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Format: 2017-01-17
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Mar 23, 2012 Statement from PFAW President Michael Keegan on the Passing of John Payton
Mar 26, 2012 PFAW Joins Call Urging SEC to Require Disclosure of Corporate Political Spending
Mar 27, 2012 AAMLC: Anti-Equality Documents Expose NOM’s Cynical Wedge Strategy
Apr 10, 2012 Advocacy Groups Launch Petition Drive Urging Companies to Quit ALEC
Apr 11, 2012 ALEC’s Response to Corporate Exodus Hides Their Real Agenda
Apr 12, 2012 ALEC Holds Tight Grip on Arizona Legislature
Apr 16, 2012 PFAW Report: The Right's War on Women
Apr 17, 2012 Media Advisory: Capitol Hill Summit on Overturning Citizens United
Apr 17, 2012 PFAW: Romney Should Rebuke NRA Board Member Ted Nugent for Extreme and Violent Rhetoric
Apr 17, 2012 PFAW Vows Continued Vigilance as ALEC Attempts to Whitewash its Extreme Agenda
Apr 18, 2012 Mitt Romney Won’t Disavow Supporter Ted Nugent’s Violent Rhetoric
Apr 19, 2012 Romney and Bork, a Dangerous Team: People For the American Way Campaign Exposes Romney’s Embrace of Judicial Extremism
Apr 23, 2012 PFAW Report: The Anti-Gay Lobby’s Pro-Bullying Agenda
Apr 26, 2012 Top Lobbyist and ALEC Members Host Emergency Meeting with Arizona Legislators and Staff
Apr 27, 2012 PFAW Congratulates Board Member Dolores Huerta on Presidential Medal of Freedom
May 1, 2012 Romney Surrenders to Religious Right by Forcing Out Gay Spokesman
May 7, 2012 PFAW: White House Summit Signals Priority on Ending Judicial Obstruction
May 9, 2012 PFAW President Michael Keegan Responds to President Obama’s Endorsement of Marriage Equality
May 10, 2012 Senate Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearings on Constitutional Amendments to Overturn Citizens United
May 11, 2012 Good Government Advocates Call on Governor to Sign CT Disclosure Bill
May 11, 2012 People For the American Way Launches Effort to Recall the Right in Wisconsin
May 21, 2012 PFAW Commends NAACP’s Endorsement of Marriage Equality
May 21, 2012 PFAW Celebrates Confirmation of Paul Watford to Ninth Circuit
May 22, 2012 PFAW Calls on WI Legislators, Governor to Return Funds Tied to ALEC
May 22, 2012 African American Ministers in Action Praise Confirmation of Paul Watford, Urge Continued Diversity in Obama’s Judicial Nominations
May 23, 2012 People For the American Way Launches Spanish Language Recall Radio Ad in WI
May 24, 2012 Drops ALEC, PFAW Encourages Others to Follow
May 31, 2012 PFAW Foundation Applauds First Circuit DOMA Ruling
May 31, 2012 Wal-Mart Won’t Support ALEC’s Extreme Agenda
Jun 5, 2012 Senate GOP Filibusters Paycheck Fairness Act
Jun 7, 2012 Pennsylvania Federal Judge and Legal Experts to Discuss Vacancy Crisis in American Courts
Jun 11, 2012 Statement of People For the American Way on Ending the Filibuster of Andrew Hurwitz to the Ninth Circuit
Jun 12, 2012 PFAW Applauds Nomination of Caitlin Halligan to DC Circuit
Jun 12, 2012 Johnson & Johnson Withdraws Support from ALEC
Jun 15, 2012 PFAW Condemns Latest GOP Excuse to Block Judicial Nominations
Jun 15, 2012 PFAW Applauds Obama’s Change to Deportation Policy
Jun 20, 2012 PFAW Condemns House Oversight Committee’s Political Witch Hunt
Jun 25, 2012 PFAW: Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona Law is Important but Limited Victory
Jun 25, 2012 PFAW: US Supreme Court Doubles Down on Citizens United Ruling
Jun 28, 2012 PFAW Statement on SCOTUS Obamacare Ruling
Jun 28, 2012 PFAW Condemns Partisan Witch Hunt Against Holder
Jul 10, 2012 Five Major Corporations Ditch ALEC
Jul 16, 2012 Republicans Put Big Money First, Continue to Block Transparency in Elections
Jul 20, 2012 PFAW Calls Out Chick-fil-A’s Hypocrisy
Jul 23, 2012 PFAW Calls on Speaker Boehner to Remove Michele Bachmann from Intelligence Committee
Jul 24, 2012 Activists Deliver 1.9 Million Petitions Calling for Constitutional Amendment to Protect Democracy
Jul 24, 2012 PFAW Applauds Hearings on Constitutional Amendments to Reverse Citizens United
Jul 25, 2012 Top Romney Adviser Backs Bachmann Witch Hunt – PFAW Calls on Romney to Stand Up to McCarthyism
Jul 25, 2012 ALEC Holds Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City
Jul 30, 2012 Senate Republicans Block Appeals Court Nominee They Support, Setting Obstruction Record
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