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Format: 2016-09-28
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Jun 11, 2007 Petitions Call for Gonzales to Resign or Be Removed
Oct 1, 2003 PFAW & PFAWF Events
Jul 14, 2010 PFAW Action Fund Endorses Alisha Thomas Morgan
May 19, 2014 PFAW Action Fund Endorses Derek Cressman for California Secretary of State
May 14, 2014 PFAW Action Fund Endorses Will Jawando for MD-20 Delegate
Jun 19, 2014 PFAW Action Fund Endorses Young Progressive Candidates in Michigan
Jul 10, 2008 PFAW Ads Target Sununu’s Record on Judges
Feb 5, 2013 PFAW and Allies Applaud Re-Launch of ‘Declaration For Democracy’ Campaign to Overturn Citizens United
Jan 17, 2014 PFAW and Allies Mark Citizens United Anniversary with Renewed Call for Constitutional Amendment
Jan 17, 2013 PFAW and Allies Mark Citizens United Anniversary, MLK Day With Dozens of Actions Across the Nation, New Data on Election Spending
Sep 8, 2014 PFAW and Allies Rally, Deliver 3 Million Petitions in Support of Amendment to Get Big Money Out of Politics
Jul 23, 2015 PFAW and Allies Release Money in Politics Reform Agenda for 2016 Candidates
Feb 8, 2016 PFAW and Allies Release Report on Money in Politics Reform Victories Since Citizens United
Jan 26, 2006 PFAW and NAACP joint statement on Alito nomination
Oct 24, 2014 PFAW and NextGen Climate Release New Spanish-Language TV Ad in Colorado
Jul 16, 2013 PFAW and Others File Case Challenging ‘Profoundly Problematic’ NSA Surveillance
Mar 7, 2007 PFAW and PFAW Foundation Laud Introduction of ‘Count Every Vote Act’ By Clinton in Senate and Tubbs Jones in House
Apr 30, 2014 PFAW Applauds Announcement that Udall Amendment Will Receive a Vote in 2014
Jul 16, 2016 PFAW Applauds Clinton Pledge to Introduce Amendment in First 30 Days
Jul 16, 2013 PFAW Applauds Cloture on Cordray Nomination
May 16, 2013 PFAW Applauds Committee Approval of Perez
Dec 7, 2011 PFAW Applauds Committee Vote on Respect For Marriage Act
May 3, 2006 PFAW Applauds Compromise Katrina Educational Relief
May 22, 2014 PFAW Applauds Confirmation of David Barron
Apr 23, 2015 PFAW Applauds Confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General
Jul 28, 2014 PFAW Applauds Confirmation of Pamela Harris
Dec 15, 2014 PFAW Applauds Confirmation of Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General, Progressive Groups Calls Confirmation Loss for NRA, Victory for Common Sense
Feb 13, 2014 PFAW Applauds Effort to Repeal Same-Sex Marriage Ban in Wisconsin
Mar 12, 2014 PFAW Applauds Feinstein’s Stand Against CIA Surveillance and Obstruction
Jul 24, 2012 PFAW Applauds Hearings on Constitutional Amendments to Reverse Citizens United
Jul 25, 2013 PFAW Applauds Holder’s Announcement on Texas Voting Changes
Jul 15, 2014 PFAW Applauds House Introduction of Amendment to Get Big Money out of Politics
Nov 15, 2011 PFAW Applauds House Introduction of Constitutional Amendment to Reverse Citizens United
Feb 5, 2014 PFAW Applauds Introduction of Government By the People Act
Jun 9, 2016 PFAW Applauds Money in Politics Reform Package Introduced in Senate
Feb 3, 2010 PFAW Applauds Moves Towards Ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
Jun 12, 2012 PFAW Applauds Nomination of Caitlin Halligan to DC Circuit
Mar 16, 2016 PFAW Applauds Nomination of Garland to Supreme Court
Jun 4, 2013 PFAW Applauds Nomination of Three to DC Circuit Court
Jan 27, 2010 PFAW Applauds Obama for Criticizing Citizens United Decision
Feb 7, 2012 PFAW Applauds Obama's Endorsement of Constitutional Amendment
Jun 15, 2012 PFAW Applauds Obama’s Change to Deportation Policy
Jul 18, 2013 PFAW Applauds Perez Confirmation
Jan 4, 2012 PFAW Applauds President for Appointing Cordray; Recess Appointment a Necessary and Proper Response to GOP Obstruction
Jan 5, 2016 PFAW Applauds President Obama for Gun Safety Executive Actions
Jan 29, 2013 PFAW Applauds President’s Inclusion of LGBT Families in Immigration Reform Proposal
Oct 13, 2011 PFAW Applauds Progress on Judicial Nominations, Urges Senate to Vote on Remaining Nominees
Jun 18, 2013 PFAW Applauds Proposed Constitutional Amendments to Reverse Citizens United
Jul 20, 2011 PFAW Applauds Reelection of Wisconsin Senator Dave Hansen
Mar 7, 2007 PFAW Applauds Reintroduction of Bipartisan DREAM Act in Senate
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