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Format: 2016-10-26
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Apr 30, 2015 PFAW Foundation Releases Report on the Personhood Movement
Apr 29, 2015 PFAW Applauds Williams-Yulee Decision
Apr 23, 2015 PFAW Applauds Confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General
Apr 22, 2015 PFAW Criticizes Jeb Bush’s Support For Deporting DREAMers & Immigrant Families
Apr 21, 2015 PFAW Edit Memo: Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino Rhetoric from Republican Leaders
Apr 21, 2015 PFAW Statement on Announcement of Loretta Lynch Vote
Apr 14, 2015 Hillary Clinton To Make Money in Politics a Focus of Her Campaign
Apr 13, 2015 People For the American Way Launches Spanish-Language Radio Ad Criticizing Rubio for Dangerous Agenda
Apr 9, 2015 New Report Examines Supreme Court’s “Citizens United Era”
Mar 27, 2015 PFAW Edit Memo: Senate Republicans' Failure to Confirm Obama Nominees — By the Numbers
Mar 26, 2015 PFAW Commends NH Senate for Passing Bill Supporting an Amendment to Get Big Money Out of Politics
Mar 23, 2015 PFAW Calls Out Ted Cruz for His Doublespeak on Immigration
Mar 23, 2015 People For the American Way & Allies: Vote “No” on Question 1 to Keep WI Supreme Court Non-Partisan
Mar 16, 2015 Eleven NH Towns Pass Resolutions Calling for Amendment to Get Big Money Out of Elections
Mar 3, 2015 Cruz, Jindal Headline Event with Extremist David Lane
Feb 25, 2015 Civil Rights Groups to GOP Presidential Candidates: Distance Yourself from CPAC’s White Nationalist Ties
Feb 23, 2015 People For the American Way Releases Spanish-Language Ad Challenging Republicans for Attacking Immigration Action
Feb 23, 2015 PFAW Stands with Wisconsin Workers In Opposition to So-Called “Right to Work” Bill
Feb 18, 2015 New PFAW Report Exposes Koch-Funded ‘Libre Initiative’ Targeting Latino Voters / Nuevo informe de PFAW revela las tácticas para enganchar el voto latino de la “Iniciativa Libre” fundada por los Kochs
Feb 6, 2015 People For the American Way Releases New Ad Calling Out Republicans for Standing with Hate Group
Jan 30, 2015 People For the American Way Calls On RNC To Cancel Trip Funded By Hate Group
Jan 29, 2015 PFAW: American Family Association Fires Bryan Fischer, Can't Hide Its Extremism Or His Connection To The GOP
Jan 21, 2015 Reform Groups Commend Congressional Leaders on Reintroduction of Money in Politics Legislation
Jan 20, 2015 On Eve of Fifth Anniversary of Citizens United, Advocates Reach 5 Million Signatures Calling to Overturn Decision
Jan 20, 2015 PFAW Edit Memo: The Growing Movement to Defend Democracy Five Years After Citizens United
Jan 16, 2015 PFAW Foundation: Marriage Cases Will Throw a Spotlight on Closely Divided Court
Jan 14, 2015 African American Ministers Call Anti-Immigrant Vote “Offense to Core Values”
Jan 14, 2015 PFAW: GOP Congress Continues Anti-Immigrant Attacks
Jan 13, 2015 PFAW Edit Memo: White House Outreach to Republicans on Judges Should Be Met with Cooperation, Not Stonewalling
Jan 7, 2015 PFAW Statement on Charlie Hebdo Shooting
Jan 7, 2015 PFAW Praises Obama’s Renomination of Judicial Nominees
Dec 15, 2014 PFAW Applauds Confirmation of Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General, Progressive Groups Calls Confirmation Loss for NRA, Victory for Common Sense
Dec 4, 2014 Michigan House of Representatives Passes ‘Right To Discriminate’ Bill
Nov 20, 2014 PFAW Calls Executive Action on Immigration “Historic Step in the Right Direction”
Nov 20, 2014 American Bridge And People For the American Way Release New Video On The GOP's Offensive Immigration Rhetoric
Nov 8, 2014 PFAW Statement on Nomination of Loretta Lynch for U.S. Attorney General
Oct 28, 2014 PFAW Spanish-Language Ad Challenges Walker in Wisconsin
Oct 24, 2014 PFAW and NextGen Climate Release New Spanish-Language TV Ad in Colorado
Oct 21, 2014 PFAW Releases New Spanish-Language Ad Challenging Deal and Perdue in Georgia
Oct 17, 2014 PFAW Spanish-Language Ads Challenge Tillis in North Carolina
Oct 13, 2014 New PFAW and NextGen Climate Spanish-Language Ad Challenges Gardner in Colorado
Oct 7, 2014 PFAW’s Spanish-Language TV Ad Challenges Deal and Perdue in Georgia
Oct 3, 2014 Activists Protest Outside McConnell/Romney High-Dollar Lexington Fundraiser
Sep 29, 2014 Ohio Ministers Speak Out Against SCOTUS Order to Block Early Voting
Sep 25, 2014 PFAW Foundation’s Supreme Court 2014-2015 Term Preview
Sep 25, 2014 PFAW Foundation Statement on Resignation of Attorney General Holder
Sep 22, 2014 PFAW Edit Memo: Striking Progress on Judicial Nominations
Sep 22, 2014 The GOP's Hate Summit: A Who’s Who Of The 2014 Values Voter Summit
Sep 16, 2014 Edit Memo: Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Decisions Like Citizens United Debated in U.S. Senate, 55 Senators in Support
Sep 15, 2014 Debo Adegbile, Justice Department Nominee Blocked By Senate, Joins Private Practice
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