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Format: 2016-12-07
Format: 2016-12-07
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Mar 19, 2009 Kagan Confirmed as SG, Johnsen Moves to Senate Floor
Jul 20, 2010 Kagan Nomination Approved By Judiciary Committee
Nov 9, 2005 Kansas School Board Undermines Science Standards (Again)
Aug 2, 2006 Kansas Voters Support Quality Science Education
May 3, 2001 Kansas, Move Over!
Jun 7, 2004 Kast Resignation Prompts New Concerns on Florida Voting Purge, Fall Election
Apr 20, 2009 Kathleen Turner Phone Calls Support Confirmation of Dawn Johnsen
Feb 4, 2008 Kathryn Kolbert to Head People For the American Way
Sep 23, 2005 Katrina Victims Punished for Requesting Assistance
Dec 2, 2009 Keep Stupak Amendment Out of Senate Health Care Bill
Dec 5, 2008 Kennedy Steps Down From Judiciary Committee
Oct 1, 2009 Kevin Jennings Will Keep Schools Safe for All
May 6, 2003 Kuhl's Hearing Strengthened Case Against Confirmation
Jun 28, 2006 La Cámara de Representantes podría desmantelar hoy la ley de Derechos del Votante
Nov 11, 2004 Lame Duck Judiciary Chair Hatch Pushes Appeals Court Slot for Friend Who Practiced Law without License in DC, Utah
Dec 7, 2006 Lame Duck Republicans Move to Expand Unproven DC Voucher Program
Oct 2, 2002 Large Bipartisan Majority Defeats Religious Right-Led Effort to Convert Churches into Campaign Machinery
May 29, 2007 Latest 5-4 Ruling Further Proof of the Alito Effect
Feb 2, 2004 Latest Judicial Nominee Takes Aim at Government's Ability to Protect Rights of All Americans and our Natural Resources
Sep 14, 2005 Latino Americans Deserve to Know: Will Roberts Respect and Protect Their Rights and Culture?
Nov 4, 2015 Latino Voters A Key Piece to McPike’s Victory
Feb 13, 2004 Laurence Silberman: the Right Man or the Right's Man?
Mar 12, 2007 Lawmakers Take First Step Toward Granting Full Representation for DC Residents
Dec 28, 2001 Lawsuit Challenges Certification Of Anti-Gay Petitions
Nov 24, 2004 Lawsuit Demands “Second Chance” for Counting Cuyahoga Provisional Ballots
Nov 14, 2006 Lawsuit Filed Against Unconstitutional Arizona Voucher Program
Nov 1, 2004 Lawsuit Filed Over "LePore's Law" After Volunteer's Violent Arrest
Dec 23, 1998 Lawsuit Seeks to Protect Teachers from Prop. 227's "Sword of Damocles"
Oct 30, 2007 Leading Progressive Advocacy Organization Launches Search for New Leader
May 8, 2009 Leading Progressive Advocacy Organizations Launch Search for New Leader
Sep 21, 2005 Leahy Makes Case Against Roberts, Then Supports Him
Aug 27, 2014 Leaked Recording Highlights Mitch McConnell’s Devotion to Billionaires Rather Than to Ordinary Kentuckians
Jan 27, 2009 Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 Goes to President Obama's Desk for Signing
Jul 31, 2007 Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Passes the House
Sep 14, 2011 Ledyard, New York Town Board Fails to Uphold NY Marriage Equality Act
May 8, 2002 Legal Challenge To Anti-Gay Initiative Moves Forward
Mar 8, 2007 Legislation Restoring Habeas Introduced
Sep 15, 2009 Legislation to Dump DOMA Introduced in Congress
Feb 22, 2007 Legislation Undermining Habeas Upheld
Jul 5, 2004 Leon Holmes Should Not be Confirmed to Federal Bench
Jan 11, 2011 Limbaugh Says Democrats “Support” Tucson Killer
Jun 18, 2013 Local, State and National Leaders Applaud Introduction of Constitutional Amendments to Overturn Citizens United and Related Cases
Mar 21, 2007 Long Overdue Hate Crimes Legislation Introduced in House
Nov 18, 2015 Los Angeles Filmmaker Spoofs “Most Interesting Man” Commercials in Online Video to Raise Awareness About Big Money in Politics
Oct 29, 2015 Los Angeles Marketing Professional Creates Video Spoof About the Dangers of Big Money in Politics to Support Campaign Finance Reform
Sep 13, 2016 Los Tigres del Norte Joins People For the American Way to Urge Virginia Latinos to Vote Against Trump
Jun 5, 2003 Lott Committee Hearing Attempt to Cover Illegitimate GOP Power Play on Filibuster
Dec 20, 2002 Lott's Departure Turns Spotlight on White House, GOP
Dec 13, 2002 Lott's Latest Apology Misses the Point
Nov 5, 2009 Maine Passes Anti-Marriage Referendum
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