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Format: 2017-01-16
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Oct 17, 2002 "One Vote Away" Ad Warns of Right Wing Control of All Branches of Government
Oct 17, 2002 Senate Passes Major Election Reform Legislation
Oct 23, 2002 Protecting Against Election Day Disenfranchisement
Oct 28, 2002 People For the American Way Launches Amendment 9 Ad Campaign
Oct 29, 2002 Fourth Circuit Considers Arguments in Appeal of Judge's Ruling Striking Down Virginia Internet Law
Oct 30, 2002 White House Unilateralism on Judges Offers No Solution
Oct 30, 2002 Artists for a New South Africa Joins Election Protection Team
Oct 31, 2002 Election Protection: Guarding Against Election Day Disenfranchisement in Nevada
Oct 31, 2002 Election Protection: Guarding Against Election Day Disenfranchisement in Georgia
Oct 31, 2002 National Class Size Experts Urge Florida Voters to Support Amendment 9
Oct 31, 2002 Election Protection Update
Oct 31, 2002 Election Protection: Guarding Against Election Day Disenfranchisement in Wisconsin
Oct 31, 2002 Election Protection: Guarding Against Election Day Disenfranchisement in Texas
Nov 13, 2002 Authors, Artists, Entertainers, Thinkers to Celebrate Free Speech In Face of Efforts to Squelch Dissent
Nov 14, 2002 People For the American Way Criticizes Committee's Vote Recommending Right-Wing Nominees for Appeals Courts
Nov 14, 2002 People For Applauds Democrats' Choice of Pelosi
Nov 19, 2002 Judge Dennis Shedd Confirmed in U.S. Senate
Nov 19, 2002 Homeland Security Act Poses Threat to Government Oversight, Civil Rights and Liberties
Dec 12, 2002 Bush Authorizes Public Funding of Religious Discrimination
Dec 13, 2002 Lott's Latest Apology Misses the Point
Dec 17, 2002 Bush, Lott, and Ashcroft: Shared Agendas Threaten Civil Rights Gains
Dec 17, 2002 Civil Rights Votes of GOP Leaders-In-Waiting Similar to Lott, Each Other
Dec 17, 2002 New York Lawmakers Approve Gay Rights Bill
Dec 20, 2002 Regarding the Civil Rights Agenda of George Bush, Trent Lott, Senate Republican Leaders, Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia
Dec 20, 2002 Lott's Departure Turns Spotlight on White House, GOP
Dec 21, 2002 Frist and Other GOP Leaders Share Voting Records on Range of Issues
Jan 7, 2003 PFAW President Ralph G. Neas responds to Wall Street Journal editorial on PFAW judicial memo
Jan 8, 2003 Bush Chooses Confrontation Over Consultation, Cooperation
Jan 8, 2003 The White House Economic Plan and Judicial Nominations
Jan 16, 2003 PFAW Criticizes Bush Attack on University of Michigan Affirmative Action Program
Jan 17, 2003 Senator Hatch Attack on PFAW Unfortunate, Unfair and Inaccurate.
Jan 17, 2003 Ralph G. Neas Welcomes Condoleezza Rice's Statement on Affirmative Action
Jan 23, 2003 Judiciary Committee was Right to Reject Pickering and Owen
Jan 24, 2003 Victory for Civil Liberties on Total Information Awareness
Jan 24, 2003 PFAW Joins Hispanic Groups in Opposing Miguel Estrada's Confirmation
Jan 24, 2003 Right-Wing Legal Activists Sutton and Cook Set For Appeals Court Confirmation Hearings
Jan 29, 2003 Packing the Courts By Packing the Hearings
Jan 29, 2003 What the President Didn't Say
Jan 30, 2003 Stealth Judicial Nominee Miguel Estrada Barely Advances While Keeping Senate, Public In the Dark
Jan 31, 2003 Title IX Commission Final Recommendations Could Deter Efforts to Provide Equal Opportunities
Feb 6, 2003 Bush Tax and Budget Plans: Radical and Irresponsible
Feb 7, 2003 Defense Department’s Self-Evaluation on Total Information Awareness Program No Substitute for Congressional Oversight
Feb 7, 2003 Selective Use of Filibuster Could Be the Only Hope for Bipartisan Resolution on Judicial Nominations
Feb 12, 2003 Testimony to a Florida Senate Committee on Implementing Class-Size Reduction
Feb 13, 2003 Amendment Restricting Total Information Awareness Survives Conference Committee
Feb 13, 2003 The Bush Steamroller on Judges: Good News, Bad News
Feb 24, 2003 Truth a Frequent Casualty in the Estrada Nomination Battle
Feb 25, 2003 First Amendment Victory: FCC Backs Down in Sarah Jones Case
Feb 25, 2003 PFAWF Challenges Regulations Implementing Bush Administration’s Executive Order on Federal “Faith-Based” Funding
Mar 3, 2003 Harry Potter and the Censors' Menace
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