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Format: 2016-12-03
Format: 2016-12-03
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Apr 23, 2012 PFAW Report: The Anti-Gay Lobby’s Pro-Bullying Agenda
Apr 19, 2012 Romney and Bork, a Dangerous Team: People For the American Way Campaign Exposes Romney’s Embrace of Judicial Extremism
Apr 18, 2012 Mitt Romney Won’t Disavow Supporter Ted Nugent’s Violent Rhetoric
Apr 17, 2012 PFAW Vows Continued Vigilance as ALEC Attempts to Whitewash its Extreme Agenda
Apr 17, 2012 PFAW: Romney Should Rebuke NRA Board Member Ted Nugent for Extreme and Violent Rhetoric
Apr 17, 2012 Media Advisory: Capitol Hill Summit on Overturning Citizens United
Apr 16, 2012 PFAW Report: The Right's War on Women
Apr 12, 2012 ALEC Holds Tight Grip on Arizona Legislature
Apr 11, 2012 ALEC’s Response to Corporate Exodus Hides Their Real Agenda
Apr 10, 2012 Advocacy Groups Launch Petition Drive Urging Companies to Quit ALEC
Mar 27, 2012 AAMLC: Anti-Equality Documents Expose NOM’s Cynical Wedge Strategy
Mar 26, 2012 PFAW Joins Call Urging SEC to Require Disclosure of Corporate Political Spending
Mar 23, 2012 Statement from PFAW President Michael Keegan on the Passing of John Payton
Mar 20, 2012 African American Ministers Leadership Council Applauds DOJ Investigation of Trayvon Martin Shooting
Mar 15, 2012 Senate Confirms Groh and Fitzgerald; Votes Should be the Norm, Not the Exception
Mar 14, 2012 As Senate Cuts Deal to Move Some Judicial Nominees, PFAW Urges GOP to End Partisan Obstruction
Mar 12, 2012 Unbridled Republican Obstruction Forces Extraordinary Action on Judicial Nominees
Mar 8, 2012 PFAW Report: The Mythical Martyrdom of Jerry Boykin
Mar 8, 2012 Ohio Coalition for Constitutional Values Calls for Prompt Senate Vote on Helmick Nomination
Mar 6, 2012 African American Ministers Leadership Council Statement on the Passing of Rep. Donald Payne
Mar 1, 2012 PFAW Calls on Federal Judge Who Sent Sexist and Racist Email to Resign
Mar 1, 2012 In a Victory For Women’s Health, Senate Rejects Extreme Blunt Amendment
Mar 1, 2012 PFAW: Romney Needs to Make Up His Mind About Birth Control
Feb 17, 2012 Senate GOP Backs Down on Judicial Obstruction, Confirms Furman
Feb 14, 2012 50 Organizations Present Letter to Congress Requesting Hearings on Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United
Feb 13, 2012 Senate GOP Continues to Obstruct First Cuban American 11th Circuit Nominee
Feb 9, 2012 Senate Confirms California Judicial Nominee, GOP Continues to Stall 18
Feb 8, 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates Should Denounce Bigotry of White Nationalist Featured at CPAC
Feb 7, 2012 PFAW Commends Ninth Circuit Ruling on Prop 8
Feb 7, 2012 PFAW Applauds Obama's Endorsement of Constitutional Amendment
Feb 6, 2012 ALEC's Grip on Ohio's Legislature Puts Corporations Above People
Feb 2, 2012 People For the American Way Calls on Susan G. Komen for the Cure to Restore Funding to Planned Parenthood
Feb 2, 2012 Groups Deliver Over 100,000 Petitions to NH Attorney General Urging Him to Investigate O’Keefe and Enforce Voter Fraud Laws
Feb 1, 2012 VOICES OF OHIO Press Conference
Jan 31, 2012 Press Conference and Petition Drop: Tell the New Hampshire Attorney General to Investigate James O'Keefe
Jan 26, 2012 PFAW Statement on Ocean City Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast
Jan 24, 2012 PFAW Praises President's Call for End to Nominations Obstruction
Jan 24, 2012 Some OC officials try to distance themselves from prayer breakfast, but Boykin will speak as planned
Jan 23, 2012 PFAW Calls on Ocean City to Reject Bigotry
Jan 18, 2012 Ohio Groups Meet with White House to Discuss Deepening Crisis in the Courts, Judicial Nominations
Jan 18, 2012 PFAW Panel: Constitutional Remedies to Overturn Citizens United
Jan 13, 2012 PFAWF Launches New Leadership Program For Young African American Ministers
Jan 13, 2012 A Movement Moment: Growing Support for Overturning Citizens United
Jan 9, 2012 Americans Mobilize for Constitutional Amendment to Restore Our Democracy on Second Anniversary of Citizens United
Jan 4, 2012 PFAW Applauds President for Appointing Cordray; Recess Appointment a Necessary and Proper Response to GOP Obstruction
Dec 22, 2011 AAMIA's Rev. Dr. Shine Joins President Obama at Press Conference in Support of Working Americans
Dec 20, 2011 PFAW Praises Yarmuth-Jones Amendment to Protect Democratic Principles
Dec 20, 2011 Petition Drop at Lowe's HQ -- 42,000 PFAW Members Call on Company to Reject Bigotry
Dec 19, 2011 Senate GOP Again Moves Goalposts on Judicial Nominees, Leaves 21 Unconfirmed at End of Session
Dec 19, 2011 African American Ministers In Action Join with White House to Promote Jobs
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