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Format: 2015-08-31
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Jun 11, 2002 Senate GOP Leaders Prevent Hate Crimes Bill from Coming to Vote
Jun 7, 2002 Boyd Makes it Official: Justice Department Abandons Responsibility for Investigating, Addressing Illegal Voter Purges, Voter Registration Problems In Florida
May 31, 2002 Federal Court Rules Against Web Filtering Law
May 30, 2002 Justice Department Retreat On Civil Rights Continues As Ineffective Florida Voting Investigation Comes To Close
May 23, 2002 Judiciary Committee Vote For Smith 'Disappointing, Not Justified By Record'
May 15, 2002 Give District Of Columbia Residents A Voice, Coalition Urges Congress
May 13, 2002 Supreme Court Sends Internet Censorship Law Back To Lower Court
May 9, 2002 Neas Statement On Federal Judiciary
May 8, 2002 Legal Challenge To Anti-Gay Initiative Moves Forward
May 3, 2002 Statement of Ralph G. Neas President, People For the American Way on Judicial Nominations
May 2, 2002 ‘People For’ Joins Mayor, Other Leaders To Urge Full Voting Rights For D.C. And Its Citizens
Apr 25, 2002 Six Months After Passage, Anti-Terrorism Law Proves A Threat To Free Expression
Apr 25, 2002 Florida Supreme Court Ok’s Class-Size Initiative
Apr 16, 2002 People For the American Way Foundation Shares Insight On School ‘Choice’ with House Committee
Apr 10, 2002 Right-Wing Push On Judges, Estrada Nomination Grounded In False Information, Unfair Accusations
Apr 1, 2002 ADA Watch Action Fund Reacts to Reynolds Recess Appointment
Mar 25, 2002 Unfulfilled Promise of Arizona Tuition Tax Credits
Mar 22, 2002 Federal Trial Starts On Internet Filtering Law
Mar 14, 2002 Judiciary Committee Rejects Pickering's Promotion
Mar 6, 2002 P.R. Campaign by White House & Pickering Supporters Ignores Constitutional and Civil Rights Issues at Stake
Feb 22, 2002 Alabama Chief Justice Unfit For Office
Feb 20, 2002 Public Education Advocates Mobilize As Supreme Court Hears Religious School Voucher Case
Feb 7, 2002 PFAWF Launches Disability Rights Initiative, Becomes Home For ADA Watch And Wired On Wheels
Feb 7, 2002 Charles Pickering’s Record On Civil Rights, Other Key Issues Calls For Rejection By Senate Judiciary Committee
Jan 31, 2002 DC’S DP Law: One Small Step Toward Equality, One Giant Leap For Home Rule
Jan 30, 2002 Award-Winning Poet And Performance Artist Sarah Jones Sues Federal Communications Commission
Jan 24, 2002 People For’s Neas, Other Progressive Leaders Urge Senate Judiciary Committee to Reject Appeals Court Nominee Charles Pickering
Jan 23, 2002 Cleveland Voucher Program Abandons School 'Choice' For Disadvantaged Students
Dec 28, 2001 Lawsuit Challenges Certification Of Anti-Gay Petitions
Dec 19, 2001 Senate Approves ESEA; Resource Issue Remains
Dec 18, 2001 Court Brief: Cleveland Voucher Program Unconstitutional
Dec 18, 2001 Certification Of Signatures For Anti-Gay Ballot Measure "Far From The Final Word"
Dec 17, 2001 Vicious Attacks On Senators Daschle And Leahy Seek To Force Speedy Confirmation Of Judicial Nominees
Dec 7, 2001 Will the Real Salvation Army Please Stand Up?
Dec 6, 2001 Ideology Reigns at Ashcroft Justice Department
Dec 6, 2001 PFAW Foundation, Allies Sue Justice Department over Refusal to Release Information on Detainees
Dec 6, 2001 Congress Must "Support and Defend the Constitution"
Dec 6, 2001 Ashcroft Resorts to the Politics of Intimidation to Silence Critics
Dec 5, 2001 PFAW Urges Meaningful Reform for 2002 Elections
Dec 5, 2001 Christian Coalition President Pat Robertson Resigns
Dec 4, 2001 DOJ rules must not leave survivors of gay and lesbian victims behind, Neas says
Dec 4, 2001 BAEO: Community Voice Or Captive Of The Right?
Nov 28, 2001 Statement by Ralph G. Neas, President of People For the American Way, concerning the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearings on civil liberties
Nov 15, 2001 PFAW Hails Gay Rights Victory in Maryland
Nov 15, 2001 PFAW Expresses Concerns Over Hoyer-Ney Election Reform Proposal
Nov 15, 2001 Ashcroft’s Relentless Assault On Civil Liberties
Nov 8, 2001 Senate GOP Exploits War on Terrorism to Promote Right-Wing Judges
Nov 2, 2001 A Disgraceful Silence Prevails In Florida
Oct 29, 2001 Virginia Ministers: Make Every Vote Count
Oct 29, 2001 Report Reveals Schundler's Right-Wing Ties
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