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Format: 2016-09-30
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Oct 2, 2015 PFAW Statement on O’Malley Plan to Address Money in Politics
May 3, 2006 PFAW Statement on Possible Hate Crime in Texas
Feb 10, 2016 PFAW Statement on President Obama’s “Better Politics” Remarks
Nov 15, 2006 PFAW Statement on Renomination of Controversial Judicial Nominees
Nov 18, 2013 PFAW Statement on Republican Filibuster of Robert Wilkins
May 15, 2007 PFAW Statement on Rev. Jerry Falwell
Jun 30, 2016 PFAW Statement on RNC/Trump Diversity Coalition Meeting
May 19, 2009 PFAW Statement on Rumsfeld and the Misuse of Religion
Nov 19, 2015 PFAW Statement on Sanders Plan to Fight Big Money in Politics
Jun 28, 2012 PFAW Statement on SCOTUS Obamacare Ruling
Feb 9, 2016 PFAW Statement on SCOTUS Stay of Carbon Rules
Jan 11, 2016 PFAW Statement on Senate Confirmation of Luis Restrepo
Jan 13, 2014 PFAW Statement on Senate Confirmation of Robert Wilkins to DC Circuit
Sep 29, 2016 PFAW Statement on Senate Recessing Without Taking Action on SCOTUS Nominee
Jun 18, 2009 PFAW Statement on Supreme Court's Age Discrimination Ruling
Jul 7, 2010 PFAW Statement on the Appointment of Donald Berwick
Feb 13, 2016 PFAW Statement on the Passing of Justice Antonin Scalia
Jun 3, 2013 PFAW Statement on the Passing of Sen. Frank Lautenberg
Jun 29, 2010 PFAW Statement on the Passing of William Taylor
Aug 9, 2016 PFAW Statement on Trump Appearance at Orlando Event Organized By Anti-LGBT Extremists
Aug 9, 2016 PFAW Statement on Trump “Second Amendment” Remarks
Aug 31, 2016 PFAW Statement on Trump's Immigration Speech
Dec 8, 2015 PFAW Statement on Trump’s Proposed Muslim Immigration Ban
May 15, 2014 PFAW Statement on Upcoming Hearing on Campaign Finance Constitutional Amendment
Jun 18, 2014 PFAW Statement on Upcoming “Historic” Senate Subcommittee Vote on Amendment to Get Big Money Out of Politics
Jan 6, 2014 PFAW Statement on White House Re-Nomination of 54 Judicial Nominees
Jun 27, 2016 PFAW Statement on ‘Whole Woman’s Health’ Decision
Jul 29, 2010 PFAW Statement: Committee Approves Shareholder Protection Act
Jul 28, 2010 PFAW Statement: Federal Judge Blocks Portions of Arizona’s SB1070
Aug 4, 2010 PFAW Statement: Federal Judge Overturns Proposition 8
Oct 25, 2012 PFAW Targets Female Voters in Ohio: Romney’s Supreme Court is Just Too Dangerous for Women
Mar 7, 2016 PFAW Targets Sen. Pat Toomey for Supreme Court Obstruction with Robocalls from Alfre Woodard
Jun 25, 2015 PFAW to Join Rally to Restore the Voting Rights Act on Shelby County Anniversary
Sep 15, 2011 PFAW to Senate GOP: Leave DC alone
Jul 26, 2011 PFAW Unveils TV Ads in Three Wisconsin Senate Districts
Jun 28, 2011 PFAW Urges Congress to Give Students Another Chance at the DREAM
Jan 23, 2013 PFAW Urges Congress to Pass Reauthorization of Violence Against Women Act
Mar 16, 2011 PFAW Urges Congress to Repeal DOMA Immediately
Jul 22, 1998 PFAW Urges Congress to take a stand against hatred and job discrimination
Apr 23, 2009 PFAW Urges Florida Legislature to Reject Restrictive Registration and Voter ID Rules
Jul 25, 2007 PFAW Urges Full House to Support Contempt Citation for White House Officials
Oct 29, 2015 PFAW Urges GOP Candidates To Drop Out of Summit With Pastor Who Defends Death Penalty For Gays
Sep 25, 2002 PFAW Urges House to Revise Hate Crimes Provision
Dec 5, 2001 PFAW Urges Meaningful Reform for 2002 Elections
Oct 16, 2012 PFAW Urges Schools to Stand Up to AFA’s Bullying
Oct 19, 2005 PFAW Urges Schwarzenegger to Oppose President’s Budget
Feb 7, 2013 PFAW Urges Senate to Turn Attention to Long-Vacant Appeals Court Seats
Apr 3, 2008 PFAW Urges Senators to Reject GOP Foot-Stomping on Judges
Sep 19, 2013 PFAW Urges Timely, Yes-Or-No Senate Vote on Nina Pillard Nomination
May 10, 2006 PFAW Urges Withdrawal of Wallace Nomination
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