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Feb 7, 2006 PFAW Calls on Congress to Reject President Bush's Latest 'Immoral' Budget Proposal
Mar 1, 2012 PFAW Calls on Federal Judge Who Sent Sexist and Racist Email to Resign
Oct 31, 2012 PFAW Calls on Justice Department to Monitor Voting Machines in Ohio and Elsewhere
Jan 23, 2012 PFAW Calls on Ocean City to Reject Bigotry
Jan 7, 2016 PFAW Calls on President Obama to End Raids
Jan 29, 2013 PFAW Calls on Republican Governors to Follow Virginia’s Lead, Denounce Election-Rigging
Sep 30, 2015 PFAW Calls on Republican Presidential Candidates to Renounce Frank Gaffney
Oct 11, 2011 PFAW Calls on Romney to Apply Religious Bigotry Standard to his Own Endorsers
Oct 10, 2012 PFAW Calls on Romney to Come Clean About His Anti-Choice Agenda
Jul 23, 2012 PFAW Calls on Speaker Boehner to Remove Michele Bachmann from Intelligence Committee
May 22, 2012 PFAW Calls on WI Legislators, Governor to Return Funds Tied to ALEC
Feb 18, 2014 PFAW Calls On Wisconsin Legislature to Give Voters a Choice On Big Money in Politics
Jul 20, 2012 PFAW Calls Out Chick-fil-A’s Hypocrisy
Mar 23, 2015 PFAW Calls Out Ted Cruz for His Doublespeak on Immigration
Jul 16, 2013 PFAW Calls Senate Deal 'A Big Win for Americans'
Jun 16, 2014 PFAW Calls Senate Hearing on VRA Legislation an “Important Step"
Mar 5, 2014 PFAW Calls Senate Vote on Adegbile “A Triumph of Demagoguery”
Jul 25, 2013 PFAW Calls Target’s $50K Donation to a Group Supporting Anti-Gay VA Candidate Ken Cuccinelli “Disappointing”
Nov 7, 2012 PFAW Campaign Helps Bring Home Latino Support for Obama
Jul 22, 2011 PFAW Celebrates Certification of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal
May 21, 2012 PFAW Celebrates Confirmation of Paul Watford to Ninth Circuit
Apr 30, 2013 PFAW Celebrates Passage of Maine Resolution to Overturn Citizens United
Apr 24, 2013 PFAW Celebrates Passage of Marriage Equality Bill in Rhode Island Senate
Nov 7, 2013 PFAW Celebrates Senate Passage of ENDA
Aug 10, 2011 PFAW Celebrates Victory of Wisconsin Voters Over Corporate Special Interests
Jul 12, 2016 PFAW Commends Hillary Clinton’s Commitment to Fighting Big Money in Politics From Day One
Oct 14, 2011 PFAW Commends Movement on DOMA Repeal
May 21, 2012 PFAW Commends NAACP’s Endorsement of Marriage Equality
Mar 26, 2015 PFAW Commends NH Senate for Passing Bill Supporting an Amendment to Get Big Money Out of Politics
Nov 14, 2012 PFAW Commends President For Judicial Nominations, Urges the Senate to Act Quickly on Pending Nominees
Jan 3, 2013 PFAW Commends President for Standing Up For Stalled Judicial Nominees
Feb 23, 2011 PFAW Commends President Obama’s Stand Against Unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act
Nov 1, 2011 PFAW Commends Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Reverse Citizens United
Sep 12, 2012 PFAW Commends Senate Hearing on Citizens United and Voting Rights
Jun 25, 2014 PFAW Commends Senate Hearing on VRA Legislation, Urges House to Follow Suit
Nov 27, 2012 PFAW Commends White House on PA Judicial Nominees, Urges Toomey to Press GOP Leadership for Swift Confirmations
Feb 15, 2011 PFAW Condemns Abortion Provider Murder Bill
Jun 15, 2006 PFAW Condemns Attack on Bill of Rights with Flag Desecration Amendment
Jun 20, 2012 PFAW Condemns House Oversight Committee’s Political Witch Hunt
Apr 11, 2011 PFAW Condemns House Republicans’ Ban on Local Support for Women’s Health
Jun 15, 2012 PFAW Condemns Latest GOP Excuse to Block Judicial Nominations
Jun 28, 2012 PFAW Condemns Partisan Witch Hunt Against Holder
Jan 13, 2010 PFAW Condemns Robertson’s Comments on Haiti Earthquake
Aug 3, 2011 PFAW Condemns Senate Obstruction of Judicial Nominees
Apr 27, 2012 PFAW Congratulates Board Member Dolores Huerta on Presidential Medal of Freedom
Aug 25, 2010 PFAW Congratulates Meek for Florida Primary Victory
Jan 16, 2003 PFAW Criticizes Bush Attack on University of Michigan Affirmative Action Program
Aug 2, 2006 PFAW Criticizes Hearing as Useless Political Ploy
Apr 22, 2015 PFAW Criticizes Jeb Bush’s Support For Deporting DREAMers & Immigrant Families
May 18, 2006 PFAW Criticizes Judiciary Committee Vote on Marriage Amendment
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