Up For Immigration Reform
Jun 8, 2007 Where Was President Bush?
Jun 11, 2007 Petitions Call for Gonzales to Resign or Be Removed
Jun 11, 2007 Republicans Block No-Confidence Vote On Gonzales
Jun 13, 2007 Bipartisan Group of Senators OKs DC Voting Rights Act in Committee
Jun 13, 2007 Court Says Government Must Restore Habeas for Alien Resident
Jun 14, 2007 Anti-Marriage Amendment Defeated In Massachusetts in Victory for Equality
Jun 20, 2007 Sarasota Voters Have to Wait Even Longer For An Explanation of What Happened Last November
Jun 21, 2007 DOE Study Finds DC Voucher Program Doesn’t Help Students
Jun 25, 2007 Supreme Court Slams Courthouse Doors Shut on Taxpayers in Religious Liberty Case
Jun 25, 2007 Hope For Fair 2008 Elections Renewed With House Passage of Deceptive Practices Legislation
Jun 25, 2007 Neas Lauds Introduction of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in the House, Criticizes Supreme Court’s Unjust Pay Discrimination Ruling
Jun 28, 2007 Sharply Divided Supreme Court Strikes Down Two Voluntary School Integration Programs
Jun 28, 2007 Supreme Court Swerves Hard Right
Jun 28, 2007 Anti-Immigration Senators Block Vote on Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Jul 10, 2007 Gonzales Misled Senate While Under Oath
Jul 17, 2007 Religious Right Leaders Bearing False Witness About Hate Crimes Law
Jul 20, 2007 Senate 'Fair Pay Restoration Act' Would Correct the Court on Pay Discrimination
Jul 25, 2007 PFAW Urges Full House to Support Contempt Citation for White House Officials
Jul 27, 2007 Agreement Reached to Move Holt Election Reform Bill
Jul 31, 2007 Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Passes the House
Aug 2, 2007 Judiciary Committee Sends Southwick to the Full Senate
Aug 13, 2007 PFAW's Statement on Rove's Resignation
Aug 17, 2007 Neas Announces Decision to Step Down as 'People For' President
Aug 27, 2007 PFAW on Gonzales Resignation: It’s High Time
Sep 6, 2007 Deceptive Practices Bill Advances In Senate Judiciary Committee
Sep 18, 2007 Senators Place Roadblock In the Way of Representation for DC
Sep 19, 2007 Senate Republicans Block Vote on Indefinite Detentions
Sep 19, 2007 Questions Mukasey Must Answer
Sep 27, 2007 Hate Crimes Amendment Passes the Senate
Oct 16, 2007 Questions Mukasey Must Answer
Oct 17, 2007 Earmark for Anti-Science Creationist Group Must Be Removed
Oct 24, 2007 Senate Confirms Nominee Unfit for Federal Bench
Oct 26, 2007 Senators Stop DREAM Act
Oct 30, 2007 Leading Progressive Advocacy Organization Launches Search for New Leader
Nov 6, 2007 People For the American Way Disappointed with Committee's Vote to Send Mukasey's Nomination to Full Senate
Nov 7, 2007 Virginia Voters: Immigrant-Bashing Not a Winning Strategy
Nov 7, 2007 Movement Against Vouchers and For Public Schools Seen Across Country
Nov 8, 2007 House Passes Ban on Job Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation
Dec 6, 2007 People For the American Way Foundation, Florida Allies Announce Hotline, Web Site to Restore Voting Rights for Ex-Offenders
Dec 6, 2007 Romney: Still No JFK
Dec 7, 2007 PFAW Dismayed By Congress’s Failure to Enact Hate Crimes Measure
Dec 10, 2007 Huckabee v. Huckabee
Dec 14, 2007 DOJ Voting Section Chief John Tanner Resigns After Years of Controversy
Dec 20, 2007 Senate Blocks the Nomination of Hans Von Spakovsky to the Federal Election Commission
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