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Format: 2016-02-13
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Jan 21, 2015 Reform Groups Commend Congressional Leaders on Reintroduction of Money in Politics Legislation
Dec 20, 2002 Regarding the Civil Rights Agenda of George Bush, Trent Lott, Senate Republican Leaders, Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia
Aug 10, 2005 Reginald J. Mitchell elected Chair of the National Bar Association’s Civil Rights Section
Oct 13, 2004 Registration Shredding Scandal Threatens Voters, Election
Sep 20, 2005 Reid Opposes Roberts
Dec 4, 2010 Reid Seeks Pathway to Move DADT Repeal Forward
Sep 16, 2005 Religious Leaders From Across the Country Call for Senators to Vote Against Roberts’ Confirmation
Nov 4, 1998 Religious Right Called the Tune, but Voters Wouldn't Dance
Jul 17, 2007 Religious Right Leaders Bearing False Witness About Hate Crimes Law
May 3, 2007 Religious Right Leaders Leaders Not Telling the Truth About Hate Crimes Law
Jan 4, 2008 Religious Right Voters Put Huckabee Over the Top
Nov 4, 1998 Religious Right's Election Debacle Prompts Christian Coalition's Sudden Conversion
Aug 18, 1998 Religious Right's Hate Tactics Documented in Hostile Climate, 1998 Edition
Jan 13, 2001 Remarks by Ralph Neas on PFAW Latest Report
Apr 20, 2010 Remembering Dorothy Height
Apr 10, 2003 Rep. Cubin Must Apologize for Ugly Racial Stereotype
Jun 4, 1998 Rep. Istook Continues to Distort Facts About Religious Freedom
Dec 9, 2003 Replicating Failure: Colorado Vouchers Mimic Other States' Mistakes
Oct 17, 2001 Report Documents Unprecedented Situation With Federal Judiciary, Calls For Unprecedented Bipartisan Solution
Oct 8, 2004 Report Examines Decisions by Bush Judges in 2004
Nov 5, 2009 Report Exposes Campaign of Racial Attacks from Far Right
Sep 28, 2010 Report Profiles Pro-Corporate Players in Post-Citizens United Politics
Oct 29, 2001 Report Reveals Schundler's Right-Wing Ties
Sep 18, 2008 Report: McCain-Bush Judges Take a Toll on Ordinary Americans
Dec 3, 2009 Report: Rise of the New McCarthyism
Oct 25, 2004 Reports on Rehnquist's Health Remind Nation of Crucial Election Issue
Feb 6, 2007 Representative Rush Holt Introduces Election Reform Legislation
Feb 2, 2010 Reps. Conyers and Edwards Introduce Constitutional Amendment
Jul 27, 2010 Republican Opposition Derails DISCLOSE Act; Baucus Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Undo Citizens United
Apr 23, 2008 Republican Senators Block Fair Pay
Jul 15, 2008 Republicans Block Emergency Ballot Bill in the House
Jun 11, 2007 Republicans Block No-Confidence Vote On Gonzales
Nov 4, 2003 Republicans File Cloture on Pickering Nomination
May 26, 2006 Republicans Order Up Unfit Nominee Kavanaugh
Oct 2, 2003 Republicans Push Pickering Nomination to Senate Floor Despite Dismal Record on Constitutional and Civil Rights
Jul 16, 2012 Republicans Put Big Money First, Continue to Block Transparency in Elections
Apr 12, 2011 Republicans Set to Deny Preventative Healthcare to Women
Dec 21, 2010 Republicans Stymie Progress on Judicial Nominations
Mar 3, 2009 Republicans Threaten to Block Obama's Judges
Jan 20, 2010 Response to GOP Win In Massachusetts Should Be Renewed Focus on Values—Ours and Theirs
Nov 30, 2009 Rev. Dr. Kenneth L. Samuel Statement on the Upcoming Vote on the DC Marriage Bill
Feb 13, 2007 Rev. Ron Stief Joins People For the American Way As Director of California Regional Office
Oct 26, 2009 Rev. Samuel Statement on Marriage Hearing
Nov 28, 2006 Revote Rally in Sarasota
Oct 3, 2006 Right Using Foley Scandal to Push Anti-Gay Bigotry, Falsely Equate Being Gay with Being an Abuser
Nov 23, 2009 Right Wing "Manhattan Declaration" Sidesteps Moral Call to Protect All People
Oct 16, 2009 Right Wing Attacks Against Kevin Jennings Put Politics Above Student Safety
Jun 25, 2004 Right Wing Continues Assault on Dissent
Sep 2, 2008 Right Wing Praises McCain's Obedience
Oct 16, 2008 Right Wing Smear on ACORN Leads to Outrageous McCain Debate Claim
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